How to Make Egg Whites Taste Good So You’ll Actually Love Eating Healthfully

Egg White Omelet

Whether you’re trying to get into shape or your doctor has urged you to change your eating habits, egg whites are a great breakfast choice for protein and nutrients. But there’s a huge problem…without the yolk, the taste is a joke. It’s like a cruel prank on your taste buds, making you suffer through every bite. If you learn how to make egg whites taste good, though, you can keep healthy and enjoy it.

Some of these tips are all about the technique, while others are about what you can add. These tips go way beyond just telling you to add some salt and black pepper. You can combine them any way you like on your mission on how to make egg whites taste good!


How to Make Egg Whites Taste Good


carton of organic egg whites

Whisk to Improve Texture

From fresh egg whites to those liquid egg whites you buy at the store, you’ll make them infinitely better when you incorporate more air. Grab your whisk and have at it so that you create a soft and fluffy textured egg mixture that will go a long way to your enjoyment of egg whites.


Cook Egg Whites Slow and on Low

Over high heat, you’ll essentially wind up with fried egg whites, which aren’t even close to as good without that yolk in there. You’ll also want to keep stirring your egg whites so it cooks evenly and doesn’t dry out.


Put Fat in There

Yolks give you a source of good fats, but if you’re minding your cholesterol intake, that’s likely why you’ve decided to find out how to make egg whites taste good. Don’t be afraid to put some fat in there. Healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil will instantly make them taste much better. Butter also works too, and it’s a healthier choice over margarine.


How to Make Egg Whites Taste Good with the Right Additions

Whether on top or added to your egg whites, these additions can instantly change your mind about how egg whites taste. After all, they’re like a blank culinary canvas that you get to decorate your way. And with so many ways to do that, you can surely jazz them up deliciously!


Add Pickled Veggies

Pickled jalapeno peppers add a nice strong flavor to your egg whites. Another way to make egg whites taste good is through kimchi or any other pickled veggie. You can cook them with egg whites or simply throw them on top.


Decorate with Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are another savory way to make those egg whites taste good. Try cilantro, basil, rosemary, parsley, thyme, or any other fresh-picked herbs to infuse your egg whites. It helps to briefly heat the fresh herbs in olive oil, then remove them and cook the egg whites. The flavors will penetrate more deeply into your dish, and then you can top the finished product with slightly wilted herbs.


Pair Egg Whites with Meat

Slices of crispy fried bacon on a chopping board.

Remember what we said about adding fat? Your egg whites will taste amazing if you cook them in bacon fat. Or sausage drippings. And, of course, incorporating these meaty morsels into scrambled egg whites is going to be awesome. With this addition, you won’t miss the yolks. Though if you are eating egg whites to be healthier, mind the portion of meat you add to the dish.

Other meats that will boost the taste are ham, salami, and any leftover cooked meats from last night’s dinner – even taco meat. Chop any big pieces into bite-sized bits and sprinkle them into your egg whites.


Don’t Forget Those Veggies Too

A bundle of Lacinato Kale on a wooden surface.

Whether you eat meat or not, make sure you put some veggies in there to make your egg whites taste good. Spinach, kale, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, and broccoli are all stellar choices. They’re great on their own with egg whites or when matched with meats. And you can make some pretty spectacular combinations when you unite them. For example, bacon, spinach, mushrooms or Italian sausage, red bell peppers, mushrooms, and kale are delicious with egg whites.


Aromatics Are a Must

infographic describing the benefits of garlic

Technically, onions and garlic are veggies. But because they’re aromatics, they deserve their own section. These things can really boost the blah taste of those egg whites in an instant. This is especially true if you caramelize them. However, there are other aromatic agents you can add for more unusual flavors. Turmeric can add a bright yellow-orange color to your egg whites and trick you into thinking you are getting those yolks.

And as for ginger, it’s a staple of Asian cuisine and works wonderfully with green onions, a dash of soy sauce (or tamari for a gluten-free option), a dash of sesame oil, and a garnish of sesame seeds. Playing around with aromatics will certainly give you more fun ways to serve up tasty egg whites.


Say Cheese!

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? If cheese is amazing in regular scrambled eggs, then you know it’s going to be just as life-changing with just the egg whites. And it’s true. There are so many ways to play with cheese and egg whites that you may very well have a tough time deciding on your favorite.

Cheddar cheese is one of the best and easiest options that you likely have in your fridge. However, give Swiss, goat cheese, Havarti, gouda, brie, parmesan, feta, and mozzarella a chance too.

