14 Different Types of Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are edible plants that grow underground. The root is an essential organ of these veggies as it helps store energy. The fact that these plants have been popular for more than 5000 years speaks volumes about their significance in one's diet. Keep reading to learn all about the different types of root vegetables.


Turnips are one of the most flavor-packed vegetables cultivated for centuries. High in vitamin C, these cruciferous veggies help boost the immune system and keep respiratory infections at bay. Studies show that regular consumption of these nutritious plants decreases the risk of various cancers related to stomach, breast, lung, or colorectal cancers.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another type of flavorful root vegetable chocked full of health benefits. They are rich in fiber, manganese, vitamins (A and C), and various antioxidants. Studies show that eating 4g of sweet potato extract every day for 2 months can help improve blood sugar levels among diabetic patients.


Radishes are a root vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family. The skin color of their roots widely ranges from white to pink to red to green to yellow to purple to black. They are packed with dietary fiber, which helps treat digestion problems and support the immune system.


Celeriac is a type of celery grown for its edible stem and shoots. Some prefer to have it sautéed in olive oil and mix it in savory dishes. Celeriac offers plenty of health benefits, such as antioxidants that fight against free radicals.


Parsnips are a root vegetable closely related to parsley and carrot. When left to mature properly in winter, the lovely vegetable develops a sweet flavor. The biennial plant is eaten raw and cooked for its amazing nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.


Carrots are one of the most popular and common root vegetables that occur mostly in orange shade. The carrot is a domesticated version of the wild carrot – Daucus carota – native to Europe and Southwestern Asia. Eating carrots in large quantities can help lower blood cholesterol, aid weight loss, and improve eye health.