Best-Smelling Vanilla Candles You Can Buy Online

Best-Smelling Vanilla Candles You Can Buy Online

Vanilla candles are popular because of their authentic vanilla fragrance and soothing tendencies. The scent that emits a burning vanilla candle is reminiscent of baking since vanilla extract is a common baking ingredient.

Many choose to go with vanilla instead of other scents because of its neutral, fresh nature and because it gives you all-around good vibes. The scent of vanilla calms your mind and relieves you from any anxiety and stress.

If you’re on the hunt for the best-smelling vanilla candles you can buy online, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the top seven best-smelling vanilla candles that you can purchase with just one click! Keep reading to discover the delicious options!


Top 7 Best-smelling Vanilla Candles


Bath & Body Works – Vanilla Bean

Bath & Body Works – Vanilla Bean Candle

The fragrance is that of homemade marshmallows, Madagascar vanilla beans, steamed milk, and essential oils.

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Candle emits a creamy, sweet vanilla aroma. It is made with the highest concentration of essential oils in a single fragrance and an exclusive blend of soy-based wax. It’s purely delicious and popular for a reason!


Lulu Candles – Tobacco, Spice, and Vanilla

Lulu Candles – Tobacco, Spice and Vanilla candle

The fragrance is a rich vanilla scent with an aromatic undertone of tobacco and spice. Lulu Candles’ Tobacco, Spice, and Vanilla is made of exceptional quality and has one of the longest burn times in the market. The high reviews and pleased customers speak for themselves. Made with soy wax, this candle is vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. You can grab one (or more) of these scrumptious scented candles on Amazon!


Yankee Candle – Vanilla Cupcake

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake candle

The fragrance of this candle is a rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and buttery icing.

Yankee Candle’s Vanilla Cupcake is a popular choice because of its long-lasting burn time – about 110-150 hours and the quality scent. It is made of paraffin-grade candle wax, which delivers a consistent burn, emitting the most lavish of scents! If you want in on this yummy vanilla cupcake scent, you can find it on Amazon.


Nika’s Home – Vanilla Bean

Nika’s Home – Vanilla Bean candle

The fragrance is that of vanilla bean, with calming essential oils and soft buttery notes.

Nika’s Home’s Vanilla Bean candle is a strongly scented candle that uses high-quality fragrance oils and all-white wax, which eliminates the use of chemical-based dyes. It burns evenly and down to reduce the amount of wasted wax. Presenting itself in a clean and fresh jar, this classic creamy vanilla scent is available to buy on Amazon.


Craft & Kin – Vanilla Bean

Craft & Kin – Vanilla Bean Candle

Craft & Kin’s Vanilla Bean candle has a strong scent (gourmet vanilla bean infused with powerful essential oils), which fills customers’ homes with a powerful sweet aroma. It is made of all-natural soy wax and has an incredible burn time of 45 hours. Available in a frosted jar, it will look and smell like a beautiful addition to your home. It is available on the official Craft & Kin store as well as on Amazon to purchase and enjoy.


Candlove – Vanilla

The fragrance is that of pleasant, classic vanilla, and baked goods.

Candlove’s Vanilla candle is a customer favorite because it’s eco-friendly and has a huge variety of scents to choose from. The vanilla candle is made using 100% soy wax and is sustainable, burning slowly and cleanly. Each wick is made using 100% lead-free cotton to ensure no toxins are emitted into the air. With a powerful, long-lasting scent, this amazing aroma will brighten up your moods and liven up your house. You can find this rich vanilla candle on Amazon.


La Jolie Muse – Vanilla Cake

La Jolie Muse – Vanilla Cake Candle

The rich fragrance is a creamy aroma mingled with vanilla, mimosa, musk, almond, and milk.

La Jolie Muse’s Vanilla Cake candle is a popular choice for enriching your space with sweetness and warmth almost instantly. It can sustain 65,075 hours of burning time, bringing you on a long-lasting sensory journey. It has100% natural wax that is vegan, cruelty- and paraben-free, and even biodegradable! This alluring candle lays inside a delicate, white-tinted glass paired with a rich golden lid, making it a luxurious fit for your home. You can find this blissful indulgence on Amazon.


How to Choose the Best Vanilla-Scented Candle

lit vanilla candles

With a plethora of vanilla-scented candles on the market, it can get tricky to choose the right one for your home. These are the questions you should ask yourself before you make your purchase:


Where do you plan to use the candle?

It’s better to choose subtle scents for kitchen spaces. So, if your vanilla candle comes with musky or floral undertones, it’s better to skip that. If you are buying for a living space, foyer, or bedroom, it’s best to choose a vanilla candle that has a strong, buttery, or creamy undertone that will envelop the room in a rich scent.


How long will the candle last?

When you buy a cheaper candle, it will only last for a few hours. Make sure you are buying a candle that promises to last a long time so you don’t have to frequently replace it.


Are there genuine, satisfied reviews?

Since you are buying online, you won’t be able to smell or test the scent out before purchasing. Check out the reviews to see what other customers are saying. If there are genuine, happy reviews, there is a high chance it will be a hit in your home as well!

You are now ready to find the perfect vanilla-scented candle to invigorate and illuminate your living space!



What does vanilla smell like?

Vanilla has a compelling fragrance that emanates warmth as no other scent can. The smell emits sugary sweetness alongside a gentle heat that reveals unparalleled deliciousness; this versatility extends much beyond just being syrupy or having nutty hints. In addition, texture-wise, it is incredible: velvety smoothness adds depth to this delight which immediately brings baked delights to mind.


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