What to Eat with Croissants: Delightful Pairings for a Tasty Experience

croissants and fruit

Croissants, those delicious, flaky, buttery pastries, are the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee or afternoon tea. With their golden crust and tender crumb, they are both versatile and delightful. You may wonder what to eat with croissants to elevate your overall experience. Get excited because we’re about to explore some tasty and creative options!

What to Eat with Croissants

fresh baked croissants

Butters and Jams

When it comes to the perfect match for your croissant, you can’t go wrong with a generous spread of butter and a dollop of flavorful jam. The creamy butter works in harmony with the flaky layers of the croissant, bringing a rich, velvety texture that will make your taste buds sing! Try different varieties of butter for unique flavors, like:

  • Salted butter for a contrast to the sweetness of the jam
  • Cultured butter for a tangy twist
  • European-style butter for a higher fat content and extra creaminess

Explore the world of fruity jams and preserves to find your favorite combos. Some all-time favorites include:

  • Strawberry jam for a classic, sweet pairing
  • Apricot preserves for a tangy and refreshing bite
  • Raspberry jam for a tart yet sweet contrast



If you’re looking to add a savory twist to your croissant, cheese is the way to go! The combination of buttery pastry and rich cheese can create heavenly bites of pure satisfaction. Here are a few popular cheese pairing ideas:

  • Brie: The creamy, mild flavor of brie allows it to blend seamlessly with the buttery croissant. Pair it with a dollop of fig jam for an added touch of sweetness.
  • Camembert: Slightly stronger in flavor than brie, camembert brings a bolder dimension to the pairing while still maintaining the creaminess you desire.
  • Gruyère: This Swiss cheese adds a nutty, slightly sweet kick to the mix. The firm but meltable texture complements the flakiness of the croissant.


What to Eat with Croissants – Unexpected Delights

freshly baked croissants

Savory Spreads

You may be surprised to learn that there are savory spreads that pair perfectly with the buttery layers of a croissant. Break away from tradition and try spreading some hummus on your croissant for a refreshing change. The creaminess of the hummus complements the flakiness of the croissant, and the combination is simply delightful.

Another unexpected delight is pesto. The combination of basil, parmesan, and pine nuts adds an Italian twist to the French pastry. Add a slice of tomato and mozzarella for a Caprese-inspired experience you’re sure to love.

Last but not least, give tapenade a try! Made from olives, capers, and anchovies, this Mediterranean spread brings a citrusy tang to your croissant that’ll make your taste buds dance. Go on, indulge in these savory pleasures!



Now, step outside the box and explore pairing your croissant with fruits! Imagine sinking your teeth into the flaky pastry and discovering a burst of tropical flavor.

  • Mango: A ripe, juicy mango adds natural sweetness and tropical notes to your croissant. Use fresh mango slices or whip up a smooth mango puree for a delightful spread.
  • Passion Fruit: The tart, sweet taste of passion fruit balances the buttery richness of the croissant. Scoop out the fruit’s pulp and drizzle it over your pastry for a refreshingly tangy addition.
  • Guava: This fragrant fruit pairs beautifully with the delicate croissant. Spread a layer of guava jam or guava paste (also known as guava cheese) and indulge in this mouthwatering fusion of flavors.


Pair with Meats

You’ll be excited to know that croissants are fantastic when paired with various meats! Try some sliced ham or prosciutto, and add a little grainy mustard for an extra kick. You can also opt for some smoked salmon or turkey breast for a lighter option.

Here are some meat combinations to try:

  • Ham and brie
  • Prosciutto and Swiss cheese
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • Turkey breast and cheddar


Beverage Companions

For the traditionalists, you’ll love sipping on a hot cup of coffee or tea. If you want to kick it up a notch, an espresso or cappuccino is the perfect companion to your platter.

For those adventure seekers, pair your croissants with a mimosa or bloody mary for a delightful brunch experience. Are you planning an evening soirée? Not to worry, croissants meld beautifully with a crisp, bubbly sparkling wine or a craft beer with fruity notes.


Dessert Croissants

strawberry and whipped cream filled croissants

Dessert Croissants are a great way to add more excitement to your croissant experience! In this section, we’ll explore Chocolate Dips and Fruity Complements.

Chocolate Dips

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s the perfect partner for your croissant! Here are some chocolate dipping options that you can try:

  • Dark chocolate: Rich and decadent, this classic pairing will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Milk chocolate: For a milder, creamier taste, milk chocolate is an excellent choice.
  • White chocolate: Noteworthy for its sweetness and smooth texture, it complements the buttery croissant wonderfully.


Fruity Complements

Add a burst of fresh flavor to your croissant with these fruity options:

  1. Jams and spreads: Strawberry, raspberry, mango, or passionfruit will give your croissant a sweet and tangy kick.
  2. Fresh fruit: Bite-sized fruits like berries, grapes, or sliced bananas are fantastic additions that bring natural sweetness and vibrant colors.
  3. Fruit compote: Cooked fruit, such as apples, pears, or peaches, can add warmth and depth of flavor.


FAQ – What to Eat with Croissants

What are some dessert ideas using croissants?

A popular choice is Croissant Bread Pudding, which combines the buttery croissant with a decadent custard base. Another idea is to create a Chocolate Croissant Tiramisu by layering croissant pieces with sweetened mascarpone and chocolate sauce.


Written by Laurie Graves

Laurie is a 50-something wife and boy mom, who loves to share easy recipes, DIY home ideas, and food hacks. She truly believes that with a little inspiration, anyone can make their home and meals feel special.