How To Keep A Stainless Steel Sink Clean

Stainless steel sinks are popular for their durability, low maintenance and affordability. Much of the beauty of a stainless steel sink lies in its appearance and long-lasting durability. If you don't clean it properly, your sink may become dull and prone to scratches.

1. Thoroughly Rinse The Sink

Use the spray attached to the faucet to ensure all corners are rinsed. If that’s not possible, fill a cup with water and use it to rinse all four sides of the sink.

2. Use A Sponge And Dish Soap

Use an anti-scratch sponge and regular dish soap to thoroughly rub the entire surface. You may need extra force to remove stuck-on bits of food. Finally, end with a good rinsing.

3. Dry The Stainless Steel Sink

Microfiber cloths absorb water quickly and are lint-free, leading to a smooth and shiny finish.