Boston Baked Beans Candy: 10 Fun Facts!

Boston Baked Beans Candy

Boston Baked Beans candy is sugar-coated peanuts that have been dyed red to match the color of…you guessed it..a baked bean. These candy-coated peanuts are deliciously sweet with just enough crunch to get candy lovers wanting more.

Boston Baked Beans candy has been a product of the candy industry for almost 100 years! (They debuted in 1924) Here are 10 other things you probably don’t know about this sweet and crunchy coated peanut candy!


1. There are No Beans

Not a one. But there are peanuts, and they are legumes, just like beans. They are also roughly the same shape, too, so they look like them without containing any baked beans at all.

Besides, real baked beans are soft and hot, and these candy baked beans are hard and crunchy. Even if you were confused, you would know after the first bite. Never judge a peanut by its cover.


2. They are Named After Baked Beans

bag of Boston Baked Beans

Boston Baked Beans are a particularly popular dish that is still made today. Although they often contain brown sugar and molasses, they are not candy. No more than this crunchy peanut candy are actual baked beans.

The sugar-coated candy is dyed red to resemble baked beans, and the peanuts are mixed into the liquid candy and left to dry so they develop a hard coating. The coating doesn’t taste like beans; it is sweet.


3. They are Not From Boston

picture of the Boston skyline

They were actually developed in Chicago. Not that Boston Baked Beans are exclusive to Boston, but they did come about there many years ago. What makes them unique is the brown sugar and molasses.

Boston Baked Beans candy was developed by Salvatore Ferrara, a confectioner in Chicago in 1924 and is still made by the Ferrara Candy Shop company today.


4. They Look Just Like Baked Beans

can of baked beans

Did they decide that the peanuts looked like beans, or did they decide to make a candy that looked like beans? Either way, they look just like beans. There are reports from people who wouldn’t eat them, assuming they were actually beans.

But who would buy baked beans in a box or a bag? No one. I guess that’s a testament to how well these candies are made to resemble their namesake. If you saw them in a bowl, you would probably not be able to tell if they are real baked beans or candy.


5. They are Still Made the Same Way

The process of making Boston Baked Beans candy is called cold panned. The peanuts are mixed in a revolving pan, and then the sugar and other ingredients are slowly added to coat and cook the candy.

The hard candy coating, the roasting of the peanuts, the mixing, and the cooling down and hardening process take four days to complete.


6. They are a Healthier Option

Because the Boston Baked Beans are candy-covered peanuts, they are a healthier snack for you over certain other types of candy. Peanuts are actually a good source of protein, so you are not getting as much sugar or calories as you would with other candies.


7. They Make a Perfect Portable Snack

little boxes of Boston Baked Beans

Take them to the movies, take them in your lunch to work or school. They come in a perfect snack-sized bag or box that won’t take up any room.


8. Suitable for Vegetarians

Boston Baked Beans candy is fine for people that opt not to eat products derived from animals and for those who follow a vegan diet.


9. Still Reasonably Priced

If you are having trouble finding these treats at your local shops or supermarkets, you can find them online. Check with major online shopping sites or from Ferrara Candy Shop directly.

You should be able to buy them for a reasonable price, either locally or online. They haven’t gone up that much over the years, so buy a few of them when you find them, just to have some extras around.


10. They Make Great Baking Decorations

cookies with Boston Baked Beans

Imagine how fun it will be to decorate a birthday cake, add them to your next batch of cookies, or to any sweet recipe. People will wonder what the heck is wrong with you, adding beans to your baking.


Go and Grab Some Boston Baked Beans Candy

box of Boston Baked Beans

Check out your local grocery or candy store or create an online order for your next treat of Boston Baked Beans candy. You can’t help but go nuts over these delightful lil’ candies! Eat them to your heart’s content!


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