Shake Things Up with Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Salt

Does your regular salt in the shaker on your table seem dull and commonplace? Why not shake things up by using some pink Himalayan salt? This type of pink salt, which can be used to cook and season, is not only prettier than common table salt, but it may provide health benefits as well.

Naturally Pink

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Pink Himalayan salt is special because of its color, where it comes from, and how it was formed. It’s rosy hue is natural and stems from trace minerals it contains, particularly its high level of iron.

Where does pink salt come from?

The salt’s name identifies its geographic origin. Mines located in the Punjab region of Pakistan near the Himalayan Mountain, the highest mountains in the world, are the source of pink Himalayan salt. At the largest of these mines, the Khewra Salt Mine, miners descend 5,000 feet to hand extract rock crystals of salt. These crystals are hand ground to produce pink Himalayan salt.

The salt which comes from the Pakistani mines was uniquely formed. It is believed to be composed of the dried remains of the original, primal sea, meaning the salt produced is perhaps 250 million years old. The Pakistani salt is mined from crystallized sea salt beds which were covered and protected by lava.

Health Benefits

Not only is pink Himalayan salt older than regular table salt, but it is healthier too. It is perfect for those of us that need to watch our sodium intake. The Pakistani product contains slightly less sodium chloride than regular table salt, approximately 87% as compared to 98%. This is why Himalayan salt has a milder salt flavor than regular salt. Check out the yummy foods you can make with Pink Himalayan sea salt.

Regular table salt is highly processed, which removes its minerals. Pink Himalayan salt, however, contains up to 84 other minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and strontium. Because of these minerals’ presence, it has a higher nutritional value than table salt. The colored salt also has a naturally higher level of iodine, so manufacturers do not need to artificially add more iodine.

Pink Salt Texture

Color is not the only difference in appearance between regular table salt and pink Himalayan salt. Diners are accustomed to seeing finely ground salt in their saltshakers. In contrast, the Pakistani salt, which is classified as rock salt or halite, is coarse salt.

In addition to cooking with pink Himalayan salt, consumers can also cook on it and eat off it. Salt blocks made from this type of salt produce more evenly cooked meat. As the salt retains heat, serving hot food on an eye-catching pink salt plate keeps the food on it warm longer.

Outside the Kitchen

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Pink Himalayan salt has uses outside the kitchen. It may serve as a topical treatment on the skin with the sea salt being an ingredient in body scrubs and bath salts. Helping the skin retain moisture and offering antiseptic qualities are claimed benefits from the salt’s use. It is also used in a salt bath to relax sore muscles.

A salt lamp and artificial salt caves made from this sea salt are often utilized with the belief the salt helps respiration and removes pollutants from the air. Although numerous health benefits have been claimed to result from the use of pink Himalayan salt, not all of them have been verified.

Go Pink and Shake Things Up

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Using Himalayan Pink Salt can be great fun. Its beautiful pink shade adds a pop of color to a dish and its origin and formation provide great topics of conversation. Try shaking this gourmet salt to shake up a dish’s appearance and to add an exotic touch to a meal. You can order this pretty pink salt on Amazon or find it in your grocery store.

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