What to Do with Extra Wallpaper: Creative Uses and DIY Projects

Transform your leftover wallpaper into stunning home decor with a touch of creativity. These ideas are perfect for personalizing your space and upcycling those beautiful scraps.

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Creative Use of Leftover Wallpaper


Wallpaper Art and Collage Creations

Create your own wall art by framing wallpaper scraps to make a dynamic gallery wall. For a more eclectic mix, cut pieces into various shapes and make a collage. Use different size picture frames to add dimension and interest to your display. A simple photo mat can be elevated with a patterned wallpaper border, giving your pictures a unique backdrop.

Custom Home Accents

Give your rooms a new lease of life by using wallpaper to decorate an accent wall or to add flair to the back of a door. Stair risers can become a conversation starter when adorned with eye-catching wallpaper patterns. Apply small wallpaper samples to drawer linings for an unexpected pop of color. Crafting a signature lampshade is achievable with some wallpaper and craft glue.

DIY Coasters and Table Decor

Fashion coasters out of leftover wallpaper scraps to complement your coffee table or side table. Seal them with Mod Podge to make them water-resistant and durable. For a coordinated look, create placemats that match or contrast with your coasters. These simple touches can bring your personal style to every corner of your home.

Upcycling Furniture with Wallpaper

Transform your furniture pieces into eye-catching statements with leftover wallpaper. Not only will you create a custom look, but you’ll give a fresh vibe to your space with these upcycle projects.

Dresser and Drawer Transformation

Begin by measuring your dresser or drawer fronts to cut the wallpaper accurately. For an eclectic touch, mix patterns or use different wallpapers for each drawer. Apply a coat of paint to the sides and edges for a finished look, and to compliment your chosen wallpaper.

Refreshing Shelves and Cabinets

For an instant uplift, line the back of your shelves or cabinet interiors with wallpaper. Choose a pattern scale that complements the size of your furniture. Use a smoothing tool to ensure a bubble-free finish. Don’t forget to add a clear varnish for durability and a professional appearance.

Adorning Tables and Desks

Give a new lease on life to your side table, coffee table, or desk with a wallpaper top. Align your pattern carefully and trim any excess. Seal it with a glass or plexiglass top for a sturdy and spill-proof surface. This method transforms your table into not only a piece of furniture but a conversation-starting decoration.

Wallpaper for Organizational Aids

Utilizing extra wallpaper can transform ordinary organization tools into unique, stylish additions to your home or office. Through crafting and simple DIY techniques, those leftover pieces will find new life in both functionality and aesthetics.

Enhancing Storage Boxes

Jazz up plain cardboard or wooden storage boxes by covering them with wallpaper remnants. For a cohesive look, measure the surface area of your box and cut the wallpaper to size using an x-acto knife. Apply craft glue to the outside of the box and smooth the wallpaper onto each side, pressing firmly to remove any air bubbles. Revive damaged boxes into eye-catching pieces that resist moisture and wear.

Decorating Binders and Book Covers

Turn binders and books into statement pieces by wrapping them in chic wallpaper. Create a decal-like appearance by cutting the wallpaper to fit the front cover, spine, and back cover. An adhesive, specifically suited for paper products, should be used to affix the wallpaper securely, granting a new, durable cover that shouts personality. Bonus: This technique also serves as an excellent way to make textbooks and notebooks easily identifiable.

Beautifying Household Items

Give mundane items like light switch plates or frame backings a pop of pattern with leftover wallpaper scraps. Cut the wallpaper to the exact size of the switch plate, use craft glue to adhere it, and carefully trim any excess with an x-acto knife for a precise fit. For frames, replace boring cardboard backings with a snippet of wallpaper, turning your frame into a decorative piece even when it’s not in use. Repurpose your spare wallpaper into stylish elements that brighten up the room.

Wallpaper as Wrapping and Packaging

Have you ever finished wallpapering a room and found yourself with extra scraps? Turn those overlooked pieces into something special by using them for wrapping and packaging.

Creative Gift Wrapping

Your leftover wallpaper can be the perfect material for wrapping presents. It’s stronger than ordinary gift wrap, giving your gifts a unique and high-quality feel. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Measure the wallpaper around your gift for the perfect fit.
  • Cut using a straight edge for clean lines.
  • Fold the edges for a crisp look.
  • Secure with double-sided tape for a seamless finish.

Add a personal touch to each gift by choosing wallpaper designs that match the recipient’s style or the occasion. Your presents will stand out, likely garnering attention on Instagram for their creative and eco-friendly wrapping.

Making Unique Gift Tags and Cards

Transform scraps of wallpaper into stylish tags and cards to complement your wonderfully wrapped gifts. These small details can make a big impact. Follow these steps:

  1. Cut scraps into tag shapes or card sizes.
  2. Punch a hole at the top of a tag and thread with ribbon.
  3. Decorate both tags and cards with additional embellishments, like stickers or drawings.

By repurposing wallpaper into tags and cards, not only are you upcycling efficiently, but you’re also giving your gifts a personal and artisanal decoration that recipients are sure to cherish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover creative ways to bring new life to your extra wallpaper through these insightful tips and ideas.

How can I repurpose leftover wallpaper into home decor?

Transform your extra wallpaper into a stunning backdrop for shelves or line your drawers for a surprise pop of pattern when you open them. Consider covering small furniture pieces like bookends or lampshades to give them a chic, coordinated look.

Is it possible to create art or craft projects with unused wallpaper?

Yes, you can craft unique greeting cards, create framed wall art, or even fashion a personalized journal cover. Wallpaper’s variety in design offers an endless palette for scrapbooking and decoupage endeavors too.

What are some creative ways to use old wallpaper in DIY projects?

Upcycle wallpaper scraps by decoupaging them onto coasters or using them to revamp tired picture frames. You could also make wallpaper flowers or simply cover cans to create stylish, eclectic pencil holders.

Can extra wallpaper borders be transformed into something useful or decorative?

Turn those wallpaper borders into creative bookmarks or use them as festive banner flags for your next party. They’re also perfect for accenting the edging on plain window shades or creating a frame around a mirror.

What are the best methods to upcycle wallpaper books creatively?

Wallpaper books can be dismantled to wallpaper the insides of bookshelves or closets, giving unexpected bursts of color and texture. Or use the large samples to wrap gifts, delivering that bespoke touch to your present giving.

How can I use wallpaper remnants for storage or organization purposes?

Wallpaper remnants make stylish labels for storage boxes and can refresh old containers, making functional items suddenly double as decorative pieces. You can even cut them into drawer dividers that are not only practical but also brighten up your space.

Written by Laurie Graves

Laurie is a 50-something wife and boy mom, who loves to share easy recipes, DIY home ideas, and food hacks. She truly believes that with a little inspiration, anyone can make their home and meals feel special.