How to Make Canned Tuna Taste Good

How to Make Canned Tuna Taste Good

Canned tuna tends to be one of the most underrated ingredients. Yet, when prepared properly, it can be super tasty and nutritious. With lots of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, canned tuna can be a great addition to your weekly grocery list. It is also convenient and affordable, making it the ideal ingredient for on-the-go snacks and meals.

Whether making a full-on tuna casserole or preparing a snack of tuna and crackers, there are plenty of ways to make tuna taste better and even delicious! So while many people tend to cringe at the sound of canned tuna, with a few tasty additions, you can easily turn canned tuna into the star it is. Keep reading to learn how to make canned tuna taste good.


Canned vs. Fresh Tuna

can of tuna

Canned tuna is an easy and inexpensive way to get in your daily protein while enjoying a tasty meal. While fresh tuna is bought raw and cooked at home, canned tuna is already cooked. This makes it an easy, ready-to-eat snack or meal. By adding a few more ingredients, canned tuna can make your belly full and happy.

Fresh tuna and canned tuna also have significant differences in their taste and texture. For instance, fresh tuna is not flavored when you buy it from the grocery store. But canned tuna is slightly smoky and more coarse and dry than fresh tuna.

When comparing fresh and canned tuna, you should consider the price difference. Fresh tuna costs about $5.42 per pound, but a can of tuna is only about $1.50 at the grocery store. Although there are many benefits for both canned and fresh tuna, you should definitely give canned tuna a try. Try one or all of these tips below to make canned tuna taste good!


How to Make Tuna Canned Taste Good

Make your tuna taste so much better by adding fats! One of the main complaints when it comes to canned tuna is how dry the fish is, but luckily, you can easily improve the texture by adding some fats and oils.


Add Some Olive Oil

olive oil

Adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your canned tuna not only adds moisture to your tuna but also provides a good amount of health benefits. Did you know that olive oil contains healthy fats that can improve your heart health? If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try truffle or garlic-infused olive oil! The subtle seasoning brings out the tuna’s rich flavor and makes it smooth and buttery. While some canned tuna can come in an oil, adding high-quality extra virgin oil brings the canned tuna to a new level.


Mayo is Always a Classic

Canned tuna with some mayo is a classic. The smoothness and creaminess of the mayo help the tuna melt together and become a flavorful combination. The mayo absorbs into the tuna and also helps the seasonings marinate better than if you were just to make the tuna plain. If you are trying to eat healthier, you can use light mayo for fewer calories. Even if you don’t typically like the taste of mayo, you will want to add some to your canned tuna – it’s that good!


Try Adding Greek Yogurt

bowl of Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a healthier substitute for mayo and olive oil. It adds even more protein to the meal and is lower in calories than mayo or olive oil. There are also plenty of probiotics in Greek yogurt that make it great for your gut health. Greek yogurt also has a tangy flavor that makes it unique. Some people may even prefer to add Greek yogurt to their tuna rather than mayo or olive oil.


Spice It Up With Some Hot Sauce

different kinds of hot sauce

Hot sauce makes everything better. Adding some hot sauce can kick up the spice level and add to the flavor of tuna. Depending on what hot sauce you choose, you can change the flavor of the tuna and make it taste better. A few hot sauces that taste amazing with canned tuna include buffalo hot sauce, sriracha, and Tabasco. If you add hot sauce, the tuna will have a spicy flavor, siracha will have a more garlicky flavor, and tabasco is more acidic and vinegar-tasting.


Get In Your Daily Vegetables

Celery and canned tuna are a popular combination and for a good reason! Celery is high in vitamins and packed with fiber. Its crunchy texture adds a delicious dimension to your tuna dishes. Aside from celery, there are plenty of other vegetables you can add to your canned tuna mixture. For instance, you can chop up some carrots, onions, cucumbers, or tomatoes. Watery vegetables can add to the texture and make the tuna moister. If you don’t like the vegetables mixed in, you can also cut them into larger pieces and place the tuna on top. That way, you have a healthy cracker-like ingredient to carry your tuna from the plate to your mouth.


Make It Fruity

golden and brown raisins

Sometimes, you just need to add a bit of sweetness. When that time comes, you will want to add some fruit to your tuna. Whether it be fresh grapes, crushed pineapples, cut-up mango, or even dried fruits, adding fruit to your canned tuna can make it taste amazing. Many people also like to add raisins and dried cranberries to a mixture of tuna and mayo. Adding raisins and dried fruit makes the dish more balanced with flavors, so you can enjoy the salty, sweet, and savory flavors of canned tuna.


Pair it With Some Crackers

Yes, we talked about pairing tuna with veggies, but you can also pair it with some real crackers. A buttery, flakey cracker goes perfectly with fatty fish.


Turn it into a Tasty Meal

You may think canned tuna must be eaten cold or on its own, but it can also be used to make amazing meals. Tuna casserole is a classic American dish that features canned tuna as a key ingredient. The canned tuna is mixed with pasta, peas, and corn and topped with breadcrumbs. Once the casserole is baked, it is hot, creamy, and flavorful. You can find lots of delicious and easy tuna casserole recipes on the internet.



Can you microwave canned tuna?

Yes, you can microwave canned tuna. However, be sure to transfer the tuna to a microwave-safe container first, as microwaving the metal can could be dangerous. Also, drain any liquid before placing the tuna in the container.


How long does canned tuna last in the fridge?

Once opened, canned tuna can last for 3-4 days in the fridge when stored in an airtight container .


Can you freeze canned tuna?

Yes, you can freeze canned tuna. Transfer the opened tuna to a freezer-safe container or resealable plastic bag and seal it tightly. Freezing canned tuna allows it to stay fresh for up to two months.


How much protein is in one can of tuna?

One small can of tuna (3 ounces or 85 grams) typically contains around 16-21 grams of protein. Protein content may vary slightly depending on the type of tuna and the manufacturer.

Is tuna in the can cooked?

Yes, tuna in the can is cooked, which is one of the reasons canned tuna has a long shelf life.


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