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    7 Best Tasting Organic Decaf Coffees

    It is no secret that we are professional coffee drinkers at Home Perch and most of the time we reach for the full leaded caffeinated coffee. But sometimes even a regular coffee lover just wants a good cup of organic decaf coffee, especially in the evening. But what is the best tasting organic decaf coffee […] More

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    Six Yummy Butterscotch Candies for Candy Lovers

    Butterscotch has been around for ages and most people love the butterscotch flavor. It doesn’t get much better than a bowl of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce or syrup or cookies with chocolate butterscotch chips. Not to mention butterscotch pudding. Butterscotch candies have the most special place in my heart and below are some […] More

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    Top Five Taco Holders for the Taco Lover

    Tacos! The first thing that comes to mind is “bring ‘em,” and that’s probably what you thought too! 🙂 Although you can certainly put tacos on any plate or dish, that really doesn’t do them justice. There is definitely a need for something that can showcase tacos the way they deserve to be showcased. This […] More

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    Is a Swamp Cooler Right for Your Home?

    Air conditioners and central air are America’s most popular home cooling system; however, they require more energy and are often less effective than America’s second most popular cooling system: the evaporative air cooler. This article discusses the costs and benefits of evaporative cooling systems so that you can determine whether evaporative cooling is best for […] More

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    Best Cake Carriers For Any Size Cake

    Trust us – if you have smashed a cake in transit one time, you’ve smashed one too many cakes. And if you haven’t yet, here’s a scenario for you: You’ve spent hours baking, stacking, and decorating your cake. Now the only thing that’s in the way of the oohs and ahhs that you imagine will […] More

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    The 5 Best Kashi Cereals with Recipes

    Kashi cereals are made with a blend of seven whole grains, including whole grain brown rice, are a great source of fiber, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and are delicious! It is the perfect and healthy way to start your day. Kashi makes more than 50 products and most of these products are made […] More

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    Chip and Dip Bowl: Always the Perfect Gift!

    Chips and dip are a staple appetizer and snack at most parties and it is hard to imagine a get-together without them. If you’re hosting an event and don’t have a chip and dip bowl, you’re missing out on an easy way to serve your guests. But as you can imagine, there are tons of […] More

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