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    18 of the Best Online Grocery Stores

    Online grocery stores may soon outpace traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.  According to a recent survey conducted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Nielsen, 49 percent of US consumers had purchased consumer packaged goods online in the past three months, with 61 percent millennials, and 55 percent Gen Xers. The numbers have doubled in just a […] More

  • A bowl of freshly-cooked red beans and rice with sausage slices.

    How to Make Red Beans and Rice

    Beans and rice are a common, healthy combination served throughout the world.  Red beans and rice, however, was made popular in New Orleans and throughout southern Louisiana.  I’m not from Louisiana, but I’ve lived here for several years — long enough to incorporate local recipes into my day-to-day cooking. I’ve made red beans and rice […] More

  • Three varieties of colorful bananas on a dark surface.

    What are the Different Banana Options?

    There is a lot you may not know about fruit as simple as a banana. For instance, did you know that a banana is technically classified as a berry? You might be familiar with the standard yellow banana found in American grocery stores, but there are actually many more bananas than you might be familiar […] More

  • Freshly-made chocolate eclairs with a side of berries.

    How to Make Chocolate Eclair Cake

    First, let me be honest. This Chocolate Éclair Cake is not actually a cake. You do not bake it. You do devour it once it sets though. Think of it as a variation of tiramisu, the popular Italian dessert. Instead of ladyfingers, this dessert uses graham crackers. The pudding, cream, and chocolate topping layer, it […] More

  • Bundles of fresh coconuts up at the tree.

    What are the Different Coconut Options?

    Coconuts remind me of a memorable scene from the 2000 film Castaway, in which Tom Hanks plays a FedEx employee who miraculously survives a plane crash in the South Pacific, but ends up stranded on a deserted island.  He manages to salvage some of the plane’s cargo.  At one point not long after he’s arrived on the […] More

  • A wooden bowl of sugar along with sugar cubes.

    How To Keep Sugar Fresh

    You’ve found a brand new cookie recipe that you want to try, and you just happen to have all the ingredients on hand. You gather everything and get ready to start baking. You can already taste those cookies, and you know they’re going to be the best thing you’ve ever made. You go to fill […] More

  • Various different eggs placed on a rustic nest basket.

    What are the Different Egg Options?

    Are you still eating chicken eggs with bacon and toast for breakfast? How boring. Don’t be offended though; most people in developed countries have been taught from childhood eggs are synonymous with chicken eggs, being the type they see the most of in the grocery store. However, in reality, there are almost two handfuls of […] More

  • A batch of freshly-baked vegan peanut butter and banana cookies.

    How to Make Vegan Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies

    If you happen to have picky eaters in your household, you know that trying to get them to eat something healthy can be a real struggle.  You are probably constantly in search of creative ways to disguise fruit and vegetables or “dress them up” to get your kids to eat them. Years ago, I discovered […] More

  • A plate of chicken salad with slices of apples and garnished with lettuce.

    How to Make Chicken Salad

    Are you tired of old-fashioned chicken salad with little flavor? Chicken salad does not have to consist of tired tastes and textures. This chicken salad recipe gives you a fresh take on a classic and uses healthy ingredients that make this dish nutritious and tasty. The best news? This recipe takes less than an hour […] More

  • Four varieties of pasta dish on a dark wooden table garnished with fresh ingredients.

    What are the Different Pasta Sauce Options?

    Pasta is a staple of Italian cuisine, and it is certainly popular throughout the world of food. Just as there are hundreds of types of pasta, there are also hundreds of types of pasta sauce. If you aren’t familiar with the many pasta sauces, you are not alone. While pasta is a delightful dish, most […] More

  • A freshly-made 7-up pound cake with drip frosting.

    How to Make 7-Up Pound Cake

    Pound cake originated in Northern Europe in the early 1700s. It derived its name from the fact that the cake’s ingredients were measured out to one pound each. There were no other leaveners except for the air that was whipped into the batter. These cakes were deliciously dense and bountifully large. People now use baking […] More

  • Balls of dough covered with flour ready to be baked.

    What are the Different Dough Options?

    Bread is a staple of many different cuisines. Sweet memories of making cookies with grandma and memories of pizza for dinner after the big game are common. It all boils down to two simple ingredients: flour and water. In fact, the dough has a rich history. Nobody actually knows when the dough was first created, […] More

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