The Most Meaningful Upgrades You Can Make To Your Bathroom

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If you’re looking to update and upgrade your bathroom, it’s important to have a goal in mind. After all, as far as renovations go, it’s one of the most expensive rooms in the home to upgrade, although sometimes this can be the kitchen, depending on the work that you want done. As such, if you’re looking to keep control of your budget, or you simply aren’t sure which upgrades are going to make the biggest difference, here are a few examples to keep in mind.


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Switching to a walk-in shower

Some people don’t have space for both a bath and a shower, and are happy to keep the shower over their bath if it means they still have the choice ot soak. However, if you’re not a bath kind of person, then the advantages of a walk-in shower are almost too numerous to count. Not only are they a lot more convenient and accessible, but they can also help you save space in the bathroom, even if you have to do a little tiling to cover up the space where the bath previously was.


Changing to a better toilet

It might not be the most glamorous aspect of using the bathroom, but it definitely is one of the most important. There are a lot of reasons to upgrade your toilet, whether yours isn’t as effective or efficient as you would like, you want to switch to a low-flo model, or you want to upgrade it to have some bidet functions. Unless you’re entirely changing the bathroom, choosing a new toilet doesn’t necessarily require you to switch the pipes around, which can avoid costs getting too high, too. Just try not to skimp too much on the cost, as you want your toilet to be reliable.


Adding some real ventilation

If you don’t have good airflow in your bathroom, not only is it going to make it a lot stuffier after you shower or bathe, but it brings a whole host of problems. You will have to clean much more often as a result of the condensation, and that build up of moisture is going to make problems with mold a lot more likely to occur more often. Choosing and fitting the right size of bathroom exhaust fan is going to make the space much, much more comfortable and easier to maintain.


Heating your flooring

This is one we’re saving for last because, out of all of them, it’s the most “optional” of them all. You might not need a heated floor as much as the rest, but the level of comfort it can add should not be underestimated. What’s more, although the install cost is a little high, this kind of heating typically tends to be more cost-effective than using radiators, so you could recoup some of your costs in reduced energy bills.

Which bathroom renovation projects best suit your needs are going to depend on your own priorities. Those mentioned above, however, tend to be the hot ticket items for most homes.


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