How to Make Canned Salmon Taste Good

How to Make Canned Salmon Taste Good

Canned salmon is a great shelf-stable protein to keep in stock for lean time, but some people think its flavor is a bit fishy. Luckily, we will show you how to make canned salmon taste good!

It can be a great idea to stock up on a few shelf-stable staples just in case money is ever tight, and one excellent lean protein to keep in your pantry is canned salmon. This fishy food is loved for its durability and ease, but its flavor can feel a bit lacking. This guide is here to lead you in making canned salmon taste good enough to trick people into thinking it’s fresh!

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What is Canned Salmon?

Canned salmon is a pantry favorite for fish lovers everywhere. This ingredient captures the delicious flavor of salmon and preserves it in a shelf-stable can. There are two main types of salmon used: farmed and wild. The wild is considered to be of higher quality and is priced accordingly.

Canned salmon is fully cooked and packaged in preserving liquid. The liquid is usually either a water-based solution or oil. Most canned salmon includes skin and bones, but there are deboned varieties available, too. The bones are soft enough to be mashed and eaten or picked out if desired.


Should Canned Salmon be Cooked?

No, cooking is not necessary. Canned salmon is fully cooked during the canning process and does not need to be cooked. It can be used in hot recipes similar to canned tuna or chicken, but it can also be enjoyed straight out of the can!


How to Make Canned Salmon Taste Good

StarKist Canned Salmon

Canned salmon is a great option to have for its lean fishy protein, but it still has that canned fish taste. Try these delicious hacks to turn your canned salmon into a culinary wonder!


Make a Cake

Don’t worry; we are not saying making a sweet cake, but rather a deliciously fishy savory salmon cake. Canned salmon has the perfect texture and flavor to use in this crab cake-inspired way. Use your favorite crab cake recipe, except for swapping the crab for salmon. The canned salmon may have a softer texture from being packaged in liquid, so you may need to adjust the liquid volumes for the recipe slightly or add more breadcrumbs. This is the perfect idea for seafood lovers who like to experiment with flavors!


Munch Salmon for Brunch

Canned salmon is a great way to start the day. It gives you an excellent protein boost plus wonderful omega-3 fatty acids, so work this into your mornings for a healthy start. Try making a French omelet with eggs, leeks, and salmon. It is a simple yet elegant medley of flavors that will make you want to take the time for a big breakfast every day!


Casse-roll with It

Canned salmon can be used as a 1:1 swap for canned tuna in many recipes. One great way to try this swap is with a classic tuna casserole. Canned salmon has a richer and less overpowering flavor than tuna, so it can be a fun twist to put on a traditional casserole recipe.


Fill up on Phillies

One great way to use canned salmon is in a Philadelphia Roll-inspired salad. Make some sushi rice, then toss in fresh carrots, cucumbers, and canned salmon. Top the salad with dried nori strips for a beautiful sushi-inspired dish. This is the perfect way to elevate canned salmon into something truly gourmet!


Beautify Bagels

salmon spread for bagels

Bagels were practically made for salmon. Canned salmon has great salt and smokiness to pair with a bagel and cream cheese. Look for a high-quality wild Atlantic salmon in a can since the flavor will be right up front on the bagel. Dress the salmon bagel with a little dill for a fresh presentation and flavor.


Salmon-ify a Salad

One classic cook-out side everyone loves is tuna salad, but why not make it with salmon? Canned salmon has such a gentle and unctuous flavor that makes it perfect for a cold mayo-style salad. Toss chunks of canned salmon with celery, herbs, and a little mayo for a quick salmon salad.

You can use this trick with any tuna salad recipe and get as creative as you want with the flavors in your salmon salad. Enjoy the salmon salad with crackers as a party dish or on bread for a sack lunch at work.


Wrap it Up

One great mate for canned salmon is cream cheese. The richness of the soft cheese helps balance the salt and fishiness of the salmon. Put these two together in a wonton wrapper, then deep fry the wonton for a delicious salmon treat inspired by Philly rolls and crab rangoon.



Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon

Is Canned Salmon Healthier Than Canned Tuna?

That depends on what your nutrition targets are. Both canned fish are very high in sodium, so that is something anyone with blood pressure or heart health concern should be aware of. Canned tuna is technically lower in calories and higher in protein per serving than canned salmon. Canned salmon, however, has nutrients that tuna lacks, like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.


Can I Eat the Bones in Canned Salmon?

Yes! The bones are soft and calcium-rich. Try smashing them with your fork and knife a little, then eat them with the rest of the fish. It’s a great way to get your daily calcium!


How Long is Canned Salmon Good For?

Typically, canned salmon has a shelf life of 2-5 years if stored properly in a cool, dry place. However, it is always important to check the expiration date on the can before consuming the salmon. Once opened, canned salmon should be refrigerated and consumed within 3-4 days.


Final Thoughts

Canned salmon is an excellent shelf-stable protein to keep around. It is versatile, and with a few extra touches, canned salmon tastes good. Grab a few cans of rich salmon and unleash your culinary creativity. Have fun experimenting with this amazing oceanic flavor!


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