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How to Make Instant Pudding Taste Better

How to Make Instant Pudding Taste Better

Instant pudding is a popular choice, especially when you are craving a fast dessert fix. Although convenient, many find that instant pudding is missing the delicious taste of homemade pudding. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to upgrade its flavor and texture to match that of gourmet pudding. Keep reading to learn how to make instant pudding taste better.


How to Make Instant Pudding Taste Better


It is All About the Milk

One crucial component in making a delicious instant pudding is the milk used in mixing – using whole or 2% milk rather than non-fat or skim will result in a more luscious dessert thanks to its richness from the fat content. If you are lactose intolerant, high-quality, unsweetened alternatives like almond milk can be great substitutes.


Add Fun Mix-Ins

Adding mix-ins is an essential step in transforming bland instant pudding into something excitingly delectable. Mix in crushed cookies like Oreos for a crispy yet sweet taste. Try adding chopped nuts such as walnuts or almonds to bring about crunchiness with an earthy essence. Similarly, adding fresh fruits – be they tangy berries or fresh bananas – enhances your instant pudding experience.

Experiment with different flavors by incorporating mix-ins like cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract. Chocolate chips never fail to elevate any dessert, and for even more excitement, try layering cake slices or crumbled cookies between each spoonful.


Add Some Texture

Want a bit of texture in every spoonful? Try adding crunchy items such as pretzels fragments, crushed-up pie crust, and biscotti crumbs.  And finally, if you want something over-the-top gourmet-like, add some creamy marshmallows with a caramel-infused sauce or shredded coconut mixed with golden yellow lemon zest. Use your imagination. The options are truly endless.


Top It Off

The right topping is key when you’re looking to take your instant pudding experience up a notch. Whipped cream is a classic go-to topping that always works brilliantly. You can also try drizzling chocolate or caramel sauces or a fruity sauce.


Presentation Is Everything

Aesthetics play a critical role in food consumption as people generally eat with their eyes first. Therefore, it is crucial that you make your instant pudding visually appealing.

For instance, try combining pudding with whipped cream or fruit in a parfait glass for a beautiful display.  Using individual serving dishes adds a personal touch, and adding garnishes like mint or cocoa powder on top enhances the visual appeal.

We hope you enjoyed learning ways to make instant pudding taste better. Have fun taking your instant pudding from ordinary to extraordinary!


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