What is Rice Candy and Where Can I Find it Online?

Rice Candy

Mmm, candy! Can’t go wrong with an extra oomph of sweet or sour goodness! The beauty of the world is that it offers different and rich cultures, cuisines, and confectionary! Yes, that’s right – confectionary! It’s one thing to try the same old hard candy you’ve been munching on since you were a child, but what about exploring different countries’ food products?

That’s what this article is about! We are going to highlight rice candy, which is a citrus-flavored candy that originates from Japan! If you’ve ever wondered “what is rice candy” and “where can I find it online” – keep reading to get the scoop!

What is Rice Candy?

Botan Rice Candy is a brand of a category of Japanese candy called “bontan ame.” They are soft, chewy, candy that has lemon-orange flavoring inside and wrapped with rice paper. The rice paper is clear and plastic-like when dry but is perfectly edible and will dissolve in your mouth when consumed.

This candy’s name means “flower blossom” in Japanese, which perfectly describes how the culinary experience of this candy is similar to a flower opening up to reveal its beauty!

Rice candy was invented in 1924 by a company called Seika Foods. It was during this time that Western-style sweets were increasing in popularity in Japanese culture. Seika Foods took this opportunity to create a chewy candy that looked similar to Western confectionery.

Now, in Japan, these candies are sold as cheap candies and snacks and are mostly marketed to Japanese school children – coming in small sizes and bright, colorful packaging.

How Do You Make Rice Candy?

The appearance of rice candy is similar to Western-style caramel candies. It is made using glucose syrup, sugar, sweet rice, water, lemon flavor, orange flavor and Allura red AC.

Although there aren’t many exact recipes you can find online, there are a few altered ones where you can enjoy it in similar taste. If you want to try making it yourself, try finding a recipe online from an authentic Japanese kitchen and give it an attempt! You might just nail the taste in your kitchen, instead of having to buy it!

Where Can I Find It Online?

There are multiple places you can find rice candy online. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Walmart

    If you live in the USA, Walmart sells Botan Rice Candy as a single pack or 5 pack. They cost $0.98 and $6.41 respectively. Delivery will cost you a few dollars extra, but if you choose to pick it up at your local store, it will only cost you the base price!

  2. Amazon

    There are a few options on Amazon. You can buy the 6 pack of Botan Rice Candy which will cost you $8.95 or you can opt for the 30-pack, 60-pack, or 80 pack which will cost you $32.99, $77.99, and $106.99 respectively.

  3. World Market

    On World Market, you can buy a set of 10 Botan rice candy for $14.90. Depending on its availability, you can either get it delivered to you or you have to pick it up at one of their stores – which are only located in the USA.

  4. Candy Warehouse

    At Candy Warehouse, you can order a 12-piece pack of Botan rice candy for $24.00. Depending on its availability

  5. Local Japanese Stores

    If you live in a multicultural city, you can try visiting any local Japanese stores that may sell these candies for a lot cheaper than online stores. Ask them for “dagashi” which means cheap candies. From there, browse through to see if you can find the jackpot – Butan Rice Candy! 

FAQs About Rice Candy

Q: What does Rice Candy Taste Like?
Rice candy tastes citrusy – packed with lemon and orange flavoring inside.

Q: Why is it so expensive?
While the candy is very cheap in Japan, import fees, shipping, and handling will cost you a little extra to bring over to your home country.

Q: Is it gluten-free?
Good news! Botan rice candy is vegan and gluten-free. It has no traces of milk, dairy, soy, or any nuts!

Q: Why is it possible to eat the wrapper?
The wrapper is made from potato starch.

Q: What does Rice Candy wrapper feel like in your mouth?
When you pop the rice candy in your mouth, there is a split-second feeling that there is a hard piece of plastic on your tongue. That feeling doesn’t last for long and the wrapper will momentarily melt away, leaving you with a soft and smooth candy. Part of the fun of the candy is feeling the plastic in your mouth melt!

Q: Are there other brands of the same rice candy?
Seika Foods created the original Bontan Ame. But another brand of the same candy is Tomoe Ame – which has a similar taste, packaging, and fun stickers for kids.

Q: Is it the same as Mochi?
Mochi is a variation of a low-fat rice cake. Although mochi and rice candy have very similar ingredients, they are different yet similar delicacies originating from the same country!

Final Thoughts

Ever wanted to try different candy from across the world but didn’t know what kind? Botan Rice Candy will surely hit the spot!

After you unwrap the cover, you can pop the entire candy – inner wrapper and all in your mouth and make sure to do it with your friends around to shock them!

If you’re ready for a culinary adventure that warps you to the beautiful country of Japan, buy yourself a box of rice candy now and experience what people around the world have been raving about!

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