What Sides Go With BBQ Chicken

yummy BBQ chicken

Nothing compares to the flavors you find in barbeque chicken, but what sides go with BBQ chicken? Get all the saucy details on how to pair the right sides with BBQ chicken for an ideal platter!

Some foods are kind of a rite of passage, like BBQ chicken. You truly have not lived until you have the perfect plate of BBQ chicken! The flavors of the smoke, the sauce, and the grill all come together to make something magical, but a chicken is just a chicken until you get all the delicious sides together! Find just the right sides to craft the perfect BBQ chicken platter with this tasty guide!


What is BBQ Chicken?

Barbecue refers to two things, the seasonings/sauce, and the cooking method. A traditional BBQ chicken can be any cut of the bird, but it must be seasoned with barbecue seasonings, grilled, and often served with a rich ketchup-based sauce.


What Sides Go with BBQ Chicken?

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad

Barbecue chicken is saucy, smoky, and rich. That is what makes a cold macaroni salad the perfect side dish for this tasty protein. Macaroni salads can vary, but they generally include macaroni, mayonnaise-based dressing, veggies, and sometimes hard-boiled eggs. No matter how you make it, this cold and creamy side dish is the perfect balance for BBQ chicken!


Baked Potato

baked potato

Few sides are as simple or delicious as baked potatoes. This creamy spud-based side dish is just right for serving alongside rich meaty dishes like BBQ chicken. A delectable baked potato adds a nice mild flavored side to complement the bold meaty, and spiced flavors of BBQ chicken. Choose your favorite topping to build an epic potato side dish!


Green Peas

green peas in a can

If presentation matters, then you are probably always looking for colorful sides for your meaty main dishes, and nothing beats the red and green pairing of BBQ chicken and peas. Peas have such a fresh flavor and color that they are a nice break from the bold flavor of BBQ chicken. Stay simple with the side by steaming them and serving them with butter.



homemade French fries

There are a few meals that fries can’t make better! French fries are an easy, versatile, and delicious way to add starch to any meal, including BBQ chicken. Make fries fresh or baked some from frozen; no matter how you make them, these spuds will add plenty of crunchy satisfaction to your big chicken dinner!


Baked Beans

can of baked beans

Every traditional barbecue platter includes beans, and the best kind of bean for barbecue is baked beans. This saucy, smoky, and fatty side dish brings so much fun flavor and texture to your plate. Typically baked beans consist of red beans in a sweet and smoky sauce with bacon bits.


Potato Salad

homemade potato salad on a plate

Potato salad is a creamy and starchy side that brings out the best in BBQ chicken! Everyone has their own version of this tasty side, but they generally include potatoes, mayonnaise-based dressing, herbs, and spices. This perfect cold salad has just the right amount of creaminess to balance the bold saucy flavors of the barbecue sauce.



Coleslaw is a wonderful bite of creamy cabbage and veggies, and it is just right for pairing with BBQ chicken! It blends cabbage, carrots, and mayonnaise-based dressing to make a saucy veggie side that adds both freshness and creaminess to a beautiful plate of barbecue.



plate of Corn on the Cob

Corn is possibly the sweetest vegetable around, that makes it a nice touch to rich, grilled foods like BBQ chicken. This surgery veggie has so much color and flavor that it can totally transform your meal from basic to gourmet! In the off-season, grab some frozen corn and steam it; otherwise, pick up some fresh ears and serve gorgeous corn-on-the-cob with your next big barbecue!



a bunch of dinner rolls

Sometimes all you need to make the perfect plate is a freshly baked roll. Whether it’s a sweet Hawaiian roll or a traditional dinner roll, a little bread balances the strong barbecue flavors. You can even use fresh bread to build a BBQ chicken sandwich!


Pasta Salad

Cold pasta salad adds fresh flavor and grains to a plate of BBQ chicken. Pasta salad is made with cold noodles, veggies, cheese, proteins, and usually an oil-based dressing. There are so many variations of this classic cold salad, but no matter the version, pasta salad is always great with BBQ chicken!


Root Veggie Mash

Potatoes get all the attention, but there is a whole world of root vegetables out there, and they are all delicious! Try matching your BBQ chicken up with something tasty by pairing it with a root vegetable mash. Whether you stick with classic mashed potatoes or go for a turnip update, you are sure to have a creamy and flavorful side that will shine next to your chicken!



pan of cooked white rice

Rice is the perfect grain because it goes with everything! A nice rice with butter and herbs is just mild enough to pair with the bold flavors of barbecue sauce. The light and toasty flavor of perfectly cooked rice is a great break from the richness of the chicken. You can even spice things up by opting for rice and beans instead of plain rice!


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