Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers
You can have all the cookware in the world, but nothing completes a kitchen without salt and pepper shakers! Instead of going basic and buying a set that you would see at any typical house – why not opt for a unique set that will grab people’s attention and allow you to have some fun in the kitchen?

If you’re on the hunt for unique salt and pepper shakers, this list will have something that catches your eye.

Are you ready to explore a list full of unique salt and pepper shakes to jazz up your kitchen? Keep reading to see the top eight unique salt and pepper shakers to ramp up your game!

Top 8 Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

Octopus Salt and Pepper Set 

If you and your family are big on seafood and love the ocean, this octopi salt and pepper shaker set will add a kick to your cooking and serving experience! It can even be a fun and unique housewarming gift.

This unique set uses durable hand-painted ceramic and is sure to catch your guests’ eyes and make cooking more fun!

Gold Bullet Salt and Pepper Set

If you love gold and guns or maybe have a badass theme going on in your home, this set might be for you. Whatever your reason is, this gold bullet salt and pepper set will certainly exhilarate you while cooking your meals!

Made from strong ceramic and coated with a layer of gold coloring, this shiny bullet set will get your family and guests talking about how bold your choices in home décor and kitchen accessories are!


Milk and Cookies Salt and Pepper Set

If you’re a sucker for classics, this milk and cookies salt and pepper set is for you! You can’t get any more original than a tribute to the classic milk and cookies combo. If you have fussy kids who don’t like to eat, they will love having this salt and pepper set on the table, and it may even persuade them to eat their veggies!

Made of high-quality ceramic and hand-painted and polished, this set is a stunner to add to your kitchen accessory collection! Perfect for any countertop or dining room table setting, this unique set is sure to jazz up any meal!

Mud Pie Farmhouse Salt and Pepper Caddy Set 

This cute farmhouse salt and pepper set will be a fun and unique addition to your kitchen. The pepper says “not salt”, and the salt says “not pepper” to have a little mind-boggling fun for your family and guests!

This set uses durable ceramic and cork stoppers on the top, t rests in a distressed metal caddy for convenient transportation. There’s never a dull moment in your kitchen or dinner table again with these conversation starter salt and pepper sets!

Road Trip Gas Salt and Pepper Set

Do you and your family love road trips? These gas pump salt and pepper shakers are a tribute to retro gas stations and will jazz up your kitchen in a jiffy! Reminiscent of olden day gas pumps, this set is perfect for couples and families who love to travel or have their kitchen decorated in a retro style.

Made out of strong ceramic and designed with perfect craftsmanship, this salt and pepper set will be the talk of all your guests when you place it on the dining table!


Hogwarts Express Salt and Pepper Set 

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll love this Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾ salt and pepper shaker! Spice up your next table setting with this set that will make you stand out from the rest!

This salt and pepper set uses durable ceramic and will add a little magic to your kitchen and table setting. It makes for a brilliant gift for all the Harry Potter fans in your life! Or wow your family and friends with this unique salt and pepper shaker at your next get-together!


Shark and Foot Salt and Pepper Set

Want a little gore and fun in your kitchen? This shark and foot salt and pepper shaker set the tone for a little dark humor! If you’re into shark films or just want to have a good laugh with your family and friends, this set is the way to go!

Using ceramic and painted to look exactly like a vicious shark and a chopped-off leg, this magnetic salt and pepper set will have people talking and laughing nervously. This set is also perfect as a gift for anyone into shark movies or who likes collectible items! If you appreciate dark humor, this set speaks for itself!


Granny at the Casino Salt and Pepper Set


Do you love to hit up Vegas to play at the slot machines? This granny at the casino salt and pepper set is a hilarious and unique shaker set that will turn heads!

Made from ceramic and painted to look exactly like a homely grandmother who loves gambling, this salt and pepper set will be a hit whether you buy it for yourself to decorate your table setting and kitchen or buy it for a lucky lady in your life! This unique set is sure to jazz up the kitchen!

Final Thoughts

Kitchen accessories like salt and pepper shakers should speak more about your personality. In this article, we presented eight unique salt and pepper shakers to jazz up your kitchen. If you were looking for a salt and pepper shaker set that perfectly encapsulated your personality, we hope your search has ended successfully with the help of this list!

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