How to Make Celery Juice Taste Good and Drink to Your Health

glass of Celery Juice

Love or hate it; celery is a superfood rich in the vitamins you need. With vitamins A, E, and K plus minerals like folate and potassium, it’s something you should aim to eat often. However, most people are put off by the taste and texture. That’s where a juicer can be helpful in squeezing out the benefits…but how do you make celery juice taste good?

Perhaps you’ve already tried this trick and suffered through a bland, grassy glass of this stuff. But with the tips below, you will know how to make celery juice taste good, so you won’t have to suffer anymore.


Why Drink Celery Juice?

As mentioned, celery juice is highly nutritious. In addition to all those vitamins and minerals, it provides deeper hydration. Most of us aren’t getting enough water in our day, and drinking celery juice can help you ensure that you kick off your day with a proper boost.

Plus, it’s great for your gut health because it’s full of fiber. That fiber nourishes the good bacteria in your gut for healthy digestion.

So, what do you do if you want to drink more celery juice to reap the benefits but want it to taste good? Try the following tips!


How to Make Celery Juice Taste Good

If you’re tired of eating stalks of celery and getting those fibrous bits caught in between your teeth, then juicing celery is the way to go. Here’s how you can make it taste like something you want to drink daily!


Go with Lemon

pile of lemons

Lemon’s acidity brightens things up in flavor. It does so by breaking down the fibers in celery for a sweeter taste. Lemons are also nutritious in their own right, offering more vitamin C and antioxidants. Before you drink up with the celery juice, squeeze in half a lemon, stir, and see how it improves the taste.

If you have lemon juice, you can also use it for a more tart flavor that cuts that bitterness, making it a more tasty drink.


Add Apples

fresh apple

The sweetness of fresh apples will certainly fix up your celery juice. It helps mask that earthy taste and offset the bitter flavors. Any apples would work here, so slice and dice them up, then add them to the mix.

Don’t have any apples? A little hit of apple juice will also work here too, though real apples will be a bit more nutritious overall.


Season with Salt and Pepper

salt and pepper shakers

Part of the reason you might not like celery juice is that it’s rather bland on its own. Adding some salt and pepper can change all that, giving it a nice savory taste and balancing out the bitter side of things. If you do this with the lemon, too, it’s going to really make a difference for the better!


Give It Ginger

bottle of ground ginger

Ginger’s natural spicy tones are a great match for celery juice. This immediately cancels out the bitter flavors and gives you more health benefits. Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory spice, plus it helps with digestion too.


And Turmeric

bottle of tumeric

Turmeric looks similar to ginger and also adds heaps of healthful benefits. It has a more muted and earthy taste, so it’s best to add this with ginger and other ingredients discussed here to make your celery juice taste good.


Make It Tropical

fresh pineapple for celery juice

Fruits like pineapple and mango are wonderful ways to make you fall in love with drinking celery juice. They’re so sweet and juicy, so they balance out that bitter taste. You’ll really want to drink your celery juice in the morning when you make it this way because it tastes delicious.


Try Carrots

fresh carrots

Carrot juice has long been touted for its sweet taste. This makes it a match for mixing with celery juice. You’ll get the eye-protecting nutrients from the carrots as well, plus it’s like drinking a veggie tray in a way. We always see carrots and celery paired together to dunk in ranch, hummus, and other dips. It makes complete sense to put them together in juice.


Let Cucumber and Mint Help

fresh mint for celery juice

Cucumber brings a refreshing flavor, while mint adds the necessary accent to make celery juice taste good. If you want more to make it irresistible, add apple, ginger, and lemon to it too, and you’ll wonder where this has been your whole life.


Bring in the Spice

organic mint for celery juice

Like many things, adding spice and seasoning can improve the flavor. Celery juice is no different here. Mint works great, but if you don’t have that, another fresh herb like rosemary, thyme, or even basil can mask the taste of celery while adding more health benefits.

You can also add cayenne pepper from your spice rack for a bit of a spicy kick or some cumin powder. Combine with fresh-squeezed lemon and other flavors on this list, and you can really make celery juice taste good.


Make it a Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary MixEver notice how good celery tastes when it’s sticking out of your Bloody Mary at Sunday brunch? The celery juice will taste fantastic when blended with your favorite tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix. We suggest you keep the spirits out of the equation on a regular day. And for those indulgent weekends, you can make them healthier by adding celery juice to your Bloody Mary. The spicy, savory tomato mix is a delicious way to jazz up this juice.

Now that you know how to make celery juice taste good, you’re bound to drink more of it. Doing so will improve your overall health and knock that recommended daily veggie requirement out of the way!


How Long Can Celery Juice Last In The Fridge?

It can last up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Make sure to use an airtight container to maintain freshness. However, it is recommended that you drink celery juice within 24 hours of juicing for the best nutritional value.


Can I Drink Celery Juice At Night?

Yes, you can drink celery juice at night. In fact, some people find that drinking celery juice before bedtime aids in sleep and relaxation.


Can You Freeze Celery Juice?

You can freeze celery juice, but it’s not ideal. Freezing can alter the taste and diminish some nutrients. If you still want to freeze it, use freezer-safe containers and consume it within 3 months.


What Does Celery Juice Taste Like?

Celery juice has a fresh, slightly salty, and earthy taste.


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