What Are Some Types of Pink Fruit?

According to Fruits Info, there are approximately 2,000 types of fruits around the world, but North Americans only consume about only 10% of them! There’s a whole realm of fruits that we don’t even know about! If you’ve ever thought, “What are some types of pink fruit?” then this article is for you.

Keep reading to discover 10 pink fruits that you absolutely must try at least once! Pink fruits like pomegranates and raspberries can be found at any local market. But get ready to explore pink fruits from around the world to enrich your taste buds and get your pink on!


10 Pink Fruits You Need to Try


Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is commonly known as “pitaya.” It is an oval-shaped fruit with pink, leathery, and leafy skin. You can easily cut the fruit in half with a knife to reveal its beautiful, white pulp. The inside is white or sometimes pinkish red, embedded with tiny, black, edible seeds.

  • Grown in: Central & South America as well as Southeast Asia
  • Tastes: Extra sweet, slightly sour if very ripe. It’s a crossover of kiwi, pear, and watermelon.




Rambutan is a close relative of lychee. It looks like a sea urchin with a spiky, red outer shell. But once you break into the shell, you will find the white flesh is creamy in texture and quite sweet to eat. In the middle of the white flesh is a hard seed that resembles a walnut. 

  • Grown in: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia
  • Tastes: Sweet and creamy




Lychee is a sweet and fragrant fruit. It is a heart-shaped fruit that is nearly round. The outer skin is rough in texture and fully pink in color. The edible portion is on the inside, which is white, translucent, and juicy! 

  • Grown in: Southern China and throughout Asia, Africa, Central, and South America
  • Tastes: Sweet and distinctive with a slightly acidic touch


Rose Apple

Rose Apple is a small fruit that has a round to oval shape, slightly tapering to a point on the non-stem end and capped with a green pod. The fruit’s skin is smooth, waxy, and thin which ripens from bright green to rose pink. The inside is yellowish flesh that is either dry or juicy! 

  • Grown in: Tropical climates only – Jamaica, Hawaii, India, and Ecuador
  • Tastes: Crispy, juicy, and very similar to an apple



Lilly Pilly Berry

Lilly Pilly Berry

Lilly Pilly is a bushy shrub that holds small berries, which give off a clove-like scent. The Lilly Pilly Berry is a small, pear-shaped fruit with a soft violet-pink skin when fully ripe. The insides are cottony and firm, similar more to a pear than to an actual berry.

  • Grown in: Australia
  • Tastes: Tart with an undertone flavor of cinnamon, lime, and clove




Guava is a tropical fruit with rich flavors. It is small and circular to oval in shape, with greenish-yellow skin. So, where is the pink part of the fruit? The inside, of course! The flesh of the interior is juicy and pink in color, containing numerous yellow seeds.

  • Grown in: South American tropics
  • Tastes: Strong, musky flavor and odor. Tastes fruity and floral, but some can be tart. It’s a cross between strawberry and pear. 


Cara Cara Orange

Cara Cara Orange

Cara Cara Orange is the result of the cross-pollination of a Washington Navel Orange and a Brazilian Bahia Orange. It is a medium-sized orange with dark pink, almost red flesh, which has a sweet citrus flavor. 

  • Grown in: California
  • Tastes: Less tangy than other oranges due to low acidity. It’s very sweet and has red berry overtones, similar to cherries and raspberries.


Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit with red flesh

Pink Grapefruit is known for its large size, bitter flavor, and weight-loss contributions. The fruit is large and circular with yellow-orange skin. The insides are segmented like oranges and are very pink. Note that grapefruits can also come with vibrant red flesh as well, which indicates a sweeter flavor. 

  • Grown in: Barbados
  • Tastes: Acidic, sour and bitter, somewhat sweet




Yangmei is a sweet/tart fruit that has a high level of nutrients. The fruit is round, circular, and purplish pink. The skin is made up of small, fleshy stalks attached to a lone, hairy seed at its center. The stalks give it a firm and chewy texture with a juicy pulp. 

  • Grown in: China
  • Tastes: Tart and herbal with a flavor somewhat similar to strawberries and raspberries




Sampinit is a wild raspberry cultivated in the Philippines. This fruit is bright and reddish-pink, which makes it look exactly like a Western raspberry. The difference is that sampinit berries are smaller and more delicate. They are not genetically modified, so while the flavor is similar to the regular raspberry, sampinit is much more acidic and tarter. 

  • Grown in: The Philippines
  • Tastes: Astringent and tart – bold and rich flavor


Think Pink Fruit

pink fruit

There are impressive, savory fruits all around the world that Westerners are missing out on. It’s not easy to come across pink fruits in your local supermarket, but if you live in a multicultural city, try visiting a supermarket that specifically sells other country’s goods – like a Chinese or Indian market – and delight yourself with fruits you’ve never tried before.

Pink fruit is among the most beautiful and delicious in the world! Connected with only the color in common, you will find pink fruits that are vastly different in size, shape, smell, and taste.

Hopefully, this list of 10 types of pink fruit has given you the urge to go on a sweet, delicious, and pink journey!


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