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How to Make Zoodles Taste Good

noodles made from zucchini

Zoodles can be an awesome choice for many people with restricted diets, but they don’t really shine on their own. Follow these helpful steps to make zoodles taste good, and forget all about traditional pasta!

For many, zoodles are a welcome break from everyday pasta dishes, but their vegetable flavor is not popular with everyone. These tasty and twisted noodles are full of nutritious benefits, so how can you make them taste as good as they are for your body? Try these delicious ideas on how to make zoodles taste good and turn your pasta dinner into something extraordinary!


What are Zoodles?

Zoodles are a delicious vegetable alternative to traditional wheat noodles. Zoodles are noodles made from fresh zucchini. They are made by spiralizing or shredding zucchini into thin noodle-like ribbons.

The flavor of zoodles is the same as zucchini. The flavor is mild, leafy, and with a hint of vegetable sweetness. People often choose zoodles to cut carbs, save time, use the bounty of their garden, and get some healthy vegetable protein.


How to Make Zoodles

spiralizer to make zucchini noodles

One amazing thing about zoodles is that, unlike traditional pasta, it does not take much know-how to make them. If you have a spiralizer, you can make zoodles in minutes! To make the zucchini stringy and noodle-like, attach it to a spiralizer and let it spin into beautiful ribbons.

After making the noodles, they should be cooked. The simplest way to cook zoodles is by boiling them for up to 2 minutes or until tender. Once cooked, they can be dressed with sauce, cheese, herbs, and more, just like traditional noodles.


How to Make Zoodles Taste Better

Zucchini Noodle Maker

There are many benefits to serving zoodles, but it can be hard to sell picky eaters on getting their veggies. If you have an eater who struggles with zoodles, change their mind with these delicious ideas to make zoodles taste better!


Peanuts Please!

The fresh garden-inspired flavors of Asian summer rolls are always a hit, so why not turn those flavors into a delicious bowl of zoodles!? Top your zoodles with fresh peanut sauce and plenty of veggies, like carrots, cabbage, and cucumbers. It will taste like a delicious trip to the farm!

To make a simple peanut sauce in minutes, combine peanut butter with sesame oil, sriracha, soy sauce, and honey in a food processor. Process the mixture until smooth and taste, and add seasonings as needed. Use the finished dressing on zoodles, salad, or dipping sauce.


Opt for Olives!

Zoodles are full of satisfying vegetable nutrition, and if you are into light and fresh food, these noodles do not need much. That is why a simple dressing or sauce made of olive oil and herbs can be the perfect choice for zoodles.

All you need is oil and herbs to make a basic olive oil dressing. Mix together olive oil and your favorite blend of herbs, like fresh thyme and basil. Add a little salt and pepper to taste and squeeze in some acid for a pop of brightness, like vinegar or citrus. Taste your mixture and add flavors as needed. Dress your finished zoodles with this tasty mix for a light and fresh-from-the-garden meal!


Max out the Marinara!

Pasta and tomato sauce are a match made in heaven, and zoodles are no exception! Dressing zoodles in fresh tomato sauce can be just the thing to bring out their tasty flavor. This trick is great because you can make the sauce fresh or use a jar, and since zoodles only take a fraction of the cooking time that wheat noodles do, you can have a beautiful meal in no time!


Perfect with Pesto!

Pesto is a classic choice for fresh pasta because of its fresh and herbaceous flavors. Pesto is delicious on sandwiches, noodles, and even zoodles! Grab a jar of your favorite from the grocery store or make your own using fresh pine nuts, basil, garlic, and oil, and then dress fully cooked in this deliciously savory sauce!


Amaze with Alfredo!

Everyone loves cheesy noodles, and alfredo is the perfect “grown-up” way to enjoy rich and creamy noodles with cheese. Grab a jar of alfredo from the grocery store and toss your fully cooked zoodles in the creamy sauce. The result will be a luscious and decadent pasta dish with a wonderful vegetative finish.



noodles made from zucchini

Are Zoodles More Healthy Than Wheat Pasta?

This depends on what your nutritional goals are. Both zoodles and pasta are great inclusions in a healthy diet. That said, zoodles are lower in calories and carbs than traditional pasta and higher in fiber; however, wheat pasta beats out zoodles in the protein department. If you have celiac disease, zoodles are a great choice.

Zoodles may be the healthier choice, but that does not mean pasta is inherently unhealthy. Be aware of your personal nutritional needs and goals and make your choices based on you!


Final Thoughts on How to Make Zoodles Taste Good

Zoodles are a fun alternative to wheat noodles and, for some people, a necessary choice. No matter your reasons for eating zoodles, you can always make them more enjoyable using these fun tips. Take pride in your cooking and trust your taste buds as you explore all the delicious ways to make zoodles taste good.


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