How to Make S’mores in the Oven with Foil

S’mores are a classic treat, evoking memories of campfires and starry nights. However, you don’t need a bonfire to enjoy this gooey delight. Making s’mores in the oven is a quick, simple way to recreate the magic of this indulgent snack from the comfort of your kitchen. All it takes is a few basic ingredients and some aluminum foil to bring the essence of outdoor fun indoors.

Gather your graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate – these are the building blocks of your s’mores. The oven method allows you to make a larger batch, which is perfect for when you’re entertaining guests or want to indulge in a bit more than just one. By using foil, you can ensure that your s’mores come out perfectly melted and warm, with minimal cleanup involved.

The secret to perfect oven-baked s’mores is in the layering and timing. You’ll start by preheating your oven and preparing your foil-covered tray. The process is simple, and the result is irresistibly delicious s’mores that have that classic toasted flavor without the need for an open flame. Get ready to enjoy this all-time favorite treat any time of year, rain or shine!

Gathering the Ingredients

To make delightful s’mores in the oven, the quality of your ingredients is essential. You’ll want to select the best chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for a treat that’s sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Choosing the Right Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: For a less sweet, richer flavor, opt for dark chocolate bars. They melt beautifully and complement the sweetness of the marshmallows.

Milk Chocolate: A classic choice for s’mores, milk chocolate provides a creamy, smooth taste. Hershey’s chocolate bars are a popular option, but any brand of chocolate bars will do.

Chocolate Chips: Need a quick alternative? Chocolate chips can also do the trick. While they’re smaller and melt faster, they can still give you that rich chocolatey layer.

Peanut Butter Cups and White Chocolate: Want to spice things up? Try using peanut butter cups or white chocolate for a fun twist on the traditional s’more.

Selecting Your Marshmallows

Large Marshmallows: Choose large marshmallows for that gooey center. They’ll puff up nicely under the heat and create the perfect melt.

Flavored Marshmallows: If you’re in the mood for an adventure, flavored marshmallows can add a unique touch to your s’mores; just ensure they pair well with your chosen chocolate.

Picking the Perfect Graham Crackers

Graham Cracker Squares: Seek out graham cracker squares that are sturdy enough to hold your s’mores together without overwhelming the other flavors. They should be crisp and fresh, ready to provide the ideal crunch with every bite.

Preparing to Make S’mores in the Oven

In this section, you’ll learn how to set up your oven properly and prepare your s’mores for baking or broiling. We’ll also suggest some delicious variations and substitutions for your classic s’more recipe.

Setting Up the Oven

Begin by preheating your oven. If you’re baking, set it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For broiling s’mores, turn on the broiler setting. While the oven heats, arrange your oven rack: place it in the middle position for baking or closer to the top for broiling.

Next, prepare your baking pan or sheet pan. Line it with aluminum foil or parchment paper for easy clean-up. The foil also makes it possible to create foil packets if you prefer a more contained baking method.

Assembling Your S’mores

  • Lay out 6 squares of aluminum foil (large enough to wrap your s’mores individually) on your baking sheet.
  • For each s’more, place half of a graham cracker on the foil.
  • Add a piece of chocolate; you might like to try Nutella for a twist.
  • Top with a marshmallow, then cover with the other graham cracker half.

You can opt to bake your s’mores as open-faced treats, adding the top graham cracker after baking, to allow the marshmallow to get golden brown.

Variations and Substitutions

While the classic s’more is hard to beat, feel free to get creative:

  • Chocolate: Substitute milk chocolate with dark chocolate, white chocolate, or a dollop of Nutella.
  • Marshmallows: Try different flavors or sizes, but ensure they’re oven-safe.
  • Graham Crackers: Experiment with different types or flavors for a unique twist.
  • Add-ins: Sprinkle in some sliced almonds or drizzle caramel sauce before adding the top graham cracker.

