Texas Roadhouse: 18 Things You Didn’t Know (But Will Find Fascinating)

You haven’t tasted real meat if you haven’t ordered meat from Texas Roadhouse. There is nothing like sitting in a loud Texas Roadhouse Restaurant, devouring a sizzling saucy steak, with country music blaring in the back.

Of the many things that make this restaurant chain absolutely incredible, the most beloved is its home-style atmosphere. Laid-back, economical, and serves humongous high-quality meat portions— these are just a few reasons why you should make a trip to the Texas Roadhouse for the steak of your life.

And, it’s not just about the beef; there are so many things that make this food chain so special to the locals and foreigners alike. Read on to find out 18 surprising things about your favorite meat restaurant chain.

1. The First Texas Roadhouse Wasn’t in TexasTexas RoadHouse for steaks

Even when Texas Roadhouse carries the state of ‘Texas’ in its very name, this was not where it first popped up. Not many people know this, but the first Texas Roadhouse restaurant didn’t open in Texas. It was actually Indiana where it really began. After its initial opening in Clarksville, Indiana, in February of 1993, subsequent restaurant chains began opening throughout the USA.

The main headquarters of Texas Roadhouse is located in central Louisville, Kentucky. Now, they have restaurants in 49 US states— out of 50— and the largest is located in the beautiful state of Texas. Texas Roadhouse may have begun as a small diner in some corner of Indiana, but we all know Texas is its real representative.

2. They Spend More Than $1 Billion Dollar on Meat Alone  Raw Beef Fillet

Everyone knows people living in the South are perfect meat-lovers. You can give them anything, from steaks, sausages, and thick patty burgers. And, when it comes to steak, no one can refuse a crispy, gorgeously seasoned fillet.

Hence, there is no question why the biggest ambassadors of steak in Texas continue to spend more than $1 billion on their meat. The thing about steaks is that they can easily reveal the quality of meat. Even the side dishes are meant to accentuate the taste of the steak.

A meat-lover can easily tell when the flesh of a fillet mignon or rib-eye steak is of poor quality. Texas Roadhouse, therefore, spends millions of dollars on the one thing that has truly made them famous – meat.

They could spend a quarter of this money to spruce up the traditional look of their restaurants. But there’s a reason why people flock from all over the country only to this particular restaurant. And we all know, it’s the meat.

3. Texas Has the Most Texas Roadhouse Restaurants Texas RoadHouse Restaurant in Texas, US

Quite fittingly, Texas is indeed the only state in the US that has the most number of Texas Roadhouse restaurants. Even when this wasn’t the place where it really started, everyone knows Texas is the real home of this steak giant.

Texas officially has the largest concentration of restaurants, with more than 50 restaurants across the entire state. If you’re a resident, you probably already know this. It’s safe to say, you may spot more Texas Roadhouse Restaurants in the cities, than shopping malls and infirmaries.

This just goes to show how much the people of Texas love meat and this restaurant in particular. The whopping pounds of meat, after all, are Texas-sized, and hence, rightfully named in its honor. Because it serves humongous home-style meals, the locals totally love it.

4. The Only Restaurant to Have Quickly Attained National AcclaimGuests happily eating steak

Texas Roadhouse is the only food chain in Southern US that has attained unbelievable national acclaim. What’s surprising is how quickly it transformed from an average meat shack to one of the most popular high-quality meat places in America.

They are nationally and internationally recognized for their top-class customer service and food preparation. In fact, they have continued to be the only elite pick by the Nation Restaurant News Consumer Picks survey.

Preserving their record of two years, Texas Roadhouse is officially the most beloved steakhouse in Southern US. They may face competition from other meat places here and there, but their consistency in producing the best meat every time is yet to be beaten.

5. They’re Definitely the Best International Food Chain Delicious steak

If going national wasn’t enough, Texas Roadhouse is officially one of the most recognized international food chains in the world. Rivaling the international presence of powerful food chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Burger King, Texas Roadhouse is clearly winning.

Even they know they’re so good that they simply couldn’t contain all that meaty goodness within the territories of Texas. It just had to come out in front of the world. Expanding overseas in around five major locations, they have multiple restaurants in the Middle East alone.

The future of this wonderful food chain is yet to see its best years. Many food critics who have gotten a chance to taste their fine meat claim that even the dining isn’t all that high-brow, but the meat is out of this world.

6. They’re the Kings of Margarita DrinksColorful Margarita

Texas Roadhouse clearly rules the margarita market, offering the biggest margarita menu in all of the USA. Texas Roadhouse may be old-styled and laid back, but when it comes to juicy margaritas, no one can top them.

You’ll probably find just about every margarita drink in their meat place. Not only do they have an endless variety of colorful margaritas, but their taste is absolutely divine. They have raving customer reviews all over the internet, showering praises on the perfectly tangy yet sweet margaritas.

From the bluest coconut rum to the prettiest-looking hurricane margarita, these guys also sell tea vodka! They offer their guests a total of 15 margaritas and serve them in big glasses.

7. They Have the Coolest Draft Beer (Literally!) Cold Beer

The draft beers served in Texas Roadhouse are possibly the coldest. Drinking frothy chilled beer right from the keg has a unique feel and taste of its own. It instantly quenches your thirst after a meaty round.

