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How to Make a Frozen Lemonade Pie (with the Kids for Summer Kitchen Fun)

A slice of frozen lemonade pie with meringue.

Believe it or not, kids actually really like to be in the kitchen and cook. Of course, it helps that when they are working in the culinary arts they are producing something that tastes really good. A sweet motivator never hurt anyone trying to learn a new skill.

This particular recipe is both an easy one for young people to learn as well as a recipe that is fairly straightforward and doable. Better yet, most families are going to like the end result as well, especially on a dessert dish.

The best careers in life are started at a young age when a personal interest can be established and kids learn to translate what they do at home into a lifelong passion. More than one famous chef and cook can trace their original interest in food preparation back to their first days in the kitchen with mom or a relative teaching them simple recipes. Additionally, kids get to see an end product right away from all their effort. The same can’t be said for pulling the weeds or washing the car every weekend.

The beauty of the frozen lemonade pie recipe is that it’s really easy to put together. But at the same time, kids have to go through all the steps of materials preparation, mixing, portions, and sequence, which are essential to cooking properly.

Parents and grandparents don’t have to worry about the mix being too complicated and their student becoming frustrated, fortunately. And the tools involves are far safer than with other recipes; with the lemonade pie, the most complicated tool to use will be the can opener.

As far as ingredients are concerned, the frozen lemonade pie recipe essentially involves using a pre-made graham cracker base or crust, although one could make one from scratch if needed. With the crust in place, the rest of the work essentially involves mixing, combining, applying, and finishing. And the best part is that most pie pre-mix packages have all the instructions included in the box, so all the family or young chefs have to do is read and follow the steps. But we’ll cover them below as well.

Done right, the output is going to taste particularly good and delicious. The cream balances well with the tart of lemon, and the pie, in general, coming out of the freezer is an excellent treat during the hot summer days.

While the recipe itself doesn’t take very long, keep in mind about a half-day is needed to let the pie freeze and cure. Pulling the pie out sooner will be a problem as the pie will collapse when being cut, so be patient and let it cure properly.

Part 1 – Getting Started with the Crust First

Ingredients needed

  • 14 crackers or 7 double-cracker rectangles
  • One-quarter cup of sugar
  • 6 tablespoons of butter melted

The complete set of ingredients.

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (adults, handle this part, don’t let kids control anything with an oven or handling it).

2. Put all the graham crackers in a gallon plastic bag, and then use a rolling pin to crush them (the bag holds all the crumbs and avoids a big mess).

You could also use a mallet or something else heavy enough to crush and break the crackers into bits. Just make sure to be thorough in the crushing (the kids will love this part but just make sure everything stays in the bag).

3. With the mashing done, use a fork to mix the sugar and graham cracker bits and slowly pour the melted butter over the entire combination.

The ingredients combined in one bowl.

4. Press the crust mix into a pie pan and use a smooth glass bowl or similar as pressing tool to even the surface of the crust while doing so.

When finished, place the crust and pie pan in the oven for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then pull the pan out and let it cool down (again, this part is not appropriate for the kids).

The finished crust to be set aside.

Part 2 – The Pie Filling

Ingredients needed

  • 1 can of sweet condensed milk (14 oz)
  • 1 can of whipping topping (12 oz), make sure it’s thawed
  • 1 container of frozen concentrated lemonade, also make sure it’s thawed

1. Put all the lemonade concentrate into a bowl and mix it with the concentrated milk.

Mix until there is no noticeable difference. Whatever is used for mixing, just make sure the consistency is the same all the way through, whether one uses a machine mixer or hand spatula.

Mixing the filling with the use of a spatula.

2. Once ready, move all the mixture into the pan and pie crust, and use a rubber spatula get to get the remainder in the pie as well.

Once finished, smooth over the top and then cover the pie with aluminum foil. Finally, place it in the freezer on a flat surface and give the pie a maximum of eight hours to freeze, the longer the better.

The mixed filling placed on the crust.

3. Once ready, the piece can be taken out of the aluminum removed.

Cut the pie into slices and serve and desired. Add a few mint leaves on the top of the piece for garnish to add a little style, or place a few sliced strawberries for an accent.

4. If leftovers remain, you can keep them in the freezer without worry for at least up to two weeks.

5. Enjoy yourself and do it all over again for another summer treat next month.

Best of all, enjoy yourself and helping your kids learn how to do a bit of kitchen work and food preparation this summer. Both of you will remember the experience years from now, and your palate will enjoy the pie a few hours later too.

A lovely slice of frozen lemonade pie.

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