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  • A group of women toasting with tequila shots.

    5 Tequila Options for Your Party

    Used to be the word “tequila” was code for hard partying. When someone told a story, as soon as they said, “doing tequila shots,” you knew the main character was about to do something crazy. If you were planning a frat party, you knew you’d need lots of it. If, on the other hand, you […] More

  • A table filled with the various types of nuts.

    20 Nut Options for Plant-Based Protein

    Looking for a new source of protein and nutrients? One that’s healthier than meat? Look no further than nuts. Nuts are rich in protein, healthy oils, vitamins and fiber. They’re filling. And they have a substantive texture that makes them a viable substitute for meat in dishes like soups, stews, stir fry and more. The […] More

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    How to make a Vegan Calzone (Easy)

    Just utter the word pizza and you’re sure to get some heads to turn. Everyone has a favorite topping and a preference regarding the way it is prepared. Like pizza, calzones get the same response. After all, you are using the same ingredients: crust, cheese, sauce, and if desired toppings (or hidden treasures in the […] More

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    What are the Different Types of Pickles?

    When you think of a pickle, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer is probably going to be cucumber dill pickles. They are the most popular pickle, after all. Some people even love to drink the juice straight out of the jar. But you can pickle just about anything. Have you ever had […] More

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    24 Different Types of Carrots (HINT: they’re not just orange)

    Carrots, in general, are a vitamin-rich vegetable. They are full of fiber and carotene. A little known fact is that the carrot is actually a member of the parsley family. As with most vegetables, carrots should be planted during its proper season. In Northern regions, they are typically planted in the spring and in late […] More

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    13 Different Types of Yogurt to Satiate Your Creamy Yogurt Cravings

    These days, if you go to the yogurt section of the supermarket, you may be overwhelmed by all of the flavors and varieties that are on the shelves. For those that grew up with fruit-filled yogurt cups, it can seem like there are too many different options today. Fortunately, yogurt is not a complicated topic, […] More

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    25 Different Types of Dates (Yeah, that many)

    Dates are known to be one of the oldest cultivated fruits back to the ancient land that is now modern day Iraq of at least 8,000 years ago. This would mean that dates have been a source of nutrition and served as a staple food for longer than most plants. This is a testament to […] More

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    38 Different Types of Melons (That Many?)

    There are a lot of different types of melons around the world, each with its own origins, uses and appearance. The Yubari King and Densuke Watermelon are among the most expensive fruits in the melon family. These fruits are more expensive due to the demand for their insanely sweet taste, and the fact that they […] More

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    What are the different types of Basil?

    Nowadays, Just about everyone knows what a Basil is. Some people immediately think of a Basil leaf when they hear the word “herb”. So basically, the Basil is like the face or front-runner of the herb community. I say it deserves the title with it being around a very long time, as early as 807 […] More

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    30 Types of French Fries for the Fry Aficionado

    Nowadays, people can eat French fries for just about any meal of the day. It’s a nice garnish, side dish and even a main dish at times. People love it so much that according to National Geographic, an average American eats approximately 30 pounds of French fries in just a year. That’s the weight of […] More

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    22 of the Biggest Sit-Down Restaurants in the USA

    The United States has a massive selection of cuisines of all types, tastes, looks, and styles. Almost every state is different, and this has resulted in some huge restaurant businesses across America. Restaurant chains often have a similar menu and décor and tend to be in popular areas. The idea of chain restaurant across a […] More

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