How to Make Muscle Milk Taste Better

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Muscle Milk is a great way to increase your protein intake. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always taste the best. This protein powder comes in multiple flavors, but it’s still not the tastiest supplement in everyone’s opinion. If you’re one of those people who’s looking to have more Muscle Milk in your diet, but don’t like the way it tastes, look no further. Here’s how to make Muscle Milk taste better.


How to Make Muscle Milk Taste Better

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Put It in a Smoothie

Anytime you have a powder you don’t like the taste of, put it in a smoothie. A smoothie is the ultimate way to mask the flavor of a powder that you don’t want to taste but still want to consume.

Smoothies are easy to make and are the perfect go-with for a protein powder because they include many healthy ingredients. Start with a base of fruit and vegetables, add some plant-based milk, and add all the powders you want.


Add a Flavor

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Muscle Milk comes in various flavors already, including vanilla and chocolate, but that doesn’t mean you have to just stick to the premade flavors. If you don’t like the flavor of Muscle Milk, or you just want it to be a little bit sweeter or more complex, add some flavor of your own.

There are other powder supplements that are flavored that could enhance the flavor of Muscle Milk, and there are also tons of spices that’ll do the same. A sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg, or even cayenne pepper (If you like things spicy) will be a welcome addition to your protein drink.

You can also use extracts like almond or vanilla to add some extra flavor to the Muscle Milk, but you may want to add those in once the protein powder has been stirred with water.


Mix Flavors

Don’t be afraid to mix flavors. Aside from those used for flavoring, the same ingredients will be in every Muscle Milk container, so get creative. If you want a chocolate and vanilla swirl, mix those two flavors.

From there, you can continue adding flavors. You can sprinkle in cinnamon or nutmeg or add a drop of vanilla or almond extract. No matter how you do it, adding or mixing flavors will make Muscle Milk all the better.


Add It to Coffee

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Another secret to making powders taste better is adding them to coffee. We don’t suggest you brew your coffee with Muscle Milk as you might with spices, but you can easily add it to your coffee once it’s brewed.

Or, instead of using a powdered creamer, use Muscle Milk as your creamer. It’ll enhance the flavor of your coffee while also masking its flavor, making for a much easier and cozier way to down your Muscle Milk. This is a great tip if you like to work out in the morning because you can combine your daily cup of Joe with your protein supplements.


Add It to Hot Chocolate

Add your Muscle Milk to hot chocolate as you would with coffee. If you use powdered hot chocolate mix, simply put your scoop of protein powder along with your hot chocolate mix. Not only will this mask the flavor of Muscle Milk, but it’ll also give you a larger amount of hot chocolate.


Put It in Baked Goods

Muscle Milk is a powder; you can add just about any powder to baked goods. This may require some trial and error if you are coming up with a recipe on your own, but tons of recipes are available for people who want to add some protein powder to their sweet treats.

Whether you put them in brownies, cookies, or something no-bake, like a protein ball, you’ll get all the benefits of Muscle Milk without having to taste it. This is especially great if you already feel like you consume a lot of liquids throughout the day and don’t want to add another one to your diet.


Add It to Pancakes

A fresh plate of fruit-topped pancakes.

Have you ever had protein pancakes? If you’re a protein fanatic, you probably have, but if you’re new to Muscle Milk, you’ve got to try them.

The best part about protein pancakes? They taste just the same as regular pancakes. The difference is they’re packed with protein and are great to have in the morning. You can follow someone else’s recipe or make your own by mixing the protein powder with your favorite pancake mix. It’s about as simple as it gets.

These are also easy to meal prep and make for a super delicious breakfast to have on the go. Make a batch of Muscle Milk pancakes on Sunday, and you’ll be prepared with a healthy morning meal for the rest of the week.


Dip Cookies

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If all else fails, improve the taste by dipping cookies in your Muscle Milk. It may not be as satisfying as dipping an Oreo in a glass of whole milk, but it’ll be a tasty way to get your protein in for the day.



Is Chocolate Muscle Milk Gluten Free?

Yes, Chocolate Muscle Milk is gluten-free. Always check the label to be sure.


Does Muscle Milk Have Caffeine?

Muscle Milk does not contain caffeine except for their Coffee House line of protein shakes. These products specifically include caffeine to mimic the taste and feel of coffee-house drinks.


Does Muscle Milk Need To Be Refrigerated?

Unopened Muscle Milk can be stored at room temperature; however, after opening a container, it should be kept refrigerated and consumed within a specified period mentioned on the label. Muscle Milk should always be chilled before drinking for the best taste and texture.


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