How to Make Pedialyte Taste Better

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Pedialyte can be a real saving grace when you are not feeling well, but it doesn’t have the best flavor. Next time you need Pedialyte, try these awesome ideas to make it taste better!

Whether you’re a parent or a partier, you probably know Pedialyte. It is an awesome electrolyte-boosting drink for when you need it most, but its flavor isn’t always popular with adults. Luckily, these delicious ideas are here to help you turn Pedialyte into a drink you can stomach in any condition.


What is Pedialyte?

If you’ve ever been sick or hungover, you have probably tried Pedialyte. It is a powerful electrolyte drink that is made to help hydrate even in the most extreme circumstances. Pedialyte is available in stores and has been a staple for anyone looking for quick and effective hydration for decades.

One of the reasons people turn to Pedialyte is because it was designed to hydrate children specifically. It is crafted with less sugar and more vitamins and nutrients than the average sports drink. This formula is what has made Pedialyte a household name for people of all ages and hydration needs.


Types of Pedialyte Available

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Pedialyte is made by the Abbott Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and equipment. They have been formulating ways to improve health for ages. Abbott has created many different types of Pedialyte to help people reach their hydration goals.

Today’s varieties of Pedialyte include powdered drink mixes aimed at electrolyte and immunity support. They also have their classic pre-mixed beverages, which come in varieties designed to target different hydration needs. From sports to sickness at any age, there is Pedialyte to support your needs.


How to Make Pedialyte Taste Better

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For decades parents, children, athletes, and more have turned to Pedialyte to help them hydrate, but not everyone loves the flavor. Help yourself feel better by making Pedialyte taste better so you can reach your hydration goals!


Pedia Pops!

popsicles made with Pedialyte

This trick is a classic for a reason! Something magical happens to Pedialyte when it is frozen, making it taste much better and more refreshing. Freezing this electrolyte drink doesn’t require extra ingredients or a ton of special equipment, just popsicle sticks!

Grab a popsicle mold, a few plastic or paper cups, and some popsicle sticks to try this trick. Fill the mold or cups with your choice of flavor of Pedialyte. If you want to add excitement to your popsicles, toss in some fruit and let that freeze in the mold.

If you want to make an electrolyte-boosting bomb pop, try the layered effect. This trick takes time, but the result looks and tastes great! Pour an inch of one flavor of Pedialyte into the mold and freeze for 1-2 hours, then add an inch of a second flavor and freeze. Continue this process until the mold is filled with stripes of hydrating flavor!


Slush Up!

We have discussed how freezing Pedialyte makes it more refreshing. The secret is it does not have to be all the way frozen to benefit from the chill. Even storing Pedialyte in the refrigerator helps give its flavor more body, but this trick takes it one step further.

Grab a Tupperware or other freezer-safe container, ideally a long and narrow container similar in shape to a baking sheet or casserole dish. Pour Pedialyte into the container only about a half inch deep. Place the container in the freezer and set a time for 15 minutes, then return to check on it. The drink should have started to get slushy; take a fork and scrape the icy Pedialyte into shavings. Enjoy this treat like you would a shaved ice with a spoon or in a cone or cup.


Fantasize About Fruit!

The flavor of Pedialyte can read somewhat artificial, so why not bring it to life with some fresh fruit!? Try tossing a few fresh berries into a glass of Pedialyte to give it a little extra freshness and flavor. You can also muddle the fruit in a glass before adding the Pedialyte. This classic cocktail trick unleashes the flavors within the fruit and lets them mingle with the liquid.


Mix It Up!

If you are sick, your primary goal should simply be to get better by whatever means necessary, but if you’re well and just drinking Pedialyte to boost your electrolytes before or after a sporting event, then you can probably handle a little added sugar.

Try stirring some classic juice into your Pedialyte. A little fresh orange or apple juice may be just the thing to turn your drink into a juice cocktail that is sure to satisfy you. Start with small amounts of juice and see how it tastes and how your body feels before mixing in more.



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Is Pedialyte Lower in Sugar than Gatorade?

Yes, Pedialyte advertises on its own website that they use about two times less sugar than other electrolyte drinks, like Gatorade. This is important when hydration is the goal because sugar can make it harder for your body to get and stay hydrated. Opting for Pedialyte is a good choice to cut the sugar and get down to hydration!


Does Pedialyte Need To Be Refrigerated?

After opening, it is recommended that you refrigerate Pedialyte to maintain its freshness and effectiveness. It should be consumed within 48 hours of opening to ensure optimal quality. If unopened, you can store Pedialyte at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.


Is Pedialyte Gluten-Free?

Yes, Pedialyte is gluten-free. You can safely incorporate Pedialyte into your diet if you are avoiding gluten.


Is Pedialyte Vegan?

Pedialyte is not entirely vegan due to one of its key ingredients: electrolytes.


Additional Kitchen Resources

Pedialyte can help hydrate when you’re not well, but when you feel better, you will want to get right back to the kitchen! Here are some helpful culinary resources to get you back into the swing of the kitchen:

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