How to Make Cream of Wheat Taste Good

Bowl of Cream of Wheat with berries

Cream of Wheat is a brand of hot cereal similar to oatmeal that is very easy to make but can sometimes taste boring if you do not know how to jazz it up. Don’t worry; we are going to show you how to make Cream of Wheat taste good so you can enjoy this popular breakfast cereal anytime you want!


What is a Cream of Wheat?

box of Instant Cream of Wheat

Cream of Wheat is made from ground wheat and wheat germ and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. The original kind of Cream of Wheat is not flavored, but it also comes in flavors such as maple and brown sugar and banana walnut.


How to Make Cream of Wheat Taste Good

There are several ways you can improve the flavor and texture of your Cream of Wheat and make it taste even better. Here are some of our favorite ways to make Cream of Wheat taste good.


Replace Water with Milk

A row of different types of milk in glass bottles.

Most people prepare instant Cream of Wheat with water but try using milk instead. Unlike water, milk contains extra sugar and fat, which enhances the flavor of this hot cereal. You can use any kind of milk, including whole milk, low-fat milk, skim milk, coconut milk, or even half-and-half.


Spice it Up

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie spice gives Cream of Wheat a lot more flavor without adding more sugar. Add your spices to the dry cereal before adding your hot milk or water. You will not only enjoy the taste, but the spices will also smell great!


Add a Dash of Extract

bottle of vanilla extract

Try adding a dash of vanilla or almond extract to your Cream of Wheat after you add your hot water or milk. Start by adding just a drop or two, as extracts can add too strong of a flavor if you use too much. You can always add more extract if you want.


Add Fruit

regular and golden raisins

Prepare your Cream of Wheat with either hot water or milk, and then add in some of your favorite fruits to sweeten it up. Try adding sliced bananas, apples, berries, or any type of fruit that you can think of. Dried fruit like raisins or craisins is a great addition as well.


Stir in Maple Syrup or Honey

A glass jar of granulated honey along with other types of honey in glass jars.

Honey and maple are humectants, which means they draw moisture from the air and into your food. Both make Cream of Wheat more flavorful by improving its texture and taste. Honey also helps ensure that the grains do not clump together.


Stir in Brown Sugar

spoonful of brown sugar

Brown sugar is sugar made from sugar cane or sugar beets. Look for brown sugar that says “natural” on the label, which means it’s made without artificial ingredients like hydrogenated oil or bleached cornstarch. A spoonful of brown sugar added to your bowl of Cream of Wheat will sweeten it right up.


Fold in Chocolate Chips

a pile of chocolate chips

When you mix the cereal with milk, add some chocolate chips. They will melt and create a rich, creamy texture. It’s a great way to get your kids to eat Cream of Wheat. You can also fold the chocolate chips into your Cream of Wheat cereal. It makes the dish look nicer, with a warm chocolate chip cookie taste.


Get Nutty

A close look at a few shelled walnuts.

Adding some walnuts or pecans to Cream of Wheat makes it heartier and provides a nice crunch.  Coconut flakes are also a delicious way to add flavor and texture to this popular breakfast porridge known as Cream of Wheat. Now go grab some instant Cream of Wheat at the grocery store now and try one or all the tips from this article.


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Written by Laurie Graves

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