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How to Make Rice Cakes Taste Good

How to make rice cakes taste good

Light and airy rice cakes are the perfect healthy snack or breakfast. Store-bought rice cakes come in a wide range of flavors, all the way from salty to sweet, so there is really a rice cake flavor for every palate! Sometimes rice cakes seem boring, especially plain ones. But I am here to tell you that they don’t have to be. Keep reading to learn how to make rice cakes taste good!

Just about everyone can enjoy rice cakes because they are virtually allergen-free, gluten-free, meat-free, dairy free, low in fat, and low in salt. They really are the perfect snack or even a light meal once you know exactly how to make these crunchy cakes shine.

The very best part of rice cakes is how easy they are to customize. These airy snacks can be made better in so many ways, and we will show you how! From toppings to dips to seasonings, the sky is truly the limit when trying to raise up the rice cake!


What are Rice Cakes?

Deliciously light rice cakes are made from puffed rice. To make the rice puff, some rice is heated under extreme pressure, which causes it to expand or puff. The puffed rice kernels naturally stick together at that moment, binding them into a rice cake. Rice cakes can be found in just about every grocery store, or you can make them homemade.


What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like?

Rice cakes have a light, crispy texture and a neutral taste that is slightly nutty, similar to unsalted popcorn. They are made from puffed rice grains that are compacted into a cake shape. However, the toppings you add can change the taste and make it more flavorful. So keep reading for great ideas on how to make rice cakes taste great!


How to Make Homemade Rice Cakes

Making rice cakes can seem a little tricky, but once you make them for the first time, you’ll be amazed at how simple it really was.

Start by rinsing and cooking your desired type of rice, per the package instructions. Sticky rice works well for this. Once cooked, press the rice into a round mold, then place the molded rice onto a baking sheet that is lined with a Silpat. Dry the rice rounds in an oven set to the lowest setting, or 175°F, for six hours or until fully dried.

Once fully dry, fry the rice cakes in a fryer set to 350°F. The cake will puff and float very quickly, and as soon as this stage is reached, it is done!

Dry the rice cakes on a paper towel-lined pan.


Types of Rice Cakes in the Grocery Store

Packages of different flavors of rice cakes

The rice cakes that you find in grocery stores come in all kinds of flavors. There are three basic groups of rice cakes: unflavored, sweetened, and savory.

  • Unflavored rice cakes- These have a light, toasty rice flavor. There are salted, lightly salted, and unsalted plain rice cakes. These basic cakes make the perfect bases for pretty much any of the upgrades we will cover.
  • Sweetened rice cakes– There are a lot of varieties of sweetened rice cakes. Some common flavors of sweetened rice cakes are caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon sugar. These sweet cakes are great on their own, but sweet rice cakes can also be made better!
  • Savory Rice Cakes- Savory rice cakes can be a fun base for a rice cake upgrade. These snacks come in a range of flavors, including; white cheddar, everything seasoning, and tomato basil.

How to Make Rice Cakes Taste Good

Rice cakes are truly blank canvases, so go wild and experiment with different toppings! Try one or all of these tasty ways to make your rice cake taste better.

Top with Peanut Butter

Light and crunchy rice cakes can be used kind of like toast, so it’s only natural that peanut butter pairs perfectly with these!

To prepare a rice cake with peanut butter, start with a basic cake; either unflavored or sweetened works best, then coat it with peanut butter! Creamy peanut butter spreads on rice cakes easily, but crunchy peanut butter packs a punch of munchy flavor. You can even drizzle some honey over the peanut butter for an extra sweet bite.


Top with Fruit

Fresh fruit makes everyone happy, and that is definitely true with rice cakes! Choose a plain or sweetened rice cake, then top it with fresh slices of strawberry, kiwi, orange, or whatever mix of fruit you like!

For a really funky twist, start with a cheddar cheese rice cake, then top it with fresh apple slices. It’s the perfect mix of salty and sweet!


Dip in Chocolate

rice cakes dipped in dark chocolate

One great way to make rice cakes better is by dipping them in chocolate because everything is better dipped in chocolate!

To prepare, melt the chocolate in a double boiler. While that melts, prepare a sheet pan with a cooling rack on top, this is where your chocolate will set. Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, dip your favorite flavor of rice cakes into the warm chocolate.  Place the chocolate-covered cakes on the prepared rack, and let them set.  You can even add sprinkles for a nice pop of color.

You can also just buy rice cakes already dipped in chocolate too!


Add Some Avocado

Avocado toasts are all the rage, and one great way to mix that up is by using a rice cake instead of toast! Start with a plain or savory-flavored rice cake, then top it with fresh avocado, a drizzle of olive oil, and sundried tomatoes. Once you’ve mastered the basic avocado rice cake, you can mix up the add-ons as much as you like; try chili flakes, balsamic vinegar, or pico de gallo.


Butter and Season

A great way to make a rice cake better is by seasoning it, but because the rice cake is dry, it must be brushed with butter (or oil) before seasoning.

Brush a plain rice cake with melted butter, then sprinkle it with seasoned salt, cinnamon sugar, ranch seasoning, or any seasoning blend you can imagine!


Get Cheesy!

Nothing makes food more flavorful and fun than a dose of cheese.  Rice cakes are the perfect vehicle for tasty cheesy flavors.

Start with a plain or savory cake, then top with sliced sharp cheddar, or smear a rich cheese spread over the rice cake.

For a fun breakfast twist, try an everything rice cake topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon.  It has all the elements of a bagel with salmon but none of the gluten!


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