How to Make Microwave Popcorn Without a Microwave

Microwave Popcorn Made Without a Microwave

What is better than popping a bag of popcorn into the microwave and getting a piping-hot bowl of fluffy goodness to enjoy a few minutes later? But what if you don’t have a microwave? Can you still make delicious microwave popcorn without one? The answer is yes! If you are wondering how to make microwave popcorn without a microwave…read ahead and find out!


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What is microwave popcorn?

Microwave popcorn is popcorn kernels that have been treated so that they will pop when exposed to microwaves. The kernels are coated with a substance that heats up and causes the kernels to explode. This coating is usually made of fat, salt, and flavorings. The coated kernels are then packaged in a bag that allows microwaves to pass through and pop the kernels.

The first microwave popcorn was developed in the early 1970s by Dr. Percy Spencer, who also invented the microwave oven. At the time, Spencer was working for Raytheon, and he discovered that microwaves could pop popcorn when he noticed that the kernels in his pocket started popping while he was testing a new microwave oven.


Can you make microwave popcorn without a microwave?

Microwave popcorn is called so because you can easily make them in a microwave. They come in a bag, and you have to place the bag in the microwave, and that’s all. Although microwave popcorns are super convenient and come in several flavors, some people don’t approve. They might think it’s unhealthy, don’t own a microwave, or like to stick to the traditional popcorn-making method. So, no matter what the reason is to avoid making microwave popcorn in the microwave, the good news is you can make it without using the microwave.


How to cook microwave popcorn without a microwave?

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn, Homestyle Butter Flavor

Never fear if you find yourself without a trusty microwave but still craving some delicious popped corn! You can use several methods to cook your bag of microwave popcorn without using a microwave.

  • Popcorn machine: Cooking microwave popcorn in a popcorn machine is quite easy. All you need is a bag of microwave popcorn and your popcorn machine. Simply open the bag and place the popcorn kernels from the bag into the machine and cook according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Stovetop: Another option is to stovetop pop your corn using a heavy-bottomed pan; simply heat some oil and add your kernels. Cover the pan with a lid and wait for the popping to begin! Once your corn has finished popping, remove it from the heat and season it as desired.
  • Toaster Oven: You can also use an oven to roast your corn kernels; simply spread them out on a baking sheet and roast them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until they start popping. Once they have finished popping, remove them from the oven and season them as desired. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy delicious popped corn without having to use a microwave!
  • Open Fire: Open Fire is comforting during winter nights. And you can enjoy the time with your loved ones by nibbling on fresh popcorn and s’mores. All you need is a heavy bottom pan with a lid.
  • Grill: This method is very simple and only takes a few minutes. If you are having outdoor lunch or dinner, place the pot on the grill and make quick popcorn for kids to enjoy while you cook lunch.


Tips for cooking microwave popcorn without a microwave

There are some tips and tricks to make the perfect batch of popcorn. With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious and healthy snack that is perfect for any occasion.

  • Use good quality popcorn. There are various types of popcorn brands available on the market, and you can choose any brand you like.
  • Add enough oil to coat the bottom of the pot where you’re popping the corn. Adding too much oil will make your popcorn greasy. Too little oil, however, will result in dry and flavorless popcorn.
  • If you use a Dutch oven or cast iron to make the popcorn, reduce heat while adding kernels. Cast iron may hold a lot of heat, so you could easily burn the popcorn by keeping it at high heat.
  • When the popcorn is ready, carefully transfer it to the serving bowls as it will be hot.
  • Making popcorn is fun; you can create many amazing flavor combinations. So, use plain microwave popcorn and add paprika, salt, or garlic powder. To create sweet popcorn, drizzle caramel or chocolate sauce and enjoy!


How to make microwave popcorn without a microwave

Microwave popcorn made without a microwave

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time:  15 minutes
  • Total time: 20 minutes
  • Servings: 6


  • 1 pack microwave popcorn
  • 2 tbsps. coconut oil


  1. Drizzle coconut oil in a large pot over medium heat, add 3 kernels, and cover with a lid.
  2. When the kernels inside the pot start to pop, add the packet of microwave kernels and cover with a lid.
  3. Reduce temperature to low and shake the pot gently for a few seconds at intervals.
  4. Take the lid off for a second to let the steam escape.
  5. Continue to shake the pot until you start hearing the popping sound. Let the pot sit on low heat.
  6. Once all the kernels have popped, take the pot off the heat and take the popcorn out in a serving bowl.


  • You don’t need to add more seasonings if you use flavored popcorn.
  • If you are using plain popcorn, you can add seasonings and flavor the popcorn according to your liking.


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