How to Make Cloud Bread Taste Good

How to Make Cloud Bread Taste Good

Cloud bread is one of the funniest baked goods. It’s got a totally unique texture, and it can be used in savory or sweet dishes. Since it’s low-carb, not everyone is a fan, but we’re willing to bet that cloud bread can taste good to almost everyone with the right spin on the stuff. If you want to enjoy this baked good, here’s how to make cloud bread taste good.

How to Make Cloud Bread Taste Good


Serve It Warm

If a baked good doesn’t taste good, it is likely being served at a terrible temperature. We can all relate to someone in our lives baking something fresh. We were mesmerized by that enticing aroma wafting from the oven, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on whatever was being baked the second it was on the counter.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to eat those baked goods right away for fear of burning the roofs of our mouths, but as soon as they were cool enough to eat safely, we were eating them. And they tasted so much better warm than they did hours later when we snuck another one at room temperature.

Apply that same line of thinking to your cloud bread. We’re not sure why, but baked goods just taste better warm. If you’re not a fan of cloud bread, you might just be eating it at the wrong temperature.


Add a Sweetener

A glass jar of granulated honey along with other types of honey in glass jars.

Cloud bread can be eaten with both sweet and savory foods. If you like the former better, try making it even sweeter with your favorite sweetener. You can use honey, agave, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, hot fudge, hot caramel, or anything else you like.

Drizzle your favorite sweetener on top of the cloud bread, or put some in a ramekin on the side. Either way, with a nice, warm slice of cloud bread, the sweetener will be a welcome addition.


Add Whipped Cream

If you’re unsure what to do with cloud bread, just treat it as you would something similar. In this case, think of it as a pancake. Although almost everyone likes pancakes, those who don’t are usually trying to doctor it up with various sweet toppings, and the easiest one to use is whipped cream.

Adding whipped cream will almost turn cloud bread into a dessert. There aren’t many foods that can’t be improved by a dollop of whipped cream, including cloud bread.

We realize that adding something like whipped cream kind of defeats the purpose of this low-carb bread alternative, but we’re here to help you make cloud bread taste better, not be healthier.


Add More Sweet Toppings

Some of our favorite sweet toppings to add to cloud bread include chocolate chips, sprinkles, boba, toasted nuts, and more. Get creative in the kitchen and find what tastes best for you.


Serve It Alongside Other Foods

Although cloud bread can certainly be eaten on its own, you might like to have it as a side. Think of it here as a piece of bread that you’d serve on the side, like a roll or a baguette.

There are tons of meals to serve cloud bread with. Have it on the table when you’re serving a hearty stew or brothy soup so hungry guests can dip their cloud bread. Turn it into garlic bread and have it on your plate of spaghetti or lasagna. Even those who aren’t fans of the food won’t say no to cloud bread when it’s next to something else they love.

Serve It with a Tasty Drink

Serving your cloud bread with the right drink can vastly improve its flavor. There are tons of beverages that can make cloud bread even better, like milk, soda, hot chocolate, or tea.

It’s not a cure-all, and those who are vehemently against cloud bread may not be fooled by this trick, but serving it with a delicious drink can definitely improve its taste.


Make It into a Sandwich

Cloud bread is often thought of in its own category because of its unique name, but it’s important to remember that it’s just a type of bread. Anything you use bread for, you can use cloud bread for instead, like making a sandwich.

Cloud bread will taste great with any type of sandwich. Whether it’s an old standby like peanut butter jelly or a BLT, or it’s something of your own invention, cloud bread will be tasty with your favorite sandwich ingredients.

Don’t forget that you can toast cloud bread, and you can use it to make grilled cheese. The more you think of it as regular bread, the more versatile cloud bread becomes.


Make It into Pizza

If you’re sick of cauliflower pizza crusts, you’ll be happy to hear that cloud bread can be used as a pizza crust. Cloud bread is a great low-carb crust alternative, and pizza automatically makes cloud bread far tastier than it was before.

You will be a little limited with your options here – don’t expect deep-dish pizza from cloud bread. But any toppings you’d put on a regular crust pizza can be put on cloud bread pizza. Whether you want a supreme, meat lovers, BBQ chicken, or just classic cheese, cloud bread can be used for all your pizza needs.


Make It into Muffins


Finally, to really make cloud bread taste good, make it into muffins instead. This will give your cloud bread a slightly different texture, and it’ll give you different options for improving its taste. You might not want to spread butter and honey over a slice of cloud bread, but when it’s in a muffin form, you’ll be very tempted.

Cloud bread muffins will look like English muffins, so you can use them to make breakfast sandwiches or Eggs Benedict. Who doesn’t love that? Get creative with your cloud bread and enjoy these suggestions!


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