5 Corner Display Cabinet Ideas to Create More Storage

Corner Display Cabinet

Corner display cabinets offer an opportunity for additional storage while fitting naturally into your design scheme and opening up space you didn’t know you had. People often forget about the corners of the rooms in their home, which might be because it can be difficult to find any furniture that fits snug into a corner. But, when done correctly, corners open up extra floor space and a display area that you hadn’t even considered.

In this article, we’re checking out the top five corner display cabinets on the market.

RiverRidge Home Madison Corner Display Cabinet

We’ll start with one of our favorites, the RiverRidge Madison corner display cabinet. We like this design because it’s subtle and traditional. This classic cabinet will blend right in with most modern to traditional design schemes, and it fits snugly into just about any corner (as long as it’s 90-degrees).

This cabinet features a cupboard for storage and upper shelves for display purposes. The shelving is fully adjustable, allowing you can display objects of varying heights. It even comes with mounting hardware to attach the cabinet to the wall for added stability.

Overall, we like this cabinet. It’s traditional and reserved and is ideal for many different rooms around the house.

RiverRidge Madison Pros

  • Traditional, laid-back look.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Can be mounted to the wall.
  • Great value.

RiverRidge Madison Cons

  • Made with engineered wood – not as durable as we’d like.

Furinno Turn-n-Tube Corner Display Cabinet

Our next product is a simple corner display rack, which is ideal if you want a cabinet that leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s a perfect corner cabinet for displaying a variety of items, and it lets you liven up your corner space however you’d like.

The corner display cabinet features five shelves, which are roughly 30cm across at the widest point. There’s plenty of room for displaying everything, from picture frames to house plants to books and more. The cabinet fits snug into most corners, and its rounded design ensures that it doesn’t occupy too much space.

We also like the look of the cabinet itself. It is sleek and modern, with rounded edges and a tubular support system. It has just enough modern appeal while staying reserved and letting your display items do the talking.

Furinno Turn-n-Tube Pros

  • Modern, sleek design.
  • Fully open – ideal for display items.
  • 5 shelves – more space than meets the eye.
  • Very affordable!

Furinno Turn-n-Tube Cons

  • No cabinets or drawers, so it’s more for display purposes than storage.

Martha – Cherry Corner Display Cabinet

Corner Display Cabinet

Our next product exudes a very traditional appeal. This classic cherry cabinet is just the thing for giving your living room corners a touch of sophistication and class.

This high-quality corner curio cabinet design features superior craftsmanship and premium solid wood materials. The cherry is expertly carved and makes a very nice accent for the glass casing and shelving. There are five shelves in total – four glass and one lower wooden shelf. It has a great display case to highlight your prized possessions.

The corner display cabinet has a touch-opening magnetic glass door, simply press gently to open it. Overall, we like this corner cabinet. It works fantastic in a traditional design scheme, and it is a great addition if you’re looking for an eye-catching location to display various items.

Martha – Cherry Corner Cabinet Pros

  • Superior craftsmanship and materials.
  • Touch-open magnetic doors.
  • Traditional, high-class design.

Martha – Cherry Corner Cabinet Cons

  • Assembly required.
  • Quite expensive.

Life Concepts 5-Tier Corner Display Cabinet

Corner Display Cabinet

Here’s an innovative corner display unit with a neat modern design. The design makes full use of the corner to add to its design. The shelves jump back and forth between walls and add a unique touch to any room.

There are five shelves in this unit, each of which is big enough for one medium-sized display item. It has a coffee-black color that we think will blend nicely into most rooms. Its free-floating nature also ensures that it won’t take up any floor space, and it doesn’t make your room seem smaller.

It does require assembly, which is a bit tricky, but as long as you have wall-mounting tools, then you’ll be fine.

Overall, it’s such a unique choice that we just had to include it on our list.

Life Concepts 5-Tier Cabinet Pros

  • Very unique, eye-catching design.
  • 5 shelves.
  • Doesn’t utilize floor space.
  • Very affordable.

Life Concepts 5-Tier Cabinet Cons

  • A bit difficult to install.
  • Not as much display space as other products on our list.

Home Source Corner Bar Unit

Corner Display Cabinet

To cap off our list, we have this corner bar unit. This unit is perfect for storing cocktail glassware and bottles, but it has shelf space for just about anything. It also comes in multiple design schemes. We’ve chosen to highlight the modern bar unit, but there are mahogany, grey, and concrete options to choose from, too. You can find this unit in a finish to match any decor.

This corner display cabinet has a demanding presence. It serves as a focal point in any room, more so than many of the options above. It is bigger, wider, and offers more shelving options than most corner units. There are upper and lower glass shelves, a wine rack, and glass-hanging bars.

A bar unit is a great use of your corner space. Not only is it a great place to display your cocktail collection, but it helps to declutter and remove much of the glassware from your kitchen cupboards.

Home Source Corner Bar Unit Pros

  • Big, spacious unit with plentiful storage and display options.
  • Includes a wine rack and glass-hanging bars.
  • Declutter your kitchen cupboards!

Home Source Corner Bar Unit Cons

  • Quite expensive.
  • Assembly required.

Choosing the Perfect Corner Display Cabinet

Corner Display Cabinet

Thanks for checking out our guide to corner cabinets and displays. To get started, you should first evaluate what you are looking for in a corner cabinet. Do you want extra storage space, display space, or do you just want a nice piece of furniture? Decide your preferences, and use our list to pick the perfect corner unit!

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