Top 10 Clutter Storage Products to Corral All of Your Clutter

Top 10 Storage Containers

Top 10 Clutter Storage Products

When it comes to clutter storage… less is definitely more. But living clutter free does not mean that you need to get rid of all of your possessions. You just need to make sure you only keep what you love and can actually find the things that you decide to keep. That is why these top 10 clutter storage products are worth checking out as they just might be what you need to manage the items you decide to keep*.

1. Movie Cabinet

If most of your clutter consists of DVDs and VHS tapes you have clung to over the years, you can easily solve your problem by investing in a movie cabinet. Movie cabinets are sleek, stylish, and spacious.

Movie Cabinet on Amazon

2. Entertainment Center

An entertainment center does more than offer a place to store all of your movies and games. It gives you space to proudly display all of your collectibles, house your gaming consoles, Blu Ray player, etc.

Entertainment Center on Amazon

3. Dresser

Tired of walking all over piles of clothes on the floor? Try investing in a dresser. If all you have is a closet it’s no wonder that you have clothes all over the place. Even if you already have a dresser, you might need a second dresser at some point.

Dresser on Amazon

4. Shelving

Shelving is another quick fix that can help declutter your home. Knickknacks laying around on the floors are commonly perceived to declutter. On the flip side, if you place all of those knickknacks on selves, they become decorative and you can enjoy them without tripping over them.

5. Plastic Totes

Some things just don’t belong on a shelf, an entertainment center, in a dresser, or in a movie cabinet. Take miscellaneous items, for example, you can’t put those on a shelf for all to see! The battery charger for your leaf blower might be useful but that doesn’t mean that it should be laying around where everyone can see it. Enter plastic totes, one of the most versatile clutter storage products available. I have one of these totes in every room of the house where I can put clutter in until I have the chance to put it away or give it away.

Plastic totes on Amazon

6. Foldable Cloth Storage Bags

Foldable cloth storage bags are versatile and stylish. Due to their size, you can store them just about anywhere. For example, you can store plenty of foldable cloth storage bags on the floor in your closet. You can label them and organize them so that you can easily find the ones you need at any given time.

Remember that leaf blower battery charger we mentioned earlier? Why not just store all of your battery chargers in one foldable cloth storage bag. Slap a label on it, tuck it away and you are done!

Foldable Cloth Storage Bags on Amazon

7. Organizer Benches

Organizer benches are great because they look nice and they can store a lot. I love using one in my entryway to store hats, gloves, and shoes. They are also great in bedrooms for storing extra blankets and in playrooms for storing games and toys.

Organizer bench on Amazon

8. Dresser Drawer Dividers

Remember that dresser we told you to invest in? You might want to double down with some dresser drawer dividers while you are at it. A lot of people get frustrated when they find that the inside of their dresser drawers looks like a disorganized disaster.

You can easily keep the contents of your dresser drawers organized by using dividers. The inside of your dresser drawers will look organized and you will have an easier time finding things and putting them away.

Dresser Drawer Dividers on Amazon

9. Food Storage Set

One of the messiest rooms in most homes across the country is the kitchen. People commonly have food in bulky containers sprawled all over it. You can solve this problem with a set of airtight food storage containers. These containers are perfect for storing commonly used food items like flour, pasta, and coffee. The best part is that these containers are stackable and do not take up too much space.

By consolidating things like flour, pasta, coffee, etc. from a bunch of oddly shaped containers of different shapes and sizes into a set of sleek, stackable, airtight containers, you will save space and your kitchen will look spotless!

Food Storage Set on Amazon

10. Paper Shredder

The last clutter storage product but definitely not the least is the paper shredder. Some clutter just doesn’t belong, it has to go. Do you really need to hold onto all of the offers you’ve gotten in the mail over the last 5 years? Don’t just pitch it, shred it!

Having a paper shredder makes it easy to reduce the number of unneeded documents in your home. Sure you could just throw all of those papers away, but it would take up more space in your garbage bin. When you use a paper shredder, you’ll save space in your garbage bin and in your home, it’s a win-win!

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