How to Make Tea Taste Better without Sugar

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There are so many reasons to choose a sugar-free or low-sugar lifestyle, but sometimes it can leave you feeling left out. Learn how to make delicious tea you can still enjoy even without the sugar!

Sometimes leaving sugar in the dust can feel like a challenge, especially when you think of your favorite beverages. Suddenly your favorite tea may seem a little bland. There is no need to despair because there are plenty of great ways to make tea taste better without sugar! You can still enjoy a delicious and relaxing cup of tea without the downsides of sugar thanks to these helpful tips!


Common Types of Tea

Many people across the globe turn to this beverage for a refreshing respite, but what are they all drinking? Let’s explore the most basic types of tea.



Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves have not oxidized so they are still green in appearance. These teas tend to be earthy and leafy in flavor and have a moderate level of caffeine.



Black tea is also made of leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but from leaves that have oxidized. The leaves are dark in appearance and the flavor of these teas tends to be robust and malty. Black teas generally have the highest caffeine content among teas.



These teas are sometimes called infusions because they are not technically tea. Herbal teas blend spices, flowers, and herbs from a wide range of plants to craft interesting and flavorful brews. Herbal teas do not contain caffeine.


How to Brew Tea

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Every tea maker has specific instructions for brewing their specific teas, but here are a few hints to help you brew the perfect cup:

  • Green tea steeps at about 177°F for about 3 minutes.
  • Black tea steeps at about 212°F for about 5 minutes.
  • Herbal tea steeps at about 212°F for about 5 minutes.


How to Make Tea Taste Better Without Sugar

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Sweeten the Deal!

Don’t worry, we are not talking sugar, but you can still get some sweetness even without it! There are lots of sugar-free sweeteners available to choose from. Some common ones include Splenda, Stevia, and Equal. Each of these sweeteners has its own unique flavor and characteristic, so you may have to try a few to find the right one for your palette.


Sprinkle in the Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is an awesomely versatile spice. It adds warmth to everything it touches and its flavor has so much depth. When you’re phasing out sugar sometimes you have to seek out other flavors and cinnamon is a great choice!

After steeping your tea, sprinkle some powdered cinnamon on top of your cup and stir. If you want to amp up the cinnamon flavor, try stirring your tea with a full cinnamon stick. The best thing about this tip is the wonderful aroma you will get from your lightly spiced tea.


Freshen up with Fruit!

If you’re enjoying an iced tea you can toss in some fresh fruit. Fresh fruit in iced tea is fresh and exciting and with so many fruit choices you can make it your own. Muddle some fresh berries in your glass or throw in some slices of fresh peach.


Milk it!

Take a hint from the Brits and try adding some milk to your tea. Milk can bring a wonderful smoothness to your tea that sugar could never deliver. This dreamy addition is perfect for bold teas like black teas.


Hankering for Honey!

Honey is a great alternative to sugar. It has earthy and floral notes that make it great for teas.


Go Dairy-Free!

Zero sugar, zero dairy, zero guilt! Try out alternative milk with your next cup of tea. Just like adding cow’s milk, this trick works best with bold, robust black teas. There are so many awesome types of alternative milk available that there is bound to be one to suit your tastes. Be sure to read the label and look out for added sugars in the alternative milk, though.


Squeeze in Citrus!

Tea and citrus were made for each other. The zesty and bright flavors of citrus fruit bring out wonderful notes from teas hot and cold alike. Add fresh slices of citrus to your cup or squeeze a little juice in. No matter how you get it in there, citrus is a great way to make tea taste better without sugar!



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Does all types of tea contain caffeine?

No, black and green teas are caffeinated in varying degrees, but herbal teas have no caffeine.


Final Thoughts

There is no reason living a sugar-free life should be a punishment. These tips are here to remind you that there is life after sugar, and it even includes tea! Once you learn these tricks you can get back to your favorite brew without the sugar! Get creative and combine tips to truly make this your own and enjoy drinking a sugar-free tea that tastes better than the alternative!


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