Why Häagen-Dazs Flavors Reign Supreme

scoops of Häagen-Dazs

Few ice cream brands are as trusted as Häagen-Dazs. Learn about these must-try Häagen-Dazs flavors that will seriously blow all the other competition right out of the water.

When was the last time you enjoyed a pint of your favorite ice cream? Häagen-Dazs has been a household name in the ice cream world for decades, and there’s no wonder why. Few brands are as sinfully decadent.

But I’m here to tell you that what you think you know about Häagen-Dazs may not be the truth regarding this company or its many flavors. Let’s jump in and learn a little more. While you’re at it, go ahead and grab a pint to enjoy while you read.


History Of Häagen-Dazs

Surely, this well-known ice cream brand has its roots in Denmark, right? And from its Danish-sounding name, isn’t the company Scandinavian, just like Ikea, another favorite store from that part of the world?

Nope – not even a little bit. Unlike your favorite Scandinavian furniture store, Häagen-Dazs was never made in Scandinavia. Instead, it actually has its roots right in the USA – in the Bronx, NY, to be exact.

While native English speakers may think the name sounds Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian, the word doesn’t exist in those languages. More on that in a moment!


A Family Venture

Häagen-Dazs began in 1961 with two Jewish-Polish immigrants, Reuben Mattus and his wife Rose. They sold ice pops and chocolate-covered ice cream bars in the Bronx. Their first three flavors were basic: vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.


Why Häagen-Dazs Is So Expensive

Different kinds of Häagen-Dazs ice cream

After a while, they started making ice cream to sell to local grocers but found it to be a challenge to sell alongside national brands such as Breyers. Mattus believed that customers would be willing to pay more for rich, high-quality ice cream over a large national brand that sacrificed quality for a lower cost.

Mattus’ belief was that if you were going to enjoy some ice cream, you should have an indulgent and fulfilling experience rather than simply be satisfied with a cold, sweet, inferior product. He wanted to use the highest quality ingredients to make the absolute best ice cream.

He developed an ice cream that contained a higher butterfat content with less air mixed into it. Further, his ice creams contained no additives and only used basic, high-quality ingredients.

His vision worked, and by 1973, Häagen-Dazs was shipping pints of their rich and creamy ice cream around the country. On November 15, 1976, they opened their first retail store in Brooklyn, New York.

Pillsbury acquired the company in 1983 and began shipping Häagen-Dazs to countries around the world. Pillsbury was later purchased by General Mills, but the deal granted licensing rights of Häagen-Dazs in the US to Dreyer’s, a Nestlé subsidiary.


Meaning Of The Häagen-Dazs Name

One question at the top of many people’s minds is, “What does Häagen-Daz mean in English?” As it turns out… it means absolutely nothing.

Reuben Mattus worked hard to come up with an original and unique name. He thought that having a Scandinavian-sounding name would make the brand stand out in a favorable way and convey the sense of “old world traditions.”

As the story goes, Mattus spent a lot of time trying different word and sound combinations until he came up with something he liked. He added the umlaut over the “a” even though the accent mark doesn’t exist in the Danish language.

The result: A made-up word with no origin in North-Germanic languages and also has no meaning in English or any other language!

Now that we have a sense of the history behind the brand let’s dive into the good stuff: Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors!


The Flavors Of Häagen-Dazs

 Häagen-Dazs ice cream

Top Häagen-Dazs Flavors 

When it comes to ice cream flavors, few battles rage hotter than the debate between vanilla fans and chocolate fans. Vanilla and Chocolate have long reigned supreme when it comes to enjoying that top spot on the “favorite ice cream flavors” list.

Häagen-Dazs keeps track of its most popular flavors, both in the stores and in online searches. The results are interesting, to say the least.




pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream

One of the brand’s original flavors, vanilla, is one of the most popular and widely produced flavors around the world. Is there really any question about why classic vanilla regularly lands in the top five Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors? Vanilla fans have long fought off the claim that vanilla is boring. Trust me, Häagen-Dazs vanilla is anything but.



pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream

Thanks to the high-quality ingredients and differences in the manufacturing process, Häagen-Dazs makes exceptionally delicious simple flavors. The second of three of the original Häagen-Dazs flavors, coffee, is simple yet divine. If you enjoy a good cup of joe, you’ll love this flavor.



pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream

Often the top three flavors are some order of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. That trio covers all the bases when it comes to basic flavors. And while super popular classic flavors such as strawberry and vanilla are hard to improve upon, Häagen-Dazs managed to do it. One bite of their version and its combination of rich cream and sweet berries will knock your socks off.


Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bar

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla, milk chocolate almond ice cream bar

This bar falls on the list of the best Häagen-Dazs flavors and stands out because it’s not a scoopable flavor. Instead, the bar is smooth, sweet vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate coating with roasted almonds for a deliciously crunchy shell.


Butter Pecan

Häagen-Dazs pint of ice cream

A rich twist on an already indulgent classic – sweet cream is filled with buttery roasted pecans. It’s sweet. It’s buttery. And it’ll keep you coming back for more.



Dulce De Leche

Häagen-Dazs pint of ice cream

A great name, right? Don’t let this caramel-based ice cream fool you – it’s simple yet mighty. This flavor is a must-have for anyone who loves caramel. In addition, thanks to the increasing popularity of caramel-based flavors, this is one you’re likely to see on “best of” lists for many years to come.



Green Tea


Häagen-Dazs pint of ice cream

Green Tea ice cream may have its place in ice cream shops around the world, but it’s not a common flavor in the US. This Häagen-Dazs flavor is not your average cup of green tea in frozen treat form. It’s a delightfully delicious balance of sweet, light, and fresh to provide a more guilt-free choice from the brand that excels at delivering near-sinful decadence.


White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Häagen-Dazs pint of ice cream

If you love a good blend of fruit and white chocolate, run – don’t walk – and buy a pint of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It’s tangy, sweet, and full of fudgy truffle chunks to provide a very satisfying flavor experience.

With all of these amazing flavor options, is it any wonder why Häagen-Dazs is so good? Which Häagen-Dazs flavor is your favorite? I have to admit that I love all of them!



Can you microwave ice cream?

Technically, you can microwave ice cream, but it is not recommended. Microwaving ice cream can cause it to melt unevenly, resulting in a soupy mess or hard, icy chunks. It can also alter the texture and taste of the ice cream. It is best to let the ice cream soften at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.


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