How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks 

How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks 

From having movie nights with our favorite people to keeping our kids busy during the day, televisions are usually the center of entertainment in almost every home. We should always go the extra mile to keep these magnets for dust, smudges, and fingerprints in their best state by regularly dusting and cleaning them.

So, what can you do? Rely on some soap, water, and wipes, use DIY homemade cleaning products, or go for a dedicated TV cleaner. Remember, you must choose carefully because the wrong cleaning method can permanently damage your screen. If you have an older tube-style TV made of a glass screen, a product like Windex will work out for you. However, with the modern LCD and OLED screens, you’ll need to be more heedful of your chosen practices. 

Grab your spray bottles and wear your gloves as we go on to discover how to clean flat screen TV without streaks, clouding, and scratches. 

What Equipment Will You Need?

feather duster to clean flat screen TV

To ensure you have a glossy screen every time you wipe your TV, we’ve compiled the list of items your cleaning kit should include. 

  • Soft Duster: TV screens are prone to get dusty very easily. A feather duster will remove the adamant particles that can get stuck and cause scratches. If you want to get a day or two off from cleaning your TV, go for the black ostrich feather dusters that are softer and brilliant at trapping dust. 
  • Microfiber Cloth: They are soft, non-abrasive, and easy to wash. You must have two of these — a damp one for wiping tough stains and a dry one for shine. Many companies have now started to include them in television packaging too. 
  • Dry Anti-Static Cloth: They are very handy if your TV gets super dusty. — a single sweep can get rid of all the grime! 
  • Cleaning products: Buy a cleaning spray from the supermarket or create your own DIY solution by mixing distilled water and vinegar. When buying a formulated spray, make sure to avoid products that contain ammonia or ethyl alcohol. 


Steps To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks 

While it may sometimes seem very challenging, following a few simplified steps can smooth the entire process of achieving a spotless, unstreaked screen. 


Turn Off The TV 

Hot screens are one of the main causes of a scratched screen. Before you start cleaning, make sure to switch off your tv and give it time to cool down. Next, turn on the main room lights and pull back the curtains to make cleaning more efficient by highlighting the stains under bright light.


Start Wiping

microfiber cloths to clean flat screen TV

Cloths made of coarse material, for example, paper towels or tissues, can scratch the screen. Instead, wipe your screen with a microfiber cloth in horizontal and vertical overlapping motions. Avoid applying too much pressure to protect the pixels beneath the screen surface. 

Remember to switch the position of the cloth and shake it to get rid of dust and dirt after every few strokes so that you don’t just keep shifting the dust from one part to the other.


Deal With The Problem Areas

Tough stains usually need a liquid spray that is safe for TV screens. Spray the liquid as a fine mist on a clean microfiber cloth and rub the stains in circular motions. Once the stain is removed, wipe the area vertically/horizontally to clear any streaks left. The best liquid is distilled water (tap water can contain particles that can harm your screen). Just avoid spraying directly on the screen as it may make the screen too wet, increasing the chances of streaks. 

Pro Tip: Apply liquids only to the problem areas instead of the whole screen.  


Don’t Forget The Stand, Frame, & Back Of The TV

flat screen tv stand

A sleek look lies in the small details. So, don’t forget to dust your TV stand, frame, and the back of the TV every time you clean the screen. 

A dry cloth will be enough, but if you have a significant build-up of dust on the speakers or ports, using a vacuum cleaner and a small nozzle will be a good idea. 


Important Tips To Keep In Mind 

We’ve discussed the main steps but keeping in mind small tips and tricks is equally important.

  • Always use a clean and lint-free cloth.
  • Give a quick peek at the instruction manual before starting.
  • Unplug the TV switch for extra safety.
  • A 100% cotton T-shirt or an electrostatic duster can be used instead of a microfiber cloth.
  • A vinegar-water mixture can be replaced with isopropyl alcohol and water solution.
  • Avoid using electronic wipes for a plasma TV.


How Do Electrostatic Dusters Work?

Electrostatic dusters to clean a flat screen TV

As the name suggests, electrostatic dusters use static electricity to pull away dust from the screen. Most of these dusters can be easily washed by soaking the feathers in warm water. 

Alternatively, you can also go for a Swiffer duster. It performs the same job as an electric duster. The caution to take when using either of these is to avoid applying too much pressure. 


Are Electric Wipes Safe To Use?

electric wipes to clean flat screen TV

Electric wipes are premoistened, soft, and disposable wipes that are 100% safe to use on electronics. They are easy to find and can be stored in your TV console for easy reach. Cleaning smudges and keeping your screen sanitized becomes a lot simpler with this product. 

For plasma televisions, wet products (including electric wipes) may damage the anti-glare surface. In such cases, it’s better to use dry methods like a duster or cloth. 


Can I Use Dish Soap To Wipe My Flat Screen TV?

Yes, you can use dish soap to fight the rigid stains. When using dish soap, remember the more diluted it is, the better and safer it will be. Otherwise, it will streak your screen once it dries. 

Fill a spray bottle with distilled water and add one to two drops of dish soap to create a 10:1 ratio between both components. Take a microfiber cloth, spray it with the solution, and gently rub the streaks. 

Pro Tip: Once you’re done cleaning your TV, apply one teaspoon of petroleum jelly to all the scratches. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess for a smooth and gleaming surface. 


Do You Need To Purchase A Professional Cleaning Kit?

Purchasing a cleaning kit isn’t necessary. Shop your home, and you will find most of the cleaning essentials at home. If you have distilled water and a microfiber cloth (or 100% cotton T-shirt) at home, you already have almost everything you’ll need to clean flat screen tv without streaks. Even if you don’t have these available at home, they are still pretty inexpensive to purchase separately.


Ready To Make Your TV Shine?

Bedroom TV Ideas 

Smudged fingerprints and grime on the TV screen can ruin your movie night. While the urge to grab a window cleaning solution and spray it over the entire display is always pinching you, this may wreak havoc on the surface. So, take a few moments and follow the steps above, and enjoy a crisp and shiny TV screen! 


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