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What is a Macaroon Bar Exactly?

macaroon bar

Macarons or macaroons? What’s the difference? And what is a macaroon bar? There is so much confusion surrounding that one word. But fear not, we are here to clear it up for you!

Macarons originated in France and consist of two light meringue biscuits sandwiched together with a sweet flavored ganache in the middle. While macaroons, which originated in Italy, consist of a shredded coconut and egg mixture that is baked into a soft cookie or ball mound. The main difference is their main ingredient – French macarons’ main ingredient is almonds while for Italian macaroons it’s shredded coconuts.

Now that we got those two definitions out of the way, you’re probably wondering “okay… then what is a macaroon bar exactly?” We got you covered! Read on to discover what it is, how it’s made, and some answers to frequently asked questions about them!

What is a macaroon bar?

Macaroon bars are a quintessential Scottish treat that was made for coconut lovers! They are different from macarons and macaroons as they are candy bars made out of potatoes and coconuts!

The ingredients include potatoes, powdered sugar, dark or milk chocolate, and finely shredded coconuts. That’s all! The potato is used as the fondant in the center and you’ll find that done correctly, the flavor is so subtle that you barely taste it!

How do you make a macaroon bar?

You can follow along with this recipe from Christina’s Cucina which was taken from an old Scottish cookbook.


Q: What is the secret ingredient in a macaroon bar?

The secret ingredient in Scottish macaroon bars is potatoes! Thought to have been added accidentally, the potato is the filling and fondant to this delicious sweet! The taste of potato is very faint but is the reason why this sweet is so popular!

Q: Where and when were macaroon bars originally manufactured?
Macaroon bars are a sweet that was originally manufactured in Scotland. While the period is unknown, it’s thought to have been an accidental creation – with the fusion of coconut and potatoes. Although it has an odd mix of ingredients, it became a quintessential sweet treat in Scotland and the recipe has been passed down through generations.

Q: Are they difficult to make?
Scottish macaroon bars shouldn’t be difficult to make with the right ingredients! It should take you a total of 40 minutes to one hour to create the perfect coconut goodness!

Final Thoughts

A macaroon bar is a classic Scottish dessert sweet that has been enjoyed by generations! They are treats made with potato and powdered sugar filling, dipped in chocolate, and coated with shredded coconuts. Hopefully, this article helped you correctly distinguish the differences between macaroon bars, macaroons, and macarons.

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