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Simple Tips and Tricks to Show You How to Make Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

How to Make Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made cookie dough from scratch before or simply just don’t have the time. Using Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix is a great way to whip up a batch of delicious cookies anytime. However, as good as the mix is, it doesn’t quite give you the same taste like the kind of cookies Grandma used to make. Keep reading to learn how to make Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix better.

Adding simple ingredients to the mix that are already in your kitchen can take this cookie mix to the next level. We’re talking the kind of next-level where people think you’ve made these babies from scratch. Don’t worry…your secret will be safe with us!

How to Make Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

How to Make Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

Box mixes like the one from Betty Crocker are wonderful in a pinch. It can help get a new home chef comfortable with baking. This mix takes the guesswork out of the dry measurements. Flour, baking soda, and salt have already been put together in the box which means those wet ingredients like butter, oil, eggs, milk, or water need to be added.

With the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, butter or margarine and an egg are required. But knowing a bit more about what you can add in as well as the following little baking secrets can elevate your chocolate chip cookie from mix to marvelous!


Always use butter

Let’s start with an easy tip for making Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix better. The package tells you to add butter or margarine, but we wholeheartedly encourage you to use butter here. Homemade cookies have that divine, rich, and buttery taste because they use butter. So if you want your box mix cookies to have that homemade taste, add butter. As a bonus, they come out crispier and thinner in texture too. Yum!

One pro tip here though – your butter should be unsalted. Boxed dough already has salt in it. Adding salted butter will result in a chocolate chip cookie that tastes a bit too salty.


And make sure it’s room temperature

Even though you’ve got butter in hand, there’s another trick involved with using it. You never want to use cold, hard butter in your cookie mix recipes. Make sure you let it come to room temperature. This allows air pockets into the butter which makes it easier to mix in with those dry ingredients.

Uh oh…did you forget to take the butter out? No problem! You can use the microwave but be exceptionally careful as you could melt it completely. Melted butter won’t aerate properly and you’ll wind up with a tough cookie, the opposite of your baking intentions.


Allow for chill time

Yes, chill time for you and that cookie dough too! Chilling your Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie dough mix after you put it together gives it a more homemade taste. You should put the dough together and then refrigerate it for 30 minutes. This will keep your cookies from spreading too much while baking. And you’ll also get a richer aroma from your cookie too!


Add vanilla extract and brown sugar

For those next-level cookies from your Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, if you add a hint of brown sugar as well as pure vanilla extract, you’re going to be in cookie bliss. Yes, there’s sugar in the boxed mix, but just a little sprinkle of brown sugar gives you softer, chewier cookies. Make sure you add it to the dry mix first.

And well, vanilla extract is just like sprinkling a drop of magic for box mix cookies. As you may have guessed, put this liquid addition with your wet ingredients.


Add an extra egg

fresh eggs

As you can see on the back of your package of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, it requires adding an egg. Eggs bind the other ingredients, help the cookie take shape, and add moisture to the final product. The yolk has all the fat and richness that gives your cookie a soft texture. It helps tenderize the dough by shortening gluten strands. This gives your cookie a deeper flavor and chewier texture.

So, what will adding another egg to the mix do? If you add 2 eggs rather than just 1, you’ll get a crispier cookie. Try it!


Go for powdered milk

Another cookie mix hack is to add powdered milk to your Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. It can make the cookies you bake have a slight crust with a chewier texture. Powdered milk locks in moisture but without the extra liquid that could throw off the mix. Adding liquid milk isn’t ideal in this way but powdered milk has you covered. Simply adding one tablespoon of it will make magic happen in your cookie mix.


Use coconut oil

A glass bottle of coconut oil with fresh coconuts.

While we think butter is the best, what if you’re all out? Instead of turning to vegetable oil, we say use coconut oil instead. You may have noticed that other boxed mixes call for vegetable oil. That’s because it has a neutral taste but coconut oil is better because it works more like butter.

To use coconut oil with your Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, you should keep it in solid form so it is more similar to the texture of butter. Refined coconut oil is the best choice if you don’t want the cookies to have a coconut-hinted taste to them though if you don’t mind, unrefined coconut oil will work too.