Remember to cook your s’mores until they’re oozing with melted goodness, which could be just a few minutes under the broiler, or around 5-8 minutes if baking. Keep your eye on them to avoid burnt marshmallows or chocolate. Enjoy your easy oven s’mores, a delicious treat any time of the year!

Baking Your S’mores to Perfection

When making s’mores in the oven, the key to achieving that iconic gooey marshmallow and golden brown deliciousness is in how you bake them. Use foil to avoid mess, and get ready for a delightful dessert experience right at home.

Using the Broiler for Gooey Marshmallows

To get your marshmallows perfectly gooey, preheat your oven’s broiler. While waiting, construct your s’mores by placing half of your graham crackers on a sheet of foil on a baking sheet. Top each with a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow.


  1. Preheat the broiler on high.
  2. Assemble s’mores on the foil-lined baking sheet.
  3. Place the baking sheet in the oven.

Position the baking sheet on the top rack so that the marshmallows are about 6 inches from the heat source. Keep the oven door slightly ajar and don’t walk away; this part is quick!

Monitor for Golden Brown Deliciousness

Watch closely as the marshmallows start to puff and turn golden brown. This usually takes about 1 to 2 minutes, but can vary depending on your broiler.

Keep in mind:

  • Timing is crucial; watch for that golden hue.
  • Rotate the baking sheet if necessary for even browning.
  • Remove the s’mores once the marshmallows are done to your liking.

Once the marshmallows are golden, remove the baking sheet, place the remaining graham cracker pieces on top, and gently press down. The result? A delicious batch of s’mores perfect for movie night or a special treat.

After Baking

Once you remove your s’mores from the oven, it’s time to both savor the dessert and think about cleanup. Here’s how to serve your s’mores and tidy up efficiently.

Serving Your Delicious Dessert

After baking, let the s’mores rest for a minute or two, as this will make them easier to handle and less likely to fall apart. Serve them on a platter or individual plates. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Plating:
    1. Use oven mitts to remove the baking sheet from the oven.
    2. Allow to cool for 1-2 minutes.
    3. Use a spatula to transfer the s’mores to a serving dish.
  • Enjoying:
    • Feel the warmth from the melted marshmallow and chocolate.
    • Bite into the gooey, crispy dessert that transforms a typical cookout into a memorable culinary camping trip moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making s’mores in the oven is a delightful alternative when you can’t have a campfire, and with these tips, you’ll enjoy this classic treat right from your kitchen.

What’s the best way to make a s’mores dip in the oven?

For the ultimate s’mores dip, layer chocolate chips and marshmallows in an oven-safe skillet, bake at 450°F until perfectly golden, and serve warm with graham cracker dippers.

Can I prepare foil packets for s’mores without a campfire?

Absolutely! Assemble your s’mores ingredients in foil packets and bake at 300°F for 3-5 minutes or until the chocolate melts and marshmallows soften.

What are some creative s’mores ideas perfect for indoor camping?

Try adding different chocolates, like peanut butter cups or flavored chocolate bars, and various toppings like sliced strawberries, bananas, or caramel sauce for a personalized treat.

Is it possible to toast marshmallows in the oven for s’mores?

Indeed! Place marshmallows on a baking sheet and broil for 30 seconds to a minute, watching closely to avoid burning, for that perfect golden toast.

How can I use the sun to make s’mores if I don’t have a traditional heat source?

With a sunny day and a homemade solar oven using a pizza box lined with foil, you can concentrate sun rays to slowly melt your s’mores to perfection.

Can you suggest some campfire dessert recipes that can be made using foil?

Try wrapping bananas with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in foil and baking, or create your own fruit cobbler packets for a delicious twist on outdoor-inspired desserts.

Written by Laurie Graves

Laurie is a 50-something wife and boy mom, who loves to share easy recipes, DIY home ideas, and food hacks. She truly believes that with a little inspiration, anyone can make their home and meals feel special.