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    How to Fry Chicken Wings Without Flour

    Frying crispy chicken wings without flour might seem odd, but there are many ways to fry chicken wings without flour. If you have gluten allergies or simply don’t have flour available in your pantry, no problem at all! You can choose so many different ingredients that fulfill your “flour” needs! Keep reading to learn how […] More

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    How to Fry Chicken Without Eggs

    Fried chicken is a dish that is prepared by marinating chicken pieces and then coating them with a batter or breading until the chicken turns golden brown and crispy. The marination helps to add flavor to the chicken and also makes it juicy, while the coating makes it crispy and scrumptious. There are many ways […] More

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    Top 5 Chicken Bouillon Brands and Easy Recipes

    We’re not sure if there’s any comfort food better than homemade chicken soup. A single bowl is sure to warm anyone’s belly on a cool fall day. But who wants to go through the trouble of making their own chicken broth these days? We don’t know anyone who has the time for that. Thankfully, we’ve […] More

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    How To Cook Quinoa With Chicken Broth

    Quinoa is a fantastic side dish prepared with a few simple ingredients. It is a healthy and flavorful addition to your daily menu. Keep reading to learn how to cook quinoa with chicken broth. I keep quinoa in a Tupperware container in my fridge at all times. This is a food that everyone should have […] More

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    How to Fry Chicken in a Pan with Oil

    You can make hundreds of delicious dishes with chicken. One of the easiest and quickest ways to make tender and juicy chicken is by marinating and frying it in a pan with oil. The best thing about this cooking method is that it is convenient and quick, and the chicken always tastes delicious. Plus, you […] More

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    How to Cook Chicken in Water on Stove

    The easiest way to cook chicken for a fast weeknight dinner is to boil it in water. The chicken will cook slowly and retain a lot more moisture. This chicken recipe below is the route to take if you want juicy, delicate chicken without needing a lot of prep! Keep reading to learn how to […] More

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    How to Cook Chicken Sausage in a Pan

    Chicken sausages are juicy and delicious, and there are so many different ways you can cook these sausages. You can serve them with so many vegetables, etc. You can eat them as they are, slice them, and cook them with vegetables or add them to your soup. Whatever you do, they are a good addition […] More

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    What Sides Go With Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings are a great budget meal with so many different variations, but a few great side dishes make them into a delicacy. Find the perfect sides for chicken wings so you can dine style! Nothing gets people excited to eat like a plate piled high with chicken wings. This classic meaty dish is an […] More

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    What Sides Go With BBQ Chicken

    Nothing compares to the flavors you find in barbeque chicken, but what sides go with BBQ chicken? Get all the saucy details on how to pair the right sides with BBQ chicken for an ideal platter! Some foods are kind of a rite of passage, like BBQ chicken. You truly have not lived until you […] More

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    How to Make Fried Chicken Without Buttermilk

    For many, buttermilk is a staple ingredient in creating that perfect fried chicken coating, but what if you don’t have any on hand or don’t like the taste? Fear not, because plenty of alternative ingredients and techniques can give you the same mouth-watering result. Whether you’re a fried chicken fanatic or just looking to switch […] More

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    How to Cook Kale Greens with Chicken Broth

    Kale greens are among the healthiest leafy greens out there. They have a slightly bitter flavor which most people do not enjoy as they should. You can prepare kale greens as a side dish with your main course in many ways. However, a few simple ingredients can alter the greens’ flavor, and you can enjoy […] More

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