26 of the Best Online Tea Stores

Variety of tea on wooden box container and cups.

Next only to water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide. In 2015, a total of 5.2 million metric tons of tea were produced for global consumption. China is the leading tea producer responsible for 2.35 million metric tons or half of the total tea production for 2016. Other main tea producers are India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

The tea market is made up of the ready-to-drink tea (RTD), the traditional market, the specialty segment, and the foodservice segment. The RTD remains the most popular. In 2017, the leading tea brands were Arizona, Lipton Pure Leaf, and Gold Peak.

According to a 2017 survey, 23 percent of U.S. consumers drink tea every day while only 10 percent don’t drink it at all. With increasing health awareness, the introduction of new flavors, and the demand for shopping convenience, online tea stores can cash in on the booming tea industry.

Why bother going out to shop at retail stores that may only have select brands when you can shop online and choose specialty tea from anywhere in the world?

List of Online Tea stores

A hot cup of tea in a clear teacup. 1. Adagio Teas: The shop specializes in a wide variety of teaware and loose-leaf. Adagio sources their tea from the artisan growers; it is always fresh and has a splendid flavor. The shop offers tea from herbals to masters collection and they include information such as the brewing guide and the origin of the tea. A family based in New Jersey owns the company.

2. Palais des Thes: A tea shop specializing in flavored tea, herbal tea, and single estate tea, Palais des Thes sells high-quality fresh tea obtained from several tea estates globally. Francos Delmas is the founder of the company, and he has been on a world tour for about 20 years searching for the best tea. Palais des Thes is one of the great online tea stores.

They have shops in Belgium, France, and Japan. In the US, they have a shop and a tea school in New York.

3. Matcha Source: The shop is an online retailer mainly focusing on matcha tea ranging from ceremony to kitchen grade. Alissa White is the founder of the company. Matcha Source offers flavored tea; the leaves are plucked early in the harvest in order to produce vegetal flavors. Mature tea mostly has coarser matter from the vein and stems and taste astringent. They offer international shipping.

4. Teatulia: Teatulia is a Denver based company that specializes in Indian tea. Dr. Kazi Anis and Linda Appel Lipsius founded the company and their focus is on organic fresh tea, sustainability, and empowering the locals in Bangladesh, where they grow their tea.

The Teatulia offers over 25 flavors and this has made them receive several awards at the North America Tea Championships. The company has also developed co-operative programs to spur economic growth within Northern Bangladesh; a region where their tea estates are located. They ship their products to international markets.

5. Tea Box: The Indian based company specializes in high-quality single estate loose-leaf tea. Their tea is sourced from Indian tea estates in Assam, Nepal, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiris.

6. TeaVivre: A group of people from China, Canada, and France owns TeaVivre. The group frequently visits Chinese tea plantation to sample the best tea since they specialize in authentic tea from China.

They have a wide variety of teaware and unflavored tea and it’s well known for its green tea such as Ming Qian Long Jing. In consideration that the EU has stringent laws allowing residues, the company’s tea is allowed in Europe thus proving that they offer high-quality tea.

7. Tea Spot: Maria Uspenski founded the Tea Spot in 2004 and the company is based in Colorado. Having survived from cancer, Maria was drawn to the health benefits of whole leaf tea as she was recovering. She advocates for tea in its freshest form because it provides premium flavors and significant health benefits.

Today, the Tea Spot specializes in gourmet loose tea with signature blends, handcrafted, and single-estate full leaf tea. They donate 10% of their sales to cancer and community wellness programs. Its key mission is to advocate for health and wellness through tea.

8. Verdant Tea: Verdant tea operates from their base in Minnesota and their approach to tea shopping is unique. The company provides a direct marketplace for family tea farmers. They don’t categorize the tea as per its type or the country of origin but by the farmers.

The family estates growing the tea are listed and the clients are given opportunities to meet the families growing the tea. Verdant Tea mostly specializes in Chinese black tea, white, green, and herbals. They also have an attractive gaiwan teaware.

9. MaryAnn’s Tea: The US-based company specializes in brewed bottled tea. Recently, MaryAnn’s tea expanded from brewing and bottling iced tea to the procurement of fine loose-leaf teas.

The company’s experience in brewing ice tea for several years led them to discover amazing loose-leaf tea. They have won several North America Tea championship awards for its best-bottled tea. They offer free shipping in the US.

10. Yunnan Sourcing: The shop mostly sells pu-erh tea and offers a great selection of raw and ripe pu-er, black tea, oolongs tea, and white tea. In addition to the above, they sell rare tea such as yak butter and purple tea.

The ripe pu-erhs are mostly selected based on fermentation degree, taste profile, future aging potential, and leaf quality. They ship to international markets from the US and China.

