10 Living Room Lamps for Stylish Everyday Illumination

living room lamps

Living room lamps can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing the appeal of your room while also providing everyday illumination. There are also multiple options and stylish designs for you to choose from to combine elegance and functionality.

To help you out, we have compiled this list of some unique and chic living room lamps that you will love.

addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

The addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp can add sophistication to your living room. Coming with a white lampshade and a durable LED bulb that can give you 50,000 hours of illumination, this lamp can work well for your daily needs.

It includes four tiers in its structure, with three of the tiers acting as sturdy storage shelves that you can place your belongings on, such as books, plants and display pieces. These shelves can hold a weight of 50 pounds.

The frame and shelves of this lamp are all black in color. The lamp is 63 inches tall and is easy to install with the instructions provided in the manual. It can also help save plenty of power as compared to regular bulbs, allowing you to save money on your bills as well.



  • Color: Black
  • Light Source: LED
  • Style: Modern
  • Size: 63 inches
  • Shade: White fabric



  • Three storage shelves
  • Easy installation process with detailed instructions
  • Energy-efficient functioning
  • Durability for 50,000 hours
  • Three-year warranty period for repairs or replacements



  • Pull chain can get stuck


Industrial 3-Light Tree Floor Lamp

This lamp can add an elegant and industrial look to your living room due to the black color, sleek and modern design, and cage-like lampshades. The lampshades hang from the main pole of the lamp using industrial pipe-like rods.

There are three lampshades within which you can install various kinds of bulbs such as LED, incandescent, CFL, and others. It can act as a contemporary piece in your living room while also providing lighting for daily use.

You can place this lamp in any corner of your room once you connect the power cord to a nearby socket. The base of this lamp is sturdy enough to prevent the unit from falling over. It also has a footswitch that you can simply press without needing to bend.


  • Color: Black
  • Light Source: Multiple
  • Style: Industrial
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Shade: Black cages



  • Convenient footswitch to turn on the lamp
  • Sturdy base to prevent the lamp from tipping over
  • Compatible with all kinds of standard bulbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Three lights for optimal lighting



  • Bulbs not included


Color Changing LED Corner Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is slender and sleek, making it a good option for you if you lack space in your living room. It is 61.5 inches tall and comes with smaller LED lights already installed. It comes with a silicone lampshade that you can install by following the detailed instructions that come with the lamp.

You can keep changing the colors of this lamp through the remote control option. This can also allow you to adjust the brightness of the lamp and set different moods. You can either go with monochrome or multicolor lighting.

The lamp is made from a combination of black aluminum alloy, silicone and a polymer called ABS to ensure lightness and sturdiness.



  • Color: Black, color-changing lights
  • Light Source: LED
  • Style: Modern
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Shade: Silicone, aluminum, ABS



  • Options to change light color whenever required
  • Remote control option for convenience
  • Light, slender and space saving
  • Provides energy efficiency
  • 250,000 hours of usage



  • Flimsy remote controller


Outon LED Torchiere Lamp

The Outon LED Torchiere Lamp is another floor lamp that you can consider when it comes to living room lamps. It comes with a remote controller that can allow you to adjust some of the settings that include the power, brightness as well as color tone of the lamp.

The remote control itself is magnetic, so you can easily stick it on your refrigerator (or elsewhere) for convenience. The lamp has a circular disc-like head that reflects light into a beam, making it similar to a torch.

It also has a memory setting, making it a smart lamp. The LED light can last for over 50,000 hours.



  • Color: White
  • Light Source: LED
  • Style: Modern
  • Size: 9 inches
  • Shade: White plastic



  • Magnetic remote control
  • Touch control feature
  • Memory function for remembering previous settings
  • Four color temperatures including warm, warm white, cool white and daylight white
  • Voice control feature



  • Single direction adjustment for the head unit


Exeter Traditional Table Lamps

The Exeter Traditional Table Lamps are rustic options that can add sophistication to your living room. These living room lamps come in a set of two and have beige conical lampshades.

The bases of these lamps are made from wood with bronze leaf-like designs, adding to the vintage appeal of these lamps. Each lamp is around 30 inches tall and can hold any standard bulb of 100 watts and a medium base.

Each lamp has a switch that you can use for turning the lamp on or off. You can place these lamps on any table or surface in your room for decor and illumination.

The bases further come with supporting weights that can prevent scratches on the surface and can keep the lamp sturdy.



  • Color: Creme wood finish
  • Light Source: Multiple
  • Style: Traditional
  • Size: 30 inches
  • Shade: Beige fabric



  • Rustic appeal and charm
  • Switch control on each lamp
  • Sturdy base with holders in place
  • Compatible with any kind of standard bulb
  • Comes in a set of two



  • Bulbs not included in the purchase


Swing Arm Standing Corner Lamp

This unique and quirky lamp can enhance the look of your living room considerably. With a wooden lamp leg shaped like a person’s body, this clever design rests on a big enough and sturdy base that can prevent the structure from toppling over.

