How to Heat up Flour Tortillas in the Microwave

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Enjoy Taco Tuesday faster than ever! When you learn how to heat up flour tortillas in the microwave, you’ll get to eat Mexican food whenever you want.

Whether you want to make soft tacos, fajitas, or breakfast burritos, it’s always best to heat up flour tortillas before you use them. Sure, you could eat them at room temperature. But they taste so much better when they are nice and hot.

Heating flour tortillas in the oven is the most popular way to get a stack of tortillas warm, but it’s also the most time-consuming method. You have to wait for the oven to preheat and then watch them to prevent them from getting burned.

The microwave is so much faster and easier. In just a few minutes, piping hot flour tortillas will be ready to make whatever you’re craving.

How to heat up flour tortillas in the microwave

So, now that you know why it’s the best option let’s look closely at how to heat up flour tortillas in the microwave. These methods are best for large flour tortillas. While you can try them out on smaller corn varieties, the results may vary.

The microwave is the most convenient and fastest way to heat up a bunch of tortillas at once. If you’re making a big batch of tortillas for your family, this will be the way to go!

Use a damp paper towel

Don’t just stack your tortillas on a plate and throw them in the microwave. They will likely dry out, and no one likes dry tortillas.

Instead, spritz a paper towel with a little water and loosely place the damp paper towel on top of the plate of tortillas. The moisture from the paper towels will create a steamy environment, keeping the tortillas soft.

Even better, place one damp paper towel on the bottom of the plate, put the tortillas on top, and cover them with another damp paper towel.

Heat them quickly

This part takes almost no time at all! After they are completely covered, heat them on high for 30 seconds. Check on them – they should be perfectly warm. If you want them to be warmer, heat them at 15-second intervals.

Serve immediately

It’s best to serve them as soon as they are nice and hot! Keep them wrapped in paper towels until you are ready to eat.

Can you heat up raw tortillas in the microwave?

The instructions above are for pre-cooked tortillas. You may be wondering if you can use the same method for raw tortillas, and the answer is, unfortunately, no, you can’t.

I’ll start by saying I’ve never personally tried this, but from what I gather, microwaving a raw tortilla will not cook it. Using a pan, the best way to cook a raw tortilla is on the stovetop.

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