11. Vahdam Tea: The company specializes in Indian garden fresh tea. All their tea is sourced directly from the tea growers within 24 hours of production. Vahdam tea always tries to prioritize the farmers. They make sure that the intermediaries have been eliminated so that the farmers can have the best prices for their tea. All the pure and unblended teas are cleaned, processed, and packaged at source in India and shipped to over 83 countries globally.

12. Art of Tea: Known for its great selection of high-quality tea at an affordable price, Art of Tea provides inexpensive sample packs for all tea. Its website is user-friendly with reviews on all products available as well as great customer service. They only ship to Canada and the US.

13. Mighty Leaf Tea: It specializes in high-quality tea shipped from China. Mighty Leaf Tea offers a few samples of their tea. In the past, the company only shipped tea within the US, but they have begun offering international shipping. Orders above $50 are shipped for free in the US.

14. Generation Tea: This is another online tea shop specializing in high-quality tea from China. They have a wide selection of pu-erh. Their website is also basic hence easy to navigate. They don’t offer free shipping.

15. In pursuit of Tea: The shop has been operating since 1999. Each year, they spend considerable time in tea growing regions searching for the best tea. In pursuit of Tea mostly sources their loose-leaf tea from tea farmers; they neither blend nor flavors. They prefer to savor tea qualities.

16. Ippodo: This is a Japanese tea company selling high-quality green tea. The company has been in operation for three centuries.

17. Seven Cups: It offers high-quality tea in wholesale and retail. Austin and Zhuping run the Seven Cups online shop; two individuals who are passionate about tea. They also have a tea house and tea classes in Arizona and their tea comes from China.

18. Rishi: The company sells pure organic tea. Over 95% of tea from Rishi is certified organic.

19. Silver Needle Tea: The company trades highly curated tea collections that are sourced from tea farmers directly. Silver Needle Tea offers pure tea as they have single estates tea.

20. Argo Tea: Argo Tea is a US-based company that source tea from growers around the world and blends into delicious and unique beverages and tea. They focus on sustainable business and work with local and global tea growers.

Argo brews full-leaf teas and infuses with spices, herbs, fruits, and flowers. On shipping, they offer a flat-rate fee of $5.95 for all loose-leaf tea.

21. Amazon: Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. The giant retailer has a wide selection of tea, which includes varieties from Herbalife, Arizona, Google Earth, Yogi, Bigelow, Tazo, Lyfe, Early Grey, and the Republic of Tea, and many more. Amazon virtually offers tea from all brands that someone may need and they offer free shipping on certain products.

22. Daoli: Daoli is a brand that was established by Sladki vrh and the company is based in Maribor, Slovenia. They also have offices in Kunming, China. Daoli offers extensive tea collection such as green tea, wulong, black tea, puer, and herbal all ordered from Kunming. They are able to buy tea directly from growers in Kunming market. They ship for free within Europe.

23. The Republic of Tea: The shop was founded in 1992 and it’s known for sparking a Tea Revolution. They offer over 300 premium tea, bottled iced tea, herbs, and natured inspired sipware. Decaffeinated tea varieties are also available in their shop. Most of their tea is Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). The company has continued to enrich people’s lives through education, innovation, and premium teas.

Due to its tea and herbs, which are available in designed air-tight and light-resistant tins containing full-leaf tea and herbs, the Republic of Tea has been winning several accolades. The company has also shown social and environmental responsibility by developing products to support organizations such as Whole Foundation and Action Against Hunger. On shipping, they offer a standard flat rate of $3.99 and free shipping within the US on orders above $59.

24. Tea Desire: It’s is a Canadian premium loose leaf store, which specializes in herbal, rooibos, green, organic, and oolong tea. The store is owned by a Canadian family and was founded in 2005. They offer unique tea blends in a wide range of flavors and colors. When orders are above $60 and $120, they ship for free in Canada and the US respectively.

25. Tea Shop: The company opened its first store in 1990 in Barcelona. Today, they have over 40 shops in Europe and South America. They offer the best handmade product made with the finest ingredients.

Tea shop sells over 120 selection of tea and infusions include their own blends that are developed by their experts. One of their popular brands is rooibos herbal tea, which is obtained from the fermentation of shrub leaves sourced from the Brazilian Coast.

In relation to the quality, Tea shop takes care of details from production, to the harvesting of the plant, to blending and transportation. It’s estimated that over 500,000 people rely on this brand yearly.

26. Tealyra: The Canada-based company takes pride in its high standards of quality; they offer authentic tea straight from its origin. Tealyra offers raw and cooked pu-erh, Japanese green, delicate white, matcha, herbal infusions, fruit teas, Chinese green, and pure herbal teas, and many more.

They also provide nearly 1000 types of loose tea. It is simply one of the best online tea stores. The company has a large customer base in the US, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

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