How to Make Hummus Taste Better

How to Make Hummus Taste Better

Hummus is one of the tastiest dips in existence. Made from garbanzo beans (otherwise known as chickpeas), lemon juice, tahini, and garlic, this Middle Eastern dish is quite popular all around the world.

Whether eating it just as a dip or adding it to another dish, there are fans of hummus in any way it takes form. However, some people are not quite so taken with it. Perhaps you had a bad recipe, or you don’t know certain tips on how to improve its taste or texture. If you’re one of those people, here’s how to make hummus taste better.

Hummus bowl and spoon


Remove the Chickpea Skins

bag of chickpeas

As noted, hummus is made with chickpeas. Chickpeas are a bean that has outer skin. Most people go right ahead and make hummus by rinsing their can of chickpeas and mashing them with the skin on, but this can result in a rather gritty texture, and there are some people who don’t like it.

If you have thought to yourself that hummus would taste a little bit better if it weren’t for the gritty texture, try removing the skins before making it. This may be a bit time-consuming, but it’s not impossible and will improve the texture.


Add Some Extra Lemon Juice

The standard hummus recipe calls for lemon juice, but sometimes there needs to be more. This is a great trick to improving the taste of hummus.

Hummus ingredients are, by nature, more basic. Chickpeas and tahini naturally do not have much acid, so to brighten up the dip a little bit, add a squirt or two of extra lemon juice. This will further brighten the dip and make it less earthy and bitter.


Use the Right Tools

food processor

One of the easiest ways to make hummus better is by making it in a food processor or a good blender. Of course, this isn’t necessary – you can mash it yourself – but that can be awfully time-consuming and leave you with a tough texture.

Using a food processor will make your hummus better because it’ll result in a smoother texture, and it will be easier for you to thoroughly mix your ingredients. Plus, if you have a food processor, you can make your hummus totally from scratch by making your own tahini, and the more of your recipe you make from scratch, the more control you have to make it suit your preferences.


Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

bottle of extra virgin olive oil

Many hummus recipes call for olive oil, and one of the secrets to creating good food, including hummus, is using the right olive oil.

Olive oils come in different forms; the highest quality is extra virgin. This type has the purest taste and the best texture and is the most refined. if you noticed that your hummus is a little bitter or just not quite as smooth as you’d like it to be, check what olive oil you’re using. If you’re not using extra-virgin, switch immediately, and you’ll notice a major difference in your dip.


Add Some Vegetables or Spices

bottle of lemon dill seasoning

You’ll notice tons of flavors if you go to the hummus aisle at the grocery store. When you’re making your own hummus, there is no reason not to do the same.

Try adding some spices or some vegetables to add some intrigue to your hummus. Some options you could try include red pepper, lemon dill, beet, and more. For some of the flavor options, you’ll want to follow a recipe, as it may involve roasting the vegetables to make them soft and more flavorful, and others just require incorporating them into the hummus as is. Make sure you read up on it before you jump right in.


Top It with Something Crunchy

You can also improve your hummus by adding some crunchy texture. While you don’t want that gritty texture, it is nice for hummus to have a bit of a crunch, which can be done in various ways.

Crunchy foods that you might want to add include sunflower seeds, bacon bits, and roasted chickpeas, among others. Pour a little bit of extra olive oil on top and sprinkle the crunchy food around it for a presentation. The new texture will be a welcome change to your typical hummus.


Serve Hummus with Chips

bag of pita chips

The dip is just as important as the vessel with which you’re eating it. Hummus is traditionally served with pita bread, but you can eat it with many other things, like chips.

We are in the prime era for chips because we’ve discovered that anything can be turned into a chip if baked for long enough. Whether you’re using traditional corn tortilla chips, rice chips, or fruit chips, hummus can be improved by eating it with a tasty, crunchy vessel.


Serve Hummus with Vegetables

a mound of baby carrots

Vegetables as the vessel will also improve the flavor of hummus. And plenty of tasty vegetables can replace a chip’s crunchy texture, giving you a tasty and healthier alternative.

Some vegetables you might want to try include carrots, celery, cucumbers, red peppers, kohlrabi, radishes, and more. Any one of these will be tasty with hummus and make for a great nutritional snack or side.


Make It Sweet

dark chocolate hummus

Once again, peruse through your hummus aisle at the grocery store to see what kinds there are. You may notice some enticing sweet hummus flavors.

Chickpeas have a pretty neutral flavor, making them very versatile and easy to make savory or sweet, and there are dozens of dessert hummus recipes available. Options include chocolate, brownie batter, birthday cake, and more. You can use fruits or sweet crackers to dip, making for a healthy dessert or sweet snack.


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