The staff at Texas Roadhouse is extremely particular about serving beer only when it has been chilled to a particular temperature. You won’t be getting your beer unless it sends shivers down your back.

The beer is normally kept at a cold temperature of around 36 degrees or below. However, you can get a colder beer on special demand. And this is just one thing Texas Roadhouse does with absolute perfection. The service at Texas Roadhouse truly hits the nail on the head when it comes to satisfying customers.

8. They Make Their Sides from Scratch Restaurant Side dishes

Usually, when a restaurant chain starts growing and expanding into different regions, they start focusing more on its main courses. The main courses are prepared with house sauces and secret ingredients. Side dishes, on the other hand, are made with pre-cut, frozen ingredients.

This is because as they expand, restaurants tend to focus on their main item to maintain the quality. Side dishes are not considered that important and can be easily replaced. But that isn’t the case with Texas Roadhouse.

Even after going international, they still make all of their side dishes from scratch instead of taking shortcuts. From baked potatoes to steamed rice, and crispy vegetables, everything is house-made. This just goes to show that fame didn’t change the traditional culture of Texas Roadhouse.

In addition to this, even the bread usually served with the meat is freshly baked. Texas Roadhouse really knows what’s good.

9. Authentic Homemade FoodChef-style steak

Not just side dishes, Texas Roadhouse also makes all of its steaks and other meat items from scratch. They are the real deal when it comes to home-quality food. Because they use fresh ingredients for every single dish they make, including the salad dressings, bacon bits, and croutons, this restaurant is truly up there.

The fact that Texas Roadhouse takes the time and effort to infuse their dishes with their unique flavors, even when they have the option of pre-packaged ingredients, really sets the bar.

10. They Have the Best, Exclusive Lunch MenuGrilled Hot dogs

Texas Roadhouse usually opens up at night and only two days of the week for lunch. Those two days are like heaven for a meat-lover. The idea of having lunch for only two days is to allow their staff and managers to balance work and life. Lunch is served every Saturday and Sunday to help you kick off your weekend on a pleasant note.

11. They Serve Free and Delicious Pre-Meal SnacksWarm, fluffy bread

At Texas Roadhouse, every guest gets free food. The moment you find a seat you are served a delicious treat of peanuts. It’s all you can eat and absolutely free. You also get a free basket of freshly baked, warm bread.

12. They Serve a Whopping Number of Daily Meals Steaks in Restaurant

It’s understood that large food chains make millions every day serving meals. However, the number of daily meals Texas Roadhouse serves will blow your mind. The statistics show that they serve more than 5,000 guests every week per restaurant.

And, while each restaurant caters to more than 300 guests, you can only imagine what happens in the kitchen. Every single day, Texas Roadhouse prepares more than 300,000 meals for their beloved guests.

13. Each Restaurant Chain Has Their Own ButcherFresh Meat cut by Butcher

Since steaks are the main item on their menu, Texas Roadhouse makes sure they get it right every time. And their little secret is that they have a separate butcher for each restaurant. Instead of getting packaged meat from the same place, each meat house has its own butcher to prepare the meat.

Each steak, rib, and chop is made to suit the style and taste of the area. The meat is preserved in coolers that are maintained at a temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Texas Roadhouse may be picky about what they serve their guests, but every time they do, they set the bar.

14. The Employees Get Special Training  Hospitable Staff at the restaurant

Every single staff member at Texas Roadhouse goes through a stringent training period. The management thoroughly trains them in efforts to upsell the restaurant meals. They’re taught effective strategies that truly speak to the psychology of the customer. Don’t be surprised if you end up ordering a buffet without even realizing it.

15. Each Restaurant Reflects Unique Traits of the Local CommunityCow Boy Eating

If you’re lucky enough to stop at multiple Texas Roadhouse restaurants, you’ll notice that every single one of them has a unique ambiance. No two restaurants are the same. With a dozen different themes, Texas Roadhouse displays aesthetics and murals that are specific to the local community in which they are located.

Along with fine dining, they are also cultural experts. The murals are approved personally by the founder of the chain, Kent Taylor.

16. They Serve Roadkill!Reindeers in danger of roadkill

Roadkill served by Texas Roadhouse isn’t as bad as it sounds. The steaks are prepared by the butchers and then cooked in a delicious mesh of onions, jack cheese, and mushrooms.

17. The Ratio of Steaks to Other Items is Actually HalfSizzling hot Steak

Texas Roadhouse serves a huge variety of home-style comfort foods. However, their biggest, best-selling item is the steak. They have a bigger variety of meat than any other food item on the menu.

18. There is a Meat Hierarchy  Different kinds of beef meat cuts

Texas Roadhouse takes the quality of its meat very seriously. They clearly don’t believe in wasting meat or chucking away the leftovers. The finest meat chunks are used for steaks, while the leftovers are trimmed off and used for their famous kebabs and Dillo bites.

It’s time to head out for a steak marathon. And while you’re at it, make sure to savor the sides and the coolest beverages at Texas Roadhouse!

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