Best Bread for Weight Watchers

Best Bread for Weight Watchers

Anyone who has ever counted calories or tried to drop a few pounds will tell you that bread is very often off the menu. But you don’t have to give up carbs in order to lose weight. Keep reading to learn all about the best bread for Weight Watchers.

An illustrative chart depicting the health benefits of bread.

Best Bread for Weight Watchers at the Supermarket

Go into any supermarket and you will see all types of bread. The mass-produced bread that lines the aisles is best avoided. If you have a particular type of bread or feel loyal to a particular brand, make sure you read the labels.

The bread you should look for contains whole grains. Whole grains are less processed and can help with other health concerns, like heart disease and diabetes. Ideally, you want to find whole-grain bread that lists whole grains on its package. 16 grams of whole grains in a serving is standard for a healthier bread, including sliced bread, pitas, bagels, etc.

Best Bread for Weight Watchers at the Local Bakery

Warm, fluffy bakery bread

If you buy bread at a local bakery, they should have the ingredients listed. If not, ask. Chances are, a local bakery will make much healthier bread than you will find on the shelves at the supermarket.

Look for darker and heavier bread with visible seeds and grains. The best part of these types of bread is that you need far less to get the full effect.

Whole wheat bread can also be beneficial and a much healthier option than white bread. Again, make sure you read the ingredients and make sure it contains whole wheat flour and not refined flour.

Also, look out for trans fats which are listed as partially hydrogenated, vegetable oil shortening, or hydrogenated vegetable oil. These are the fats that can increase your risk for heart disease. These are often present in baked goods but are not needed to make them, they act as filler.

Of course, many people have been learning how to make bread over the past few years while the pandemic has been going on. That is a great way to make sure you and your family are getting healthier choices, as you can control what goes in it.

Other Considerations for Healthy Bread for Weight Watchers

But it’s not just the flour that is used to make the bread. You want a healthier flour that is not refined. Other ingredients can change a healthy bread into something that is not so healthy.

Other ingredients you should look at include:

  • Fiber
  • Sugar
  • Calories
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Total number of ingredients

High Fiber

The fiber content is important. We all know fiber is good for us, but it makes the bread denser, and therefore, it requires less to make you feel full and takes longer to digest. That is important when you are trying to lose weight. You won’t eat as much and you won’t need to eat as often. Whole wheat bread contains minerals and vitamins that white bread does not.

Low Sugar

There shouldn’t be a lot of sugar added to your bread if any. Sugar is added when the bread is made to activate the yeast. However, this requires very little, so if your bread tastes sweet, it has too much.

Low Fat

Fat is also something that shows up as an ingredient in your bread. This can be lard, butter, oil, or even milk. There shouldn’t be much fat in your bread. The amount will depend on what type of bread you are eating.


Gluten-Free Bread

Gluten-free bread is not any healthier than regular bread. It’s made for people who can not process wheat, but the calories and level of healthy ingredients don’t change.

Gluten is a protein found in bread, cereal, and pasta, and doesn’t provide any extra nutrition. It is a naturally occurring protein that happens when grains are processed for food.


Healthiest Bread Toppings for Weight Watchers

Healthiest Bread Toppings for Weight Watchers

Mind what you put on your bread, like skipping the butter and mayo for more healthy items. Choose avocado, nut butter, healthy fruit jams, mashed banana, hummus, and vegan butter.

You can substitute yogurt for mayo for many things to avoid the high concentrations of fat. You don’t need the butter on toast to enjoy your scrambled or hard-boiled eggs.

There is no reason why you can’t still eat bread and keep to your weight loss plan. Heartier bread is more filling and stays with you for much longer, keeping you feeling full for many hours.

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