And you probably guessed this one, too…you can pair these cheeses with any combination of meats and vegetables. Cheese brings it all together in such a delicious way that you’ll forget about those yolks. Well, almost. But it will definitely be the best way for you to make egg whites taste good.

Here are some quick combinations that bring meat, veggies, and cheese together deliciously with those boring egg whites:

  • Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Italian sausage, and basil
  • Bacon, Swiss, mushrooms, spinach, and thyme
  • Feta, chicken, bell peppers, and kale
  • Ham, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and broccoli

You get the idea!


Get Some Heat in There

Chocolate Bhutlah

Whenever you have something that lacks flavor, a great way to charge it up is to add something spicy. Grab some hot peppers and let the fun begin. What’s great about peppers is that there are so many varieties. Even mixing them up so you have both hot and sweet peppers in there is going to create an egg white omelet, scramble, or frittata that you can’t wait to eat.


Go Saucy

jar of spicy mustard

Sauces also have the power to bring out the best in egg whites. One of the best ways to make egg whites taste good is by sprinkling them with hot sauce. Another option: sriracha. Piri Piri sauce, pesto, and chimichurri will really dial up flavor though you can put your favorite condiments, from mustard to BBQ sauce, on those egg whites.

For brunch, lunch, or light dinner, consider whipping up a Hollandaise sauce. Yes, it uses egg yolk, but you don’t want them to go to waste, do you? There are other sauces you can make that will make use of the yolks you’re not using. And since you don’t need so much sauce on your egg whites to make them taste better, you won’t have to feel bad about it.

Allemande sauce is just one of them, which is a bite like a velouté. It’s considered one of the key sauces in traditional French cuisine and can give your egg whites a fabulous makeover. Or make Bearnaise sauce with your yolks, butter, shallots, vinegar, and tarragon.

Tuscan salsa verde is another option hailing from Tuscany to reinvigorate your plate of egg white. Made with anchovies, parsley, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, capers, eggs, pickled veggies, and seasonings, it’s the kind of sauce that will impress anyone that comes over to dine with you.


Get Spicy

Open spices on the table

Because egg whites are so boring on their own, you can feel free to take them to other lands with different seasonings. Try mixing it with some curry, garam masala, or fish sauce. Give those different spices on your spice rack a try, like taco seasoning, Herbs de Provence, fajita seasoning, cumin, and more, and you may just come up with something you love.


Try it with Chutney

jars of Chutney

If you are blessed with leftovers from your Indian takeout, raid your stash for the accompanying chutney. Tomato relish, cucumber, spicy onion, spicy coconut, or even that mint one can blow your mind with incredible flavors.


Give it the Salsa Treatment

Seinfeld famously went on about salsa in the 90s. It’s proven to be a condiment with huge staying power, and not just on taco night. Instead of ladling it by the chip-full into your awaiting mouth, take your salsa and mix it with the egg whites. You can also spoon it on top and garnish it with cilantro and shredded cheese. You’ll definitely eat those egg whites without a fuss, that’s for sure.

Any kind of salsa will do the trick here too. Whether you like that spicy melt-your-face-off stuff, mild, tomatillo, your own famous homemade salsa, or one of those mango or fruity salsas. Side bonus: for anything fruity-based for salsa, give it some jalapenos, too, and you will have a taste sensation that’s out of this world.


Go with Guac

cute guac bowl and spoon

Guacamole has been proven to make almost anything better. If you somehow managed not to snarf it all down with your tacos, pile it onto your egg whites. It’s great with salsa and cheese too. Or give it more of an avocado toast style by simply slicing up fresh avocados on top.


Top it Off with Textures

Our final tip for how to make egg whites taste good is by adding things on top to add texture. Salsa can fall into this category too, but we’re thinking of things like microgreens, bacon bits, sprouts, fried wonton crisps, tortilla strips, and the like. By finishing it off with something of a different texture, it creates a better dining experience. Yes, even if you’re having egg whites!

When it comes to making egg whites taste good, you’re only limited by your own creativity and what’s in your kitchen. But that second one can be fixed in a moment with a trip to the store or by ordering a few things from grocery delivery. By making use of all the flavors you’ve got on hand, you’re destined to create great things with those egg whites.

Once you get into it, you’ll find your favorites and have a hard time deciding between them every time you set up to make your egg whites. The bottom line is letting loose and freeing your mind to experiment with how to make egg whites taste good.



How many calories are in egg whites?

One large egg white contains approximately 17 calories.


How much protein is in egg whites?

Egg whites are high in protein, with 4 grams of protein in a large egg white.


How long do egg whites last in the fridge?

Egg whites will last in the fridge for around 4 days if stored in an airtight container.


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