How to Make Greek Yogurt Taste Less Sour and More Enjoyable

How to Make Greek Yogurt Taste Less Sour

If you’re making healthy changes to your diet, Greek yogurt is a great option for breakfast or lightening up creamy sauces and dips. There’s just one problem…it tends to have a sour taste.

That sour taste is indeed what makes it a fine swap for sour cream. But when eating Greek yogurt, the sour taste can be off-putting. These tips will show you how to make Greek yogurt taste less sour so you can enjoy it.

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Throw In More Sweetness

If you find that eating Greek yogurt for breakfast is unbearable because of the sour taste, simply add a sweetener. You can use honey (raw organic is healthiest), maple syrup, or agave syrup. Sugar also works though it’s not quite as healthy. You can use Stevia too. Whichever sweetener you use, you’ll just need to stir it in to taste. For those liquid sweeteners, about 2 teaspoons should do the trick. Start with 1 teaspoon of sugar or Stevia, though.


Perfect the Flavor with Preserves

jars of jam or preserves

Let your jars of jam or preserves help you out. Any flavor will do the trick and can make you look forward to eating Greek yogurt each morning. Blueberry, strawberry, peach, raspberry, and other popular preserve flavors add that contrasting sweetness to mellow out the sour taste of the yogurt.

If you’re worried about the sugar content of preserves, make sure you choose a low-sugar option. You can also make your own, which is a great idea since you can control how much sugar you use or even opt for a healthier sweetener.


Try Fresh or Frozen Fruits

Fresh fruits also jazz up the taste of Greek yogurt. Slice on some bananas, strawberries, peaches, mangoes, or whatever you have on hand. You can also use frozen fruits too, like a bag of mixed berries, especially when fresh ones are out of season, though it’s best to thaw them first.


Other Ways to Add Fruit Flavor

jar of pumpkin butter

If you want to know how to make Greek yogurt taste less sour, a little help from fruit in any form can help. A dollop of applesauce or even a fruit butter can really perk things up. Apple butter or pumpkin butter are just a couple examples of what you can swirl into that plain Greek yogurt to make it taste like a dream come true!


Dilute with a Little Milk

For some, even adding fruits and sweeteners still doesn’t do the trick. If you’re struggling to enjoy Greek yogurt because of its sour taste, add a little plain full-fat milk to it. This helps minimize the tartness while adding just a hint of natural sweetness. You’ll really like this if you’re trying to put your Greek yogurt into a smoothie. This will balance the sour out and allow you to enjoy the rich and creamy texture.


Top with Nuts or Seeds

a bunch of walnuts

While nuts and seeds don’t blend in with your Greek yogurt, they do help it taste less sour. Chopped almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and more. Even a trail mix or a bit of granola can give it a better flavor. Combine with the fruity suggestions above, and it will taste like parfait perfection!


Use Spices and Extracts

Spices like cinnamon are naturally sweet and add warmth to the flavor profile. Cinnamon is a perfect way to make Greek yogurt taste less sour. You can use it with a sweetener to make the taste more palatable. Feel free to explore things like pumpkin pie spice, too, so that you’ll be sure to eat every last spoonful.

In addition to the spices on your spice rack lifting the sour notes away, try some extracts. Vanilla, almond, banana, coconut, mint, raspberry, and even cake batter are some of the options you can use to give Greek yogurt a pleasing taste.


Add Citrus and Zest

lemon zest

While Greek yogurt is already sour, adding some citrus to it along with a little sweetness is going to give it a better flavor. You can squeeze in some key limes and key lime zest, then add a little sweetener for a healthier take on the key lime pie. Dust it with some crushed graham cracker crumbs, and you’ll forget your base is Greek yogurt.


Convert to Dessert

When you’re trying to enjoy Greek yogurt as a healthier alternative for dessert, or you simply want breakfast to taste like dessert, there are a ton of possibilities. You can use crushed-up cookies, chocolate chips (or healthier cacao nibs), sprinkles, and more to give your Greek yogurt a sweet taste rather than sour.

For pure decadence, you can’t go wrong with a drizzle of hot fudge or caramel sauce. It’s definitely healthier than ice cream!


Combine These Tips for the Tastiest Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt’s sour taste may initially put you off. But if you use these tips separately or combine them, you’re going to find the sweet spot. Literally! Try adding something to sweeten it up and then adding toppings for texture. There are infinite possibilities, meaning that you can make your Greek yogurt a unique flavor every single day.

With vanilla extract, maple syrup, strawberry preserves, crunchy nuts, and perhaps a drizzle of chocolate sauce, it will taste like a sundae. Honestly, how could you start a day out better than that?

Now that you know how to jazz up Greek yogurt, so it doesn’t taste sour, you can make sure you eat more of this nutrient-rich food!


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