How to Cook Corn on the Grill with the Husk On

Corn Cooked on the Grill with the Husk On

There are many different ways to grill ears of corn, but in my opinion, to get the perfect, juicy grilled corn on the cob, there is only one way – grilling in the husks. Keep reading to learn step-by-step how to cook corn on the grill with the husk on.


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Why Cook Corn on the Grill with the Husk On?

The husk acts as a natural shield for the corn, protecting it from getting burnt on the flames from the grill. This protective shield also steams the corn, locking in the moisture so you don’t end up with dry corn. By sealing in all the corn’s moisture, you will end up with an ear of much more flavorful corn.  However, this isn’t even the best part about grilling corn with the husks on. Can you guess what the best part is?

Way less prep time! The fire from the grill will char the husks without burning the corn – no foil needed! You can literally put the corn on the grill without adding anything, and boom, you have your ears of corn grilled to perfection.


How to Cook Corn on the Grill with the Husk On

corn on the cob with husks on

The more research you do on how to grill ears of corn in husks, the more variety of grilling styles you will see. Some recipes go as far as soaking the husks before grilling. Don’t get me wrong, you can soak them if you like, but you can get the same results without doing that. I want to give you the easiest method of grilling corn in the husks without sacrificing any of the flavors.


Start by removing some of the husks on top

Even though we are cooking corn with the husk on, it helps to trim a bit off the top of the corn. This will prevent the little hairs on top from catching fire and burning the tip of the corn. A little char is okay, but if we burn it too much, the corn could become dry.

Preheat your grill to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

While you are trimming the husks a bit on the tops of your corn, preheat your grill to a temperature between 375℉ and 450℉. To get the best corn on the cob, it must be cooked on direct heat, so don’t skip this step. If you put the corn on a cold grill, it is not going to steam properly.

Grill the corn for about 15-20 minutes

By removing the husks at the top, you may have an easier time gauging the corn’s doneness. If the kernels are looking a bit more transparent, then they are ready to eat! This process should take around 15 to 20 minutes, but flip the corn over a few times to aid in even cooking.

Serve and enjoy

Carefully take the corn off the grill and let it cool for approximately five to 10 minutes. Once it has cooled down, you should easily be able to take off the husks and silk on the corn. Add some butter, salt, and whatever other seasonings you like. Voila! Your corn is ready to eat.



What to Serve with Corn on the Cob

corn on the cob holders

Grilled corn on the cob goes well with almost any meal, but if you are not sure what to pair it with, here are some options:

  • Any meat dish, especially if it’s also being grilled (steak, ribs, chicken, etc.)
  • Hot dogs or burgers
  • Grilled or baked fish (i.e., salmon or tilapia)
  • Potato Salad

You can even take the kernels off the corn and turn it into a corn salad to pair with your tacos or other dishes!


Corn on the Cob: Helpful Tips

Corn on the cob is a simple yet delicious side dish. But what if you want to elevate your corn on the cob? Here are some ways you can make your corn stand out and show off to your guests (or show off to yourself).


Buy Fresh Corn

The fresher the corn, the better flavor you’ll get out of this recipe.


Spice It Up

A perfect way to level up your corn on the cob is to turn it into Elote – a traditional Mexican street food. When your corn cools down, you can add a bit of mayonnaise, cotija cheese, lime, and chili powder. An incredible combination of flavors can take your corn to the next level. There are many other ways to “globalize” your corn on the cob. In Cambodia, they add coconut milk to theirs to create an even sweeter taste. Try looking up how people from other countries eat corn, you might find some interesting varieties you want to try.


Char It Up

By grilling corn on the cob in its husk, you get little to no char on the corn. For some, having barely any char is perfect. But if you want to have a bit of char on your corn, you can pull back a small section (one to two inches) of the husk and grill it last. This method is the best way to get the best of both worlds!


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