What to Do With Extra Bricks

There are so many ways to use extra bricks. Extra bricks can provide a creative and cohesive look to your garden, offering a variety of functional and beautiful additions.

Creating Raised Beds and Planters

You can stack your bricks to form the walls of a raised garden bed or planter. This is an excellent way to grow your vegetables and herbs, as raised beds help with drainage and deter pests. By varying the brick pattern, you can add a personalized touch to your garden design.

Making Garden Paths and Walkways

Take a stroll along a garden path you craft from those spare bricks. Lay them flat, staggering for stability, to create inviting garden paths that lead you through your own landscape. They’re perfect for high-traffic areas, helping to navigate and define different sections of your garden.

Edging and Borders for a Tidy Look

Brick edging gives your garden a tidy, organized appearance. Use bricks as a border for your flower beds or planters to create clear divisions in your space. Not only do they look great, but they also protect against grass and weeds encroaching on your bountiful beds.

Constructing a Herb Spiral or Garden Bench

Get creative and construct a herb spiral, providing an attractive and practical feature for growing a variety of herbs in a small space. Alternatively, stack and bond bricks to form a sturdy garden bench, creating a quiet spot to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

DIY Outdoor Projects with Leftover Bricks

Transform your backyard with creative projects using those extra bricks you’ve got lying around. From cozy fire pits to charming bird baths, your outdoor space is about to get a delightful facelift.

Building Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

For a warm gathering spot, lay out a circular or square fire pit foundation using your bricks. Ensure stability by staggering the bricks and securing them with mortar if necessary. A brick fireplace can become a statement piece on your patio; just remember to incorporate a proper ventilating system.

Furnishing with Functional Seating Areas

Create a garden bench by stacking bricks for the legs and placing a flat stone or a sturdy piece of wood for the seat. Customize seating areas throughout your garden or around the fire pit by forming low walls of bricks, which can double as perimeters for your cozy corners.

Creating Water Features and Bird Baths

Assemble a simple birdbath with bricks by stacking them to your desired height and topping them with a large shallow bowl. For those feeling adventurous, a brick waterfall can be constructed by creating a tiered structure for water to cascade down, adding an enchanting auditory element to your outdoor oasis.

Decorative Uses for Old Bricks

Transform your extra bricks into beautiful decorations to enhance the charm of your outdoor space. Engage in creative activities that turn ordinary red bricks into stunning, functional art pieces.

Crafting Colorful Yard Art

Grab your favorite colors of paint and a bit of lace to create a mosaic of colorful yard art. You can arrange your painted bricks to form a garden pathway that catches the eye or stack them to make a vibrant feature that is both whimsical and welcoming for summer gatherings.

Stenciling and Painting for Unique Style

Using stencils, fashion your old bricks into individual works of art with intricate designs and styles. Painted with care, these bricks can serve as bold bookends with personality or be displayed as unique address markers that make your home stand out.

Designing Candle Holders and Garden Markers

Candle holders: Drill a hole in the brick, suitable for either tealights or larger candles, and paint the brick for a rustic yet natural glow to your evenings.

Garden markers: Hand-paint each brick with vibrant colors to mark different herbs and plants in your garden. Use stencils to neatly label each brick, creating a practical and decorative display in your garden beds.

Indoor Applications for Extra Bricks

Bricks offer a sturdy and stylish option for DIY enthusiasts looking to enhance their indoor space. Explore how to repurpose these versatile materials for furniture, shelving, and charming decor.

Constructing Furniture and Shelves

When you think about it, your extra bricks are the perfect building blocks for creating unique furniture. Assemble a rustic coffee table by laying bricks in a rectangular formation and topping them off with a piece of reclaimed wood. You can adjust the size based on your living room needs. For a touch of industrious charm, stack bricks to craft a set of bookshelves that will surely impress with their solid build and raw appeal.

Brick Bookends and Interior Decor

Let your imagination run wild, turning bricks into statement pieces for your shelves and bookcases. With a lick of paint, those bricks become stylish bookends in a color that complements your room. Alternatively, integrate bricks as a candle holder centerpiece on your dining table, giving a candle’s soft glow a grounded, earthy backdrop. Add a touch of cozy and practical style to your abode by incorporating multi-colored bricks into a whimsical indoor brick path, leading visitors’ eyes through your space.

Ecological and Community Projects

Your extra bricks can play a pivotal role in local ecological and community-driven initiatives. Let’s explore how recycled bricks can contribute to more sustainable living and foster a sense of community through two hands-on projects.

Building a Community Greenhouse

By playing a part in building a community greenhouse, you’re contributing to local food production and promoting environmental stewardship. Recycled bricks are excellent for constructing the foundation or pathways within the greenhouse. Not only do they add rustic charm, they also ensure that materials are reused, minimizing environmental impact. Gather your community, draft a plan, and start laying bricks to support a place where vegetables and flowers can thrive year-round.

Contributing to Public Space Projects

Public spaces flourish when the community takes creative control. Recycled bricks can be utilized in an array of public projects, such as garden markers or raised planters. Boldly outline an Amazon-sponsored community garden or spell out the names of locally grown herbs and flowers with bricks to guide visitors. Your old bricks gain new life while enhancing the soil and beauty of shared spaces. Think of the colorful blooms that can emerge from a well-constructed planter—you’re not just reusing materials, you’re crafting a legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries about upcycling extra bricks, offering practical, creative, and environmentally friendly solutions for your surplus materials.

How can I repurpose old bricks in my garden?

You can give your garden a charming rustic touch by using old bricks for paving pathways, constructing raised beds, or edging flower beds. Bricks serve as excellent stepping stones while also controlling soil erosion in your outdoor sanctuary.

What are some creative DIY projects using bricks?

Transform those spare bricks into bookshelves, grill stations, or candle holders to add a unique flair to your living space. By stacking bricks with or without mortar, you can create durable, functional art that showcases your creativity.

Where can I donate unused bricks?

Local community gardens, schools, or building projects often welcome the donation of unused bricks. Reach out to Habitat for Humanity or inquire with construction nonprofits to ensure your bricks aid in community development.

Can bricks be used for indoor decor, and if so, how?

Yes, bricks can enhance your indoor environment by serving as an accent wall, a chic doorstop, or an industrial-style bookend. Their texture and warm tones can introduce an element of urban design to your home’s interior.

What are some eco-friendly ways to dispose of bricks?

Consider repurposing your bricks in home projects or offering them to others for their DIY endeavors. If repurposing isn’t an option, look for local recycling centers that accept construction materials to ensure a responsible end-of-life for your bricks.

Are there any unique crafting ideas involving bricks?

Create a quirky garden creature by painting bricks, or add a personalized touch to your doorstep with a brick engraved with your house number. These small projects can turn ordinary bricks into conversation pieces and showcase your inventive spirit.

Written by Laurie Graves

Laurie is a 50-something wife and boy mom, who loves to share easy recipes, DIY home ideas, and food hacks. She truly believes that with a little inspiration, anyone can make their home and meals feel special.