What are Slotted Spoons Used For? (& Best Slotted Spoon)

Have you ever seen a spoon with holes in it? It’s called a slotted spoon and is found in nearly every kitchen yet it is an item that we don’t normally pay attention to.

What are slotted spoons used for?

A slotted spoon is a large cooking utensil that contains slots or holes to enable moist foods to be lifted out of liquid while the excess fluid drains out the slots. They are very beneficial in the kitchen because they can easily pick out items from hot oil or boiling water when you need them.

In this article, we will outline and review the seven best-slotted spoons you can buy! Let’s get digging!

The Best Slotted Spoons

Joseph Joseph

Best Slotted Spoons

You can use Joseph Joseph’s large slotted spoon to scoop and drain straight from a piping hot pan! It’s ideal for straining and serving vegetables, pasta, and all kinds of fried foods!

Using toughened nylon, it is suitable for non-stick cookware and is heat resistant up to 392°F. With high reviews and a low price, the value is too great to deny!


OXO Nylon 

Best Slotted Spoons

Medium-sized and sturdy, this slotted spoon is perfect for straining vegetables, pasta, and fried food. You can strain it right from a hot pan as it is heat resistant to up to 400°F!

With a soft and comfortable grip on the handle, it uses durable nylon, which is completely safe for non-stick cookware. No more scratching and damaging pots and pans! This trusted brand makes quality products and has such high reviews from its customers.

Pikanty Small Slotted Spoon

Best Slotted Spoons

If you’re keeping an eye out for a small slotted spoon to take out canned food items or serving food packed in liquid, this one is for you! This product comes in a pack of 4 and is the size of a regular teaspoon.

Manufactured from heat-resistant high-quality polycarbonate, it will not melt in boiling water. It’s convenient, small, and you can take it along with you on BBQs and picnics.

All-Clad T101 Stainless Steel 

Best Slotted Spoons

Do you prefer stainless steel kitchen utensils? The All-Clad T101, made of heavy 18/10 stainless steel, is a 13-inch slotted spoon with a perforated head. The handle is long and sturdy, so it won’t break or come apart, and has spectacular reviews and happy customers!


Totally Bamboo Marrakesh Woods 

If you have a colorful theme going on in your kitchen or you prefer wooden kitchen utensils, this one will be perfect for you! It’s ideal for cooking and serving, safe to use on non-stick cookware, and looks beautiful!

Masterfully crafted from layers of colored birch wood, this Marrakesh collection wooden slotted spoon is inspired by the busy Moroccan markets.


Starpack Silicone Slotted Spoon

This slotted spoon uses premium silicone, which won’t let bacteria or germs fester or melt and warp due to heat. The smooth edges won’t scratch non-stick pans and will be the perfect kitchen utensil to drain and serve veggies, fried food, pasta, or rice! This versatile and essential kitchen tool is stylish and durable, which will last you for years!

This slotted spoon uses premium quality silicone, is heat resistant of up to 600°F (the highest on this list), and is the perfect size to carry small to medium quantities of food.


KitchenAid Classic

This medium-sized classic slotted spoon from KitchenAid has ample space for scooping and draining and is safe for all non-stick-coated cookware. It is heat resistant up to 450°F and won’t bend in boiling water.

It uses nylon fiberglass, which will give you the ultimate performance in the kitchen and comes with a one-year hassle-free replacement. Sometimes, people want to stick to the classics, and this KitchenAid slotted spoon is just that!

Final Thoughts

Slotted spoons might not be necessary for everyday cooking, but are very handy when needed! They are a quick and safe way to remove and drain unnecessary hot liquid from your food items.

They are an incredibly valuable utensil to have in your kitchen, as it works effectively to keep your hands away from hot oils, boiling water or other food ingredients while easily draining excess liquid.

Hopefully, this list of the seven best-slotted spoons inspired you to make your next kitchen utensil purchase. Happy cooking!

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