How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs Taste Good

Hard Boiled Eggs cut in half

Eggs are one of the cheapest and healthiest foods around. They’re perfect because they’re easy to cook with and so versatile. If you have an egg, you can cook just about anything.

We’re here today, though, to discuss hard-boiled eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are made by boiling eggs until the yolk is hard. They’re most often served plain, but hard-boiled eggs can be used in dozens of ways. Here’s how to make hard-boiled eggs taste good.


How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs Taste Good


Salt Them

Hard-boiled eggs divide eaters for a couple of different reasons, including their taste and texture. Hard-boiled eggs have two distinctly different textures within them, one from the egg white and one from the egg yolk.

If you are a fan of the texture but find the taste to be a little bland, dress them up just a little bit by salting them. It’s a quick and simple way to bring out a better flavor in your egg.

You don’t have to stop with salt, though. There are other ways you can season them, too. Try using a seasoning blend, adding some pepper, or even adding some hot sauce.



Put Hard Boiled Eggs on Salad

salad with hard boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a classic salad garnish. There are lots of salads that include a hard-boiled egg in some capacity, like a Cobb salad, but you can also just as easily add them to whatever salad you are making to add some more texture to your bed of greens.

Once they’re boiled, chop up your eggs and either add them in wedges, slices, or crumbles to your favorite combination of greens and veggies.


Make Them into a Sandwich

bowl of egg salad

You can also easily make hard-boiled eggs into a sandwich. Egg salad sandwiches are delicious summer food, and the filling is easy to whip up.

With some mayonnaise, sour cream, and a little bit of seasoning, you can have a super easy and tasty egg salad sandwich that’s perfect for spreading on toast or using as a dip with crackers.


Devil Them

platter of deviled eggs

When you hear hard-boiled eggs, your mind might go straight to deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are another delicious way to use your hard-boiled eggs. Although it requires a little work and some careful hand skills, it’s worth it.

You can go for classic deviled eggs with mayonnaise, mustard, paprika, and a garnish. Or you can get creative and add other toppings such as pickle relish, bacon, caviar, or whatever else you see fit.

You can also change the filling a bit by adding avocado, lemon, or anything else to change the flavor and maybe add even more nutrition to your deviled eggs.


Add Them to Potato Salad

Hard-boiled eggs are a great food because they’re so easy to add to whatever you’re cooking, and that includes almost any and all summer salad. If you have a savory salad with mayonnaise or sour cream base, odds are hard-boiled eggs will be a welcome addition.

One of those salads is potato salad. You might have already had a potato salad with eggs included, but if you haven’t, a hard-boiled egg will be a fun flavor and texture to add.


Marinate Them

Because of hard-boiled eggs’ soft texture and porous coating, they are super simple to marinate, and there are tons of ways to do so. You can put them in soy sauce, hot sauce, garlic, and more.

The longer you keep them in the marinade, the more intensely they’ll take on the flavor, and then you’ll have the perfect base for any of the aforementioned ways to make them taste good. Soy-marinated hard-boiled eggs in a potato salad? How delicious does that sound!


Pickle Them

You can also always pickle your hard-boiled eggs. This process is similar to marinating them, though the recipe will have some nuances.

The pickled egg is a classic way to eat the food, and you can always change how you’re going to pickle it, like making a beet-pickled egg. Again, the principle of applying a pickled egg to whatever recipe you want, such as you would do with a marinated egg, applies here.


Put Hard Boiled Eggs on Toast

You don’t have to make your hard-boiled eggs into a fancy recipe to make them taste good, though. There are plenty of simple ways that you can utilize this food, and one of them is by simply putting them on toast.

You can eat toast and hard-boiled eggs plain, or you can doctor them up a bit by adding salt and pepper, hot sauce, tomatoes, avocado, a squirt of lemon juice, or arugula. Either way, it’s delicious and super easy to make at any time of the day.


Eat Them with Ramen Noodles

You typically see Ramen noodles eaten with soft-boiled eggs, but you can absolutely eat them with hard-boiled eggs, too. A bowl of Ramen noodles is always better when you include all the fixings, and hard-boiled eggs are a nice texture change from the rest of the ingredients. Plus, they take on the flavor of the salty broth and taste divine.


Health Facts

Hard-boiled eggs are not only versatile and easy to make, but they’re also super healthy. Here are some of the health benefits you can reap from eating hard-boiled eggs:

  • High amounts of protein
  • Low in calories but high in nutrients
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Full of vitamin B, zinc, and calcium


Tips on Peeling

hard boiled eggs slicer

Even if you’ve mastered hard boiling an egg, you might not have mastered peeling them. But don’t worry because there’s a method that’ll make peeling your eggs easier.

Try the ice bath method if you struggle to peel your hard-boiled eggs. After they have finished boiling, immediately transfer your hard-boiled eggs into an ice bath. This will shock your eggs and make them easier to separate from the peel.

Let the eggs sit for a few minutes, then transfer them to a hard surface where you can crack and peel them. The peel will slip right off. Enjoy!


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