How to Make Pea Protein Taste Better

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Pea protein is an awesome nutrient booster, but how do you make it taste better!? Worry not! This guide is here to lead you toward some delicious applications for pea protein! Keep reading to learn how to make pea protein taste better.


What is Pea Protein?

Pea protein is a plant-based supplement derived from peas. Yellow and green split peas have their proteins extracted and dried into a colorful powder. This powder is used as a dietary supplement.

Pea protein tends to have a color between yellow and green and a grassy and chalky flavor. It is used as an energizing protein boost that can help athletes rebuild muscles and non-athletes stay focused and energized.


How Much Pea Protein to Use

The most common way to use pea protein is in a drink. A typical advised serving of pea protein is about 45 grams. You can consume this serving up to twice a day.


How to Make Pea Protein Taste Better

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Pea protein can help you reach your nutrition goals, but it does not bring much good flavor to the table. Try giving pea protein a makeover with these helpful ideas.


Smooth it Over!

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Smoothies are the perfect vehicle for pea protein. All sorts of flavors get lost inside the blender, so if pea protein is not a taste you like, smoothies are a good option. Use fruit, yogurt, vegetables, or whatever you like to cover the taste of the pea protein.

Here’s a basic smoothie idea to get you started:

  • Pour about 2 cups of ice into a blending pitcher. Add 3 cups of mixed frozen strawberries, peaches, and pineapples. Add in the pea protein and about 1 to 2 cups of liquid.
  • Blend until smooth, and enjoy while it is icy cold!


Get Juicy!

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Juice is a classic choice for masking the earthy flavor of pea protein. There are so many options for flavors of juice that it really is a great choice for everyone. From fresh squeezed to store-bought juice will certainly bring out the best in pea protein.

Try a tall glass of orange juice with pea protein or an orange juice cocktail. The citrus flavor works wonders in masking the lesser-loved qualities of pea protein. Other flavors work beautifully as well, so find your favorite juice and stir in some pea protein for a great muscle boost!


Awesomely Oaty!

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Pea protein is perfect for stirring into oatmeal. Start your day on the right foot with a bowl of comforting oatmeal with a plant-based protein boost! The earthy flavor of the pasta actually works very well with the mild pea flavor.

Mix up your favorite type of oatmeal, then stir in the pea protein. Top it with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey for a completely nutritious and beautiful breakfast. You will like this hack so much that you might start eating oats more often!


Milk It!

There are so many great options for dairy drinks and alternative dairy drinks out there, so why not try working the pea protein into one of those? Dairy can mask some of the bitter leafy flavors of pea protein. Some alternative dairy products even have a little flavor and sweetness in them that can mask the peas.

Make chocolate milk with your favorite dairy. Stir in pea protein and enjoy. It’s a new, grown-up way to drink chocolate milk!


Shake it Up!

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Everyone loves a milkshake, but what about a milkshake that builds muscles!? Mix your pea protein into your dessert for a treat that does your body some good! You can make it your own with your favorite flavors of ice cream.

Mix together chocolate ice cream, milk, and pea protein in a blender until smooth. Top the drink with whipped cream, and you would never know there is pea protein in your dessert. It’s a fun and beneficial treat!


Boost Your Buzz!

Everyone loves a caffeine buzz, and whether you get yours from coffee or tea, it’s a great place to work pea protein into your diet. Using your daily caffeinated beverages as a vessel for pea protein is a great idea. The taste of coffee or tea is often strong enough to mask the earthy taste of pea protein.

Stir some pea protein into your green tea; just be sure to add honey for sweetness. The result will be almost matcha-like in its earthy and grassy flavors. If tea is not your cup of tea, try stirring the pea protein into your morning cup of joe for a drink that energizes in more ways than one!



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Is Pea Protein Vegan?

Yes! Pea protein is a healthy, plant-based supplement that is safe for vegans.


Is it Safe to Eat Pea Protein Daily?

Yes! Pea protein can not replace other healthy eating choices or primary proteins, but it is a super healthy supplement that can be used daily.


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