What Sides Go With Lasagna

piece of homemade lasagna with breadsticks

The layers of flavors in lasagna just cannot be topped, but on its own, it’s not really complete. Stack your plates high with delicious sides that go with lasagna.

There is nothing as crowd-pleasing as pasta night! Everyone is happy with a great pasta dish, especially when that dish is packed with layers of flavor, like lasagna. Get everyone together for a great meal with lasagna at the center by pairing this tasty pasta with some special side dishes! Sink your fork into layers of great dishes with this helpful guide to great sides for lasagna!


What is Lasagna?

Lasagna actually refers to two things: pasta and the dish. Lasagna pasta is a flare, ribbon-like pasta, and lasagna is a layer Italian pasta casserole. It is composed of layers of tomato ragu, cooked lasagna noodles, and ricotta cheese. It’s a delicious dish on its own, but it needs some sides to round out the meal.


What Sides Go with Lasagna?

A close look at a fresh slice of homemade lasagna.


Garlic Bread

freshly cooked garlic bread

Lasagna is so filled with a flavor sometimes all it needs is a simple side, like garlic bread. The sweet and savory flavors of garlic are the perfect complement to cheesy and tomato flavors in this classic pasta dish. Choose loaves, knots, or sticks, but no matter the shape, garlic bread is perfect with lasagna.



freshly cooked carrots

Carrot may not be the first food you think of when it comes to side dishes for lasagna but it is a great choice. Carrots have a wonderfully sweet and savory flavor that tastes excellent next to all the layers in a great dish of lasagna. Try simple roasted carrots with this pasta main dish for a color combination that tastes as good as it looks!



Green Beans

Green beans have a wonderfully leafy flavor that brings out the best in lasagna. This saucy pasta is practically begging for something green, and fresh steamed green beans are the perfect thing. Fresh green beans are easy to make, affordable, and full of vegetable flavor. Make a beautiful pasta dinner with lasagna, green beans, and a little garlic bread.




tomato salad

Lasagna has tons of bold flavor, so breaking that up with a little fresh green salad can be just right! The leafy flavor of a nice side salad is just right to bring balance to the robust and cheesy flavors in this pasta classic! Pick your favorite blend of greens, veggies, nuts, and dressing so you can build a gorgeous bowl of greens to sit aside for your lasagna.




cooked Asparagus

If you love colorful plates, then there is nothing better than asparagus and lasagna. The bright color combination and the juxtaposition of shapes and sizes will give your eyes a feast before you even dig in. Try steamed or blanched asparagus to bring some bright green flavor to your favorite lasagna dinner.


Bell Peppers

If you love bold flavor, then you should try lasagna with peppers. Grilled or roasted bell peppers are the perfect sweet and savory vegetable side for a tasty pasta dish like lasagna. Peppers have crunch, brightness, sweetness, and sometimes a little heat. They bring so much color and fun flavor to a plate of lasagna.



Warm Spinach

plate of cooked spinach and potatoes

Popeye might have overdone it, but there is nothing wrong with a little spinach every day. A warm spinach salad can bring out the best in a saucy and tomato-forward dish like lasagna. Try sauteing some spinach with butter and garlic to make a side dish that holds its own next to your favorite lasagna.




Fresh artichokes

This green veggie can be tricky to master, but once you know how to work with them, artichokes are amazing! Artichoke hearts have a nutty and earthy vegetable flavor that cannot be beaten, and it brings out the best in robust pasta dishes like lasagna.



Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks

If you like things extra cheesy, try pairing mozzarella sticks with lasagna. These crunchy and cheesy bites have a crispy texture that contrasts some of the softer textures in lasagna. Plus, these cheesy sticks can mop up some of the extra sauce on your plate!



Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts in a gourmet cuisine

Although lasagna does have vegetable flavor, it is mostly from the tomato ragu. That means that lasagna needs a little something green to bring balance to its veggie flavor. Brussels sprouts are the perfect thing to bring this balance. They have a great leafy flavor, and they are easy to cook; plus, their light green color looks great next to saucy lasagna.



Eggplant is like a delicious sponge, so serving it with saucy pasta dishes like lasagna is the perfect match. It has just enough freshness to break up the hearty lasagna. A sauteed eggplant can be perfect when served alongside your favorite lasagne recipe.




Corn on the Cob

Corn brings so much sweet vegetable flavor to a bold plate of pasta. It is fresh, and light, whereas lasagna can be heavy. This makes corn the perfect respite from the robust flavor in all the layers of your favorite lasagna. Go for steamed corn and enjoy the fresh and sweet flavor alongside this bold pasta classic.



Summer Veggies

squash and zucchini

Lasagna has so much cheesy pasta that it needs something fresh. A good medley of summer veggies like zucchini and summer squash can add so much freshness to your plate. Whether zucchini is grilled, baked, or sauteed, it is always delicious with lasagna.


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