Play with the baking time

Baking times often vary drastically on box mixes. Most cookies are baked at 350F, a great temperature that’s just right. But how long you bake it can make your cookies taste differently too.

Additionally, your baking pan can affect things. Darker baking pans absorb heat more quickly. So pay attention to which baking sheet you use. The darker it is, the faster your cookies will bake. For crispier cookies, bake them a few minutes longer than the mix instructions require.


Add More Fun to Your Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

How to Make Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

All the tips above were for making the dough come out better and resulting in a better chocolate chip cookie from your Betty Crocker mix. But if you add a few little things, you can make your cookies have that homemade twist.

What can you add to Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix to make your cookies better? Try these fun ideas!

Orange zest

Grab your grater and orange and create orange zest to add to your chocolate chip cookie mix. Just a little bit brightens up the batter with that fresh citrus taste and gives these cookies a bespoke bakery flavor.


Crushed up candy bars

White Chocolate

Now here’s an idea for all that leftover candy your kids still have stashed from Halloween. Crush up those candy bars and throw them into your dough. Anything works here – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Way – whatever you got will be a fun way to jazz up your boxed mix for sure! Plus, it gets rid of all that extra candy you’ve got in the house.


Dark chocolate contrast

Sure, Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix already has chocolate chips thrown in. But if you add dark chocolate chips too, you get an even richer flavor from the contrasting types of chocolate.


Toasted nuts

Delicious slivers of toasted almonds, pecans, or walnuts can make your ordinary box mix taste extraordinary. As long as you’re not serving these to anyone with a nut allergy, toasted nuts can add a crunchy and flavorful boost to this mix.


Toasted coconut


And if you liked our tip about using coconut oil, you can always further enhance a coconut flavor with the addition of toasted coconut. Coconut is a winning combination with chocolate chips!


Candy-coated ginger

Have you ever tried the delight known as candied ginger? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. It has a bit of a hot, sweet, and chewy taste that makes it hard to resist. And within your Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix, you’re really going to love the contrast.


Trail mix

Even trail mix can elevate this cookie mix with surprises in every bite. Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and even more chocolate per bite! It’s a great way to add a little more nutrition to your cookies.



In the same vein of trail mix, granola makes for more nutrition. And it adds an even more satisfying crunch to your batch!


Peanut butter

If you’re not old enough to remember the old Reese’s commercials where the arguments ensued about who put the peanut butter in the chocolate and who put the chocolate in the peanut butter, it really doesn’t matter. Because if you put peanut butter in this cookie mix, you WILL have created an amazing combination that will make you Queen of the Cookies.



And if you prefer that chocolate-hazelnut flavor instead, more power to you. All you need is a heaping spoonful of Nutella to add to your Betty Crocker cookie mix.


Dried fruits

For something extra sweet with a little more nutrition, add in your favorite dried fruit to this Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix. Just a small handful will do and you’ll be amazed at the results. Go for raisins, craisins, sour cherries, apricots, or make it a fun mix of your favorites. The possibilities here are absolutely endless!


One Last Tip for Making Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

How to Make Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Better

We recommend you try out your favorite tips you’ve learned here to make your cookie mix even better. Mix and match to your liking, but don’t forget our last tip…use cookie cutters!

Cookie cutters aren’t just for sugar cookies, you know. You can turn your customized chocolate chip cookie creations into fun shapes. That means for any special occasion, you can theme your cookies. Heck, you can even frost them or top them with sprinkles, whatever you like!

You will need to roll your dough out with a rolling pin but only a little bit. You definitely don’t want to make the cookie dough for chocolate chip cookie dough too thin or they’ll be crisper. Unless you want crisper cookies of course!

But if not, just a quick roll to flatten them and then cut them out will work just fine. Then you’ll have soft, gooey cookies you can then pipe up with fun designs. Even swirling vanilla frosting with food coloring will give you some cool colors you can customize. Topping your Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix cookies with frosting and sprinkles is probably the only way you can do even better than just mixing additions in.

Regardless, you’ve now got many ways to make that Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix better than ever. Why are you still sitting there? It’s time to bake the best cookies in your kitchen. If you start now, you’ll be on your way to eating them sooner!

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