The lampshade itself functions as the head and comes with a cool white LED bulb that you will simply need to install in the socket. The rest of the assembly process is quite simple as it comes with detailed instructions.

It comes with a power cord that you can connect to a nearby socket. The fun part about this lamp is that you can also change the positioning of the person’s body according to your preferences.

The purchase of this lamp also comes with claims of returns and replacements in case anything goes wrong with any of its components.



  • Color: Wooden ash
  • Light Source: LED
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Size: 2 inches
  • Shade: White fabric



  • Unique shape and design
  • Sturdy base to prevent toppling
  • Includes a cool white LED bulb with the purchase
  • Easy to assemble through included instructions
  • Sustainably made plywood base



  • Slightly expensive, especially since it is not pre-assembled


Color Changing Fabric Shade Floor Lamp

This floor lamp comes with a decorous and luxurious design. Its shape is wide at the ends of the lamp with a tapering center. The lamp also has four thin but sturdy legs that can firmly keep the lamp on the floor.

The lamp is 61 inches tall and has two LED or CFL light bulbs installed inside it. The lampshade covers the entire length of the lamp and is made from fabric with squiggly patterns all over it.

It comes with a remote control option that can allow you to choose between multiple colors. You can also set multiple colors at once while also being able to adjust the brightness of the lamp.

The lamp has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.


  • Color: Multiple
  • Light Source: LED, CFL
  • Style: Modern
  • Size: 61 inches
  • Shade: White/beige fabric



  • Remote control option
  • Included LED and CFL bulbs
  • Adjustable colors, tones and brightness
  • Unique shape and design
  • Pedal switch that is accessibly by foot



  • Slightly wobbly base


Contemporary Indoor Pole Lamp

This modern and contemporary lamp can be a great addition to your living room and can also serve as a suitable display piece alongside providing illumination to meet your daily requirements.

The shape of this lamp is like a twisting ribbon that comes with an LED light attached to it. This lamp can further be quite efficient in terms of energy usage, allowing you to save much more money than other light bulbs when it comes to your monthly power bills.

This lamp has a platinum silver finish that can add sleekness and minimalism to the design. It has a sturdy square base along with a power cord that includes a pedal switch for easier access.

You can also use this pedal switch to adjust the brightness of the lamp across three settings. The light can further last up to 20,000 hours, depending on how much you use it.



  • Color: Platinum silver with white/yellow lights
  • Light Source: LED
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Size: 48 inches
  • Shade: Silver, combined with the light



  • Efficient in terms of energy savings
  • Slender appeal and can save space
  • Pedal switch for convenient access
  • Dimmable brightness
  • Three-year warranty period for repairs and replacements



  • Can feel too bright even with adjustable brightness


Shades of Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp

This table lamp comes can add some shape and texture to your room alongside daily brightness. The base or leg of this lamp has stacks of four pebble-like structures in varying shades of gray, giving this lamp a unique and modern appearance.

The lampshade itself is another shade of gray and can house a medium-base bulb. The base of this lamp is flat, allowing it to rest on top of any surface comfortably without the risk of toppling over.

The stone base itself is made from ceramic while the lampshade is made from fabric. The lamp has a height of around 14 inches, making it an ideal size for a living room table.

It comes with a power cord that you can easily connect to a nearby socket. This lamp is quite affordable as well, making it suitable for you if you have a budget in place.



  • Color: Gray
  • Light Source: Incandescent
  • Style: Modern
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Shade: Gray fabric



  • Unique design with stacked ceramic pebble base
  • Sleek and modern addition to your living room
  • Compatible with standard light bulbs
  • Sturdy base
  • Affordable price



  • Bulbs not included with the purchase


Oak River Rustic Arc Floor Lamp

Last but not least in our living room lamps curation is this premium rustic wooden lamp that can offer elegance and style to your living room. It has a metal arc arm that is connected to a wooden base clock that can firmly sit on the floor of your living room.

The bottom of the rust metal base is wider and flatter while the part that meets the lampshade becomes narrower. The lampshade itself is made from mica and is amber in color and has rust metal on the edges as well as on the shade itself.

It can house a standard bulb of any kind with a medium base and a maximum wattage of 150 W. This lamp is 66.5 inches in height and comes with an on and off switch (accessible by foot for convenience) on a power cord that you can connect to any socket.



  • Color: Brown with rust metal arm
  • Light Source: Multiple
  • Style: Rustic farmhouse
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Shade: Amber mica



  • Arc arm that gives it a unique shape
  • Stable and sturdy wooden base
  • Compatible with any standard light bulb
  • Amber shade for rustic appeal
  • On/off on the cord for access by foot



  • Quite expensive given its design and materials


Parting Thoughts

Now that you know all about these wonderful and tasteful living room lamps as well as their features, pros and cons, all you need to do is pick one that suits your needs and preferences. Put it up in your living room and enjoy the illumination and beauty it brings to your home.

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