50 of the Best Recipe Blogs and Websites

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It is safe to say that food is one of the most loved things around the globe. Whether indulging in hearty Mexican cuisine or munching on popular Korean snacks, the complex flavors, mesmerizing aromas, and impressive appeal of food catch the human eye and taste buds. With every bite, the tongue starts adapting to the unique blend of different tastes leading to a world-class affair. Although many foodies are constantly trying out new recipes or putting their own twists on traditional dishes, there are also many that are constantly seeking reliable food blogs and websites.

Since there are so many food bloggers, blogs, and websites, we went ahead and made a list of the top 50 best recipe blogs and websites. And it goes without saying that we hope you also include Home Perch in your list of top food blogs. 🙂


1. TastyTasty

Tasty is a recipe website by Buzzfeed with the best and easy-to-make recipes for your favorite foods. Apart from being the world’s largest online food network, this website is user-friendly and puts a twist on almost all foods. With a team of many talented chefs and bakers, this website has gained popularity on almost every social media platform, especially YouTube. Whether you are cooking a simple meal for yourself or preparing for a big house party, this website has you covered.


2. How to Feed a LoonItalian food

Wesley and Kris are an iconic duo popularly known for the delicious recipes they share on their food blog and YouTube channel called How to Feed a Loon. These food bloggers have a good collection of recipes, including holiday-staple foods, appetizers, authentic Italian food, and much more. They have a series called “Lickety Split” that consists of short, to-the-point videos of cooking food. This duo shares their travel stories and talks about the delicious foods they have indulged in.


3. Jo Cooks

Jo Cooks is a food blog run by Joanna, who has been blogging about delicious foods since 2011. Apart from being a food writer who has attracted much attention from other social media sites, this woman ensures her writing is as beautiful as her food. Jo’s food photography is definitely one factor that adds to her blog.


4. The Spice TrainBowls and spoons of various spices on the table

Are you in search of yummy food along with the best food photography? The Spice Train is what you need to check out. When it comes to talking about The Spice Train, the only word that comes to mind is perfection. Nicole Branan, the creative extraordinaire behind this blog, has her food photography featured on photography websites as well. Moreover, her recipes give you a detailed explanation of the different spices and when to use them.


5. Natasha’s Kitchen

Natasha is a dedicated blogger who takes her food website very seriously. Natasha’s Kitchen is a food website that incorporates helpful cooking tips, relatable stories, aesthetic food pictures, and delicious recipes that will make your taste buds tingle and your stomach growl. The best thing is that the website is easy to use and to the point. Plus, if you are on a tight schedule, do not forget to check out the quick meal recipes.


6. Carlsbad CravingsBowl of healthy food

Carlsbad Cravings is a food blog presenting healthy recipes that are absolutely delicious and low-carb. Apart from keeping our health in check, this food blog has the perfect dinner night recipes and a party food recipe menu. The food photography done by this foodie has to be the cherry on top. The vibrant colors scream scrumptiousness.


7. CooktoriaBowl of pasta

Make sure you go read Cooktoria recipes at your own risk because the recipes on this website will make you want to visit the grocery store immediately. If you are a foodie who is always on the hunt for different cuisines to try, Tania’s website is a must-visit. Think about pasta tossed in with goat’s cheese, basil, garlic, and spinach, a delicious concoction of this fresh produce is what you will be getting along with stellar photography.


8. Salt & Lavender

Natasha, the founder of Salt & Lavender, is catering to all our food needs by giving you delicious pictures and recipes that will leave you wanting more. Whether you opt for the main course recipes or the appetizers, whether you have a lot of time to cook, or if you are running on a tight schedule, this food blog will ensure you are eating right. There are vegetarian recipes as well.


9. Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes is a food blog and website with various recipes (from gluten-free to high-protein ones) that cater to everyone’s needs. This online site provides all its consumers with easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes that elevate the cooking experience to a whole other level.


10. Baking Mischief

Baking Mischief is the ultimate food blog with savory and sweet recipes while emphasizing how you can store your food properly. Tracy, the founder of Baking Mischief, shares her cooking tips and tricks so you can make better-tasting food. Along with yummy food presented on your plate, you will be in for a treat with food photography. First-time cooks will find helpful tips here.


11. Claudia’s Home CookingRomanian food

Claudia’s Home Cooking provides you with authentic, ethnic recipes from all over the world, but the food blog mainly focuses on Romanian cuisines. Claudia is always open to answering frequently asked questions and providing tips on making great food every time you cook.


12. Eating WellHealthy food

Eating Well is a food website with many great recipes that make a healthy lifestyle seem even more exciting. Apart from having just healthy recipes, there are certain diet plans that anyone can benefit from. From veggie-rich recipes to gluten-free ones, each recipe is a mix of different healthy ingredients that create a beautiful tingle in your mouth.


13. That Skinny Chick Can Bake

If you want inspiration to cook some deliciously written recipes, there is no need to search any further. Liz Berg is the founder of That Skinny Chick Can Bake, and she takes feedback from picky eaters to make her food game even stronger. Since she has a passion for baking and cooking, she comes forward with the best of the best recipes.


14. Our Best BitesSalad bowl

If you are looking for a food blog serving healthy recipes, Our Best Bites is the right place. Kate has been blogging about food since July 2015 and constantly presenting healthy recipes along with others. Keeping your health in check, Kate is bringing you delicious, low-carb, healthy food, and yes, that is possible.


15. SkinnyTaste

SkinnyTaste is a food blog that was started by a creative genius named Gina Homolka because she wanted to incorporate her love for food and photography into one. This food blog is one of the most popular ones, as it provides for health-conscious fellows, vegetarians, and foodies that are willing to try out everything. The great thing about Gina is that her gorgeously composed photographs make her delicious recipes seem even yummier.


16. Sally’s Baking AddictionBaking utensils

If you are addicted to sweets, desserts, or even baking, then Sally’s Baking Addiction is your only remedy. Despite what the name of this food blog suggests, Sally talks about bread, appetizers, gluten-free foods, drinks, and vegan foods, along with a lot more. So if you have a lot of time on hands, head over to her blog and be prepared to learn a lot more about baking and food.


17. Half-Baked Harvest

Half Baked Harvest is a food website that is a true inspiration to all food bloggers worldwide. Every single page on this website adds an element of “wow,” and it is keen on inspiring. The drool-worthy foods that are highlighted with stunning food photography give this food website life. Tieghan Gerard, the founder of Half Baked Harvest, shares her experiences of cooking and why she loves cooking for her family.


18. Fiction-Food Café

Fiction-Food Café is a food website that will keep you stuck to your computer screen for hours because of how badly you will want to indulge in the delicious foods in front of your eyes. This food blog comprises of well-written food blogs’ that combine food with fiction. The author, Diane, has an interesting way of weaving her two loves together, drawing much attention to her blog.


19. Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate is a website where you will get the best recipes so that anyone can make good food. All you have to do is look for the link that reads “All Recipes” and check out the options for different recipes. Kate has broken the recipes down by cuisine, course, diet, ingredient, everyday, and season. With these subheadings, it will become easier for you to choose your recipe so you can start cooking.

20. Drizzle & Dip

Drizzle & Dip is a website that allows you to easily browse through it to choose a suitable recipe while enjoying beautiful food photographs. Same Linsell, the creative head behind this blog, talked about how photography and styling the blog play a major role in how many people you attract to your blog. For this reason, their good food and recipes have gained much popularity.


21. Fox and BriarTop view of various delicious dishes.

If you are looking for a good website that offers recipes for desserts, cocktails, everyday meals, and healthy foods, then Fox and Briar is the best option for you. With a modern twist on traditional dishes, this food website features beautiful food writings that could make your heart flutter with happiness.


22. Tori Avey

Although she started off as an aspiring chef, Tori Avey now shares delicious recipes, DIY arts and crafts, home décor, gardening tips, and much more. It is a website that is very helpful for first-time and home cooks who cook family-friendly foods; this is the website to look into.


23. Baker By NatureVariety of healthy foods

Known to provide readers with food recipes that will not disappoint, Baker By Nature is a good blog that have you covered. Whether you are on the search for recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, or healthy options, this is where you can find it all. Moreover, Ashley, the found of Baker By Nature, provides you with tips on how you can make great food.


24. Nutmeg Nanny

Nutmeg Nanny is a different type of food blog. This consistent food blog is run by Brandy, who is a food writer and produces recipes that are appetizing and fun to make. With a strong social media base, this food blog has become popular amongst many foodies. The great photographs are just a plus for this talented individual.


25. Love from the OvenVarious baked breads

Do you want your mood to become good instantly? All you have to do is visit Love from the Oven’s official website and become inspired. The website’s outlook is inviting and lively, making anyone want to get their spatula and mixing bowl so they can bake. The incorporation of yummy, typical desserts like cookies and ice cream is so beautifully executed that it would want to make anyone want to hop onto the dessert bandwagon.


26. Taste & Tell

Taste & Tell is the baby of Deborah Harroun. This food blog is a delicious getaway for many individuals who want to try out different food recipes. Since this food blog has been around since 2007, Deborah has very cleverly broken down the recipes into subheadings that make them easier to use. The reason why this food blog is so highly recommended is that it has something for everyone.


27. Naturally EllaHealthy foods

Even though there are many great food blogs on the internet, Naturally Ella is like no other. The founder of this site, Erin, created Naturally Ella in 2007, and she has succeeded since. She has her recipes broken down into subheadings as well. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly dish, gluten-free, low-carb, or even an easy DIY dish, this food site has it all.


28. The Foodie Affair

The Foodie Affair is the ultimate spot (online) for all foodies. Apart from being a great food writer and photographer, the founder of The Foodie Affair, Sandra Shaffer, is doing a great job at sharing her recipes. Her website has a range of recipes for different categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner, veggies, pasta, sauces, and different events. The recipes this primary chef has to offer are incomparable and simply wow.


29. Green Kitchen StoriesVariety of healthy food.

Green Kitchen Stories is exactly as it sounds. This blog has many healthy vegetarian recipes that mainly focus on good fats, natural ingredients, whole grains, veggies, and fruits. The team behind this blog is the ultimate power duo, Luise and David. Providing individuals with healthy, evergreen recipes that would make anyone come for more of their unique style of photography has many hooked.


30. My Baking AddictionHeart cookies on a pink round plate on a wooden desk sprinkled with tiny pink hearts.

A middle school teacher by day and a professional baker, food writer, and photographer by night, Jamie (the founder of My Baking Addiction) is a woman who is a baking perfectionist. Jamie has been providing her social media supporters with the best recipes with her honest way of putting forth recipes accompanied by a unique blend of different ingredients and well-captured images.


31. Spoonful of Flavor

A spoonful of Flavor is a website with family-friendly recipes and quick ones that foodies can make on the go. This website is so popular because it has different recipes broken down into subcategories, making it easier for anyone to browse through. From vegan options to low-carb and one-pot meals, this website is where all recipes come together and unite.


32. Cooking Kept Me Sane

The only thing that can make an interesting food blog even better would be the story accompanying it. Chef Jackie, the founder of Cooking Kept Me Sane, was a professional chef that had worked at high-end restaurants in her earlier days. Reaching the age of 43, Jackie started her own blog and has been writing about delicious recipes ever since.


33. The First MessFresh veggie salad

Before you can fully love and understand food, it is important for you to know how it works and what it exactly is. Although many online arenas can aid in learning more about this intricate subject, there is none like The First Mess. This blog can provide you with healthy diet plans while sharing prestigious knowledge about food. Laura, the founder, shares her knowledge regarding eating seasonally, natural foods, and how you can make your own wholesome meals. Her blog is rich in important information and recipes for making good food.


34. Baking Bites

Nicole Weston, the founder of Baking Bites, provides you with everything you need to know about prepping and cooking food. She is an active member of the culinary community and has had her work published in top publications such as The Washington Post, New York Times, and London Times. Therefore, there is no doubt that Nicole knows what ingredients work well and what cooking techniques should be utilized.


You are on HomePerch right now! We are glad you are here. Home Perch was started by Laurie, a 50-something wife and mom who loves everything about food and home interior. She started in 2018 because she wanted to share easy and fun recipes, hacks to make everyday food taste out of this world, and DIY home ideas.


36. Manu’s MenuA variety of Indian food

What is better than having two famous world cuisines executed authentically on one website? Manu is an Italian married to an Indian, which means you can easily get information on both cuisines. With her rich knowledge of different spices and good produce, Manu’s Menu offers some great things.

37. Orgasmic Chef

Maureen, the founder of the Orgasmic Chef, calls herself a proper guest feeder and a true foodie at heart. Apart from having the tendency to unapologetically feed everyone, this individual produces high-quality food while celebrating natural produce and spices. Moreover, if you are interested in gaining firsthand knowledge from this professional, you must read the secrets she writes on her blog.


38. A Fork’s Tale

A Fork’s Tale is a food blog containing high-quality content that will immediately trigger any foodie into cooking. Apart from providing the world with great food recipes, Katie (the blog’s founder) has great photography skills that make her blog even better. Moreover, she does not limit her talents when it comes to her blog; she writes about family, traveling, and how she motivates herself to cook.


39. Baked by RachelFlatbread pizza

Baked by Rachel is a food blog that shares exquisite recipes. Rachel, the founder of this blog, talks about how she creates and prepares each recipe before sharing it with the world. Although she can bake various kinds of foods, Rachel goes into the depths of entrees and appetizers. If you are a pizza lover and want to make your own, make sure you check out her different pizza recipes.


40. The Reluctant Gourmet

If you want to enrich your cooking skills while creating dishes for your loved ones, it is important to check out The Reluctant Gourmet’s food blog. From providing you with basic information on how to use a knife to cooking delicious foods, this blog is the best. The best part is that all types of cooks can benefit from this blog!


41. Roxana’s Home Baking

Do you want to perfect your dessert-making skills? If yes, then Roxana’s Home Baking is your ultimate solution. Once you begin exploring, you will find it almost impossible to stop. From the traditional cake and parfait recipes, there are great savory recipes on this website that you should also try. Plus, the photographs that accompany each recipe will leave you mesmerized.


42. Scrummy LaneA variety of Mediterranean ingredients surrounding two raw fishes.

Scrummy Lane is the answer for you if you are searching for Mediterranean-inspired recipes. Recently, this food blog has appeared on famous social media sites, which is why more and more people are becoming familiar with it. Along with having wittily titled recipes, each recipe is well-written and easy to understand.


43. A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

Are you on the search for hearty and delicious recipes of authentic soul food like beefy lasagnas and cheesy casseroles? If so, then A Farmgirl’s Dabbles should be your ultimate go-to. The recipes are superb, but photography is what attracts the human eye even more.


44. A Spicy Perspective

A Spicy Perspective is what you need to explore if you are a foodie or a food blogger. The creative head behind this food blog is Sommer Collier, who is a food writer, photographer, and recipe developer. She has descriptive recipes with crisp images. This is a food blog that will not disappoint.


45. My Kitchen Stories

Tania, the founder of My Kitchen Stories, is truly an inspiring individual that writes about how she is fascinated by art and food. Combining her two loves, My Kitchen Stories provides us with delicious-looking food and well-written recipes. In addition, if you are prepping for a dinner date night, then this food blog is what you need to check out.


46. Patisserie Makes PerfectA variety of delicious dishes on a wooden desk.

Patisserie Makes Perfect is a food website that discusses how to prep and cook delicious food properly. But what makes this website so special is that this food expert gives a little insight into her life and talks to us about how she got into this industry, which is quite interesting. The best part is that this food website has some complex recipes broken down into easier steps that any amateur cook can make flawlessly.


47. The Whole Bite

The Whole Bite is a food blog with great recipes and photos that can get anyone hooked. This food blog has recipes that are not commonly made, making it even better. However, if you are looking for a break from rich foods, there are a few healthy alternatives for you to look into as well.


48. Kalyn’s Kitchen

Kalyn’s Kitchen is a food blog that is solely based on healthy, low-carb foods that anyone can make. Although this blog is mainly targeted at health-conscious individuals, it is user-friendly for those looking for an escape from the traditional foods they are indulging in on a daily basis. Moreover, these recipes are highly recommended if you want to go down the healthy food path.


49. The Brewer & The BakerBaked chicken

What better combination can there be than a brewer and a baker? The name of this fun blog is inspired by Shawnda (the baker) and her husband (the brewer). The Brewer & The Baker is a good blog that is full of vibrant images, delicious recipes, and foods that will leave you licking your fingers. If you want to kick your traditional recipes up a notch, this is the blog you need to explore.


50. All Recipes

All Recipes is the ultimate go-to place for foodies all around the world. This website has a wonderful variety of different recipes that can make anyone’s day better. Whether you want to cook recipes with your friends or make them for your date, you will find something that will not disappoint, hence the name.

If you are a foodie, food blogger, or just a food enthusiast, these are the 50 best recipe blogs and websites for you. Take inspiration, write a list, and hit the grocery store to make these delicious foods for yourself or your loved